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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Best Place For Unique Halloween Costumes

The most fun day of the year is almost here!

 I received a sample from TV Store Online to facilitate this post

 It may be the end of September but my boys have been thinking about Halloween for the past two weeks. It might be due to the fact that the stores are stocked with everything that you need for Halloween or that it is fall. It also might be due to a costume party that they had at church. I am not sure but I do know that my boys have been planning what they want to be on the best night of the year, that is according to two tween boys who love scary things and collecting way too much candy. My boys also love dressing up. When my boys start dreaming of the Halloween costume, they always want a unique costume that will wow their friends.

The winning costume
 I think this year my youngest son will win the most unique costume award, if there was one. My son was looking at costumes at TVStoreOnline and he found the Inflatable Chub Suit® Teen Costume. He knew that this was what he wanted to be for Halloween. So, I went ahead and ordered the inflatable blue suit for him. I selected the teen size for him as he is 11 years old but this blue Chub Man suit comes in adult sizes too. It even comes in a lot of other colors.

Costumes are great year-round
 My boys were originally thinking about Halloween and trick or treating when they selected the costume that reminds me of Violet from Willy Wonka but once the costume arrived in the mail, they knew that this dress-up clothing would be perfect for their church youth group event. The youth group had divided the kids into teams by color and each week they were having competitions. My boys were in the blue group and the next competition was a dress-up event. The team who had the best costume would win lots of points. So when my boys tried on the inflatable blue suit, they knew that they had to wear it to youth group.

The best costume ever
  All their friends loved the inflatable blue man suit and the boys won the contest. My youngest son loved how comfortable and quiet the costume was. The blue suit is inflated by a small fan that is whisper quiet. My son told me that he did not feel hot inside the suit, which can be a good thing. Last year it was 70 degrees n Halloween. If it is cold this year, then my son can wear sweats under the blue suit and it does not matter what he wears under the costume as the blue inflatable suit is not see-through.

One of the largest online retailers on the internet
    I am glad that I discover a retailer on the internet that had a big selection of unique costumes for kids, teens, and adults. TVStoreOnline has costumes that are available in many sizes. I was amazed at the selection and how unique the selection was. When you take your kids trick or treating they will not be wearing a costume that looks like all the other costumes. That is what my boys liked about this store as they want their Holloween dress-up outfit to be different from their friends. I liked that I did not have to leave the house and drive way too many miles to a store that sells Halloween costumes. That way I would not be tempted to buy Halloween candy or Halloween decorations. I ordered the costume from my comfy chair and it arrived in a couple of days.

Halloween is right around the corner, have you bought your costumes?

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