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Monday, October 24, 2022

How To Solve The Junk Drawer Problem With Lifewit

 Are you even normal if you don't have a least one junk drawer in your house? We all have that one drawer that is the catch-all place for items that we may or may not use. Find out how to organize that junk drawer so that the items inside become usable again.

  We all have at least one drawer in our kitchen or bathroom that is super messy. It is the drawer that is cluttered with items that we use on a regular basis. You know the drawer that at times is impossible to open or close. This is the drawer that causes daily frustration as we move things around trying to find what we need. We say that we are going to clean out the junk drawer but never get around to it as it seems like an overwhelming process.

 Even if we take the time to clean and organize the junk drawer, it never stays organized. As quickly as we organize the items in the drawer of junk, our family messes it up again. There is no end to the drawer that is filled with junk!

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Help is on the way! How to organize the junk drawer for good!

 Organizing a junk drawer is a small project that seems overwhelming and time-consuming. The question is how do we tame the junk drawer monster? With a few simple instructions and a 16-piece Drawer Organizer Set, this small project of organizing the junk drawer will deliver big results. You will finally be able to easily find what you need from the junk drawer. The once cluttered drawer will be neat and organized. No longer will you be able to call it the junk drawer.

Getting Started

 The first step to tackling the junk drawer organization project is to clear a space on the countertop or floor. That way you will have a place to sort through everything that is in your drawer. Make sure to have a trash can and recycle bin nearby.

Then pull the drawer out. If you are able to take the drawer completely out, even better. Carefully dump out all the contents of the drawer or place them gently on the counter if that is your style. Once the drawer is empty, grab a damp cloth and clean the inside of the drawer. Then grab a dry cloth and make sure the drawer is dry before placing the items back in.  

 Open up the box from Amazon that contains the Lifewit 16-piece Drawer Organizer Set that I told you to purchase from the link above. Remove all the plastic wrappings from the drawer containers. If you are like me, you did this step the moment the package from Amazon arrived. There is just something about small plastic containers that makes me want to buy them all. 

Purchase the drawer organizers here https://amzn.to/3s2TADR

Place the Drawer Containers inside the drawer

 Then place the drawer containers inside your empty kitchen or bathroom drawer. Better hurry with this step before your family realizes there is an empty drawer, as they will quickly fill it up with useless junk. Move the plastic containers around inside the drawer until you discover the best combination for storing your items. If you remember the game of Tetris, you may have to move the containers around for a while to make them fit. If you have small drawers, you may have containers left over for another drawer-cleaning project. I was able to organize 2 kitchen drawers with the 16 drawer containers.

Deciding what to Keep

 The toughest part of organizing the junk drawer is sorting everything into things you want to keep in the drawer and things that need a new home. You make also make some tough decisions on tossing items that you don't need. Do you really need that old phone cord to a flip phone that you no longer have?

 Be sure to toss or recycle anything that is broken. Donate useable items.

Place the items into the drawer organizers

 Now the fun or not-so-fun part comes into play. Take the remaining items and start sorting them into like items. Then start placing the drawer items into the containers. Don't place too many items into each drawer organizer as then it will be hard to take the items out. Take your time and think about which items that you really need in the drawer.

Once all the items are organized in the small drawer containers, stand back and look at the awesome job that you accomplished. Give yourself a pat on the back. Then gather the family and have them see the nice and neat drawer that is no longer a junk drawer. Let them know how long it took you to get this task done. Then give them the mom or dad lecture about keeping the drawer clean. Better yet, tell them to stay out of the clean drawer. 

Why I love Lifewit Drawer Organizer Containers

 Lifewit offers homeware solutions that help you organize almost any space in your home. From kitchen drawers to closets, they have a product to help with your storage and organizational needs. Last month I organized my pantry with Lifewit Kitchen Storage Containers. I am happy to say that my kitchen pantry is still neat and organized.

These storage drawer containers are helping me organize my kitchen to make my life less stressful. No longer do I dread having to look for something in the junk drawer. These containers make finding what I need so quick and easy. Even my kids have learned how to put the items back into the drawer without making a mess.

The drawer organizer set 

+ 4 Different Sizes

+ Clear & Transparent

+ Save Space

+ Keeps Items Organized

+ Are Multipurpose

+ Easy to Clean

+ Versatile

+ Durable

+ Can be Mixed & Matched with other sets

The Lifewit 16-piece Drawer Organizer Set can be used in many ways. These functional containers can be used to organize almost any drawer in the home. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the office, these containers are also great in the nursery or playroom. You can even use these bins in your fridge to hold small items like food pouches, cheese sticks, or takeout ketchup packages.

Purchase the drawer organizers here https://amzn.to/3s2TADR

Items to store in the containers

+ Paper Clips & Pins

+ Keys

+ Batteries

+ Makeup

+ Cotton Swabs Or Balls

+ Combs

+ Chargers

+ Cords

+ Remotes

+ Pens & Pencils

+ Scissors 

+ Tooth Floss Picks

+ Jewelry

 The list can go on with the items that these bins can hold. After ordering one set of containers and seeing how useful they are for storage needs, I can guarantee that you will be buying another set of drawer organizers or another storage solution product from Lifewit. Lifewit makes so many awesome products for your home storage needs and they are very affordable. So take a look at these storage containers for drawers and then visit the Lifewit Storage Store to discover other products for your home.


Jamie said...

Wow, those are amazing!! Saving the link to get some for my laundry room and kitchen!! Thanks!!

Joline said...

Oh we have several! The difficulty is always deciding what to keep.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I need this, big time. Our drawers are scary. As in can't find anything in them scary.

Kathy said...

I need to get this. It would be so helpful. We have a junk drawer at home too. We clean it out every few months, but it still is a mess.

Heather said...

Little containers like that really does make a difference in a junk drawer or any drawer you want to organizer for that matter.

Anonymous said...

This is very cool an dI am for sure checking this organizers out! I have then absolute worst junk drawer..... I hate it!

Richelle Milar said...

I really need to get this! My husband would love this for sure! He badly need this lol

Beautiful Touches said...

This post was really satisfying, I love products that help with organization!

Gust si Aroma said...

wow! I love to have organized drawers! This is the perfect solution for me!

Christy G said...

I have a junk drawer in my hutch. I need to clean it out or organize it a bit better.

Anonymous said...

I organized our drawers before and it sure made looking for things so much easier. I love those clear organizers. -LYNNDEE

Anamika A Chattopadhyaya said...

Yes, I have that one junk drawer, lol 😬. I seriously need to get that organizer kit, will check it on Amazon. Thanks for sharing this with us 😍

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