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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Halloween Costume Safety Tips That You Need To Follow

 Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids of all ages. From free candy to wearing a cool costume, it is a great time for kids. Along with the fun comes concerns about safety. Keep reading for tips to make Halloween safe for kids.

 If you ask kids to name their favorite holiday, most would say Christmas with Halloween being a tie. What is not to love about Halloween. Kids get to dress up as their favorite character from a movie or show and then they get to collect tons of free candy as they trick or treat around the neighborhood. Even parents love Halloween as they get to help their kids eat the candy.

With the fun of this spooky holiday also comes some safety issues that parents need to know about. With some pre-planning and precautions, parents will be able to keep their kids safe and happy. Keep reading for the tips you need to know to keep kids safe on Halloween.

Selecting A Safe Costume for Halloween

 Parents need to help their kids select a safe costume to wear while candy collecting. When selecting the Halloween costume, keep several things in mind. 

~ Will my child stay warm in their dress-up costume? Nothing spoils the fun for children than having to wear a coat over their costume. So select a costume that keeps them warm on a cold night or can be worn over a long sleeve shirt and sweat pants.

~ Can my child see and breathe through the mask? Masks can sometimes restrict a child's vision or be difficult to breathe through. So choose one wisely or opt for face makeup.

~ Are the costume accessories safe to carry? If the child is going as a pirate or something that requires a sword or something that is pointy or made of hard plastic, made sure it can not harm other trick-or-treaters. Better yet, leave those items at home as kids will get tired of carrying them and it will be your job to lug them around along with their candy bag.

~ Can they run in their costume? The excitement of trick-or-treating will have kids running from house to house. So select an outfit that will allow kids to run and not trip and fall.

~ Place a Contact Label inside their Halloween costume Keep your kids safe on this dark Halloween night with a custom Contact Label that is placed inside their Halloween outfit. That way if your child gets lost, they can show someone the clothing label to have that person call you. Keep reading for information on what to place on the contact label and to discover the best washable clothing labels to keep your child safe on Halloween.

Kids’ Contact Labels for Halloween

 Keep your kids safe on Halloween with the best contact labels from Name Bubbles. While you do your best to keep your child safe while trick-or-treating, it is best to be prepared on what to do if your child gets separated from you. With so many other people walking around the neighborhood, kids may get lost. So make a plan on what to do and then discuss the plan with your child. Things to consider just in case your child gets separated from you.

~ Teach the child your full name and to yell it instead of mom. 

~ Instruct the child to find another mom and to show them the contact label that is inside their Halloween costume. That way that parent can call you right away.

~ Information to have on the contact label ~ The child's name ~ Your name ~ your cell phone number

 Name Bubbles Contact Labels take labeling one step further and can help in the event your child is separated from you. These durable labels are washable and stay put on clothing. The labels include three lines so you can include anything from names to phone numbers and home addresses. The labels have many other uses beyond Halloween night. From labeling clothes to items like water bottles, backpacks, shoes, and more, these labels will help lost items be returned to you. The contact labels are great for school, camp, daycare, and more. 

 The contact labels can be customized with many colors and styles. The labels from Name Bubbles are durable, dishwasher safe, and even stay on in the laundry. So, protect your child this Halloween with the best contact labels.


Forever My Little Moon said...

These are great tips for keeping your child safe, especially if they are going on their own! Our daughter is still young so we will go with her.

Gust si Aroma said...

Oh yes! We need to assure that our kids are safe and feel good and comfortable in their costumes!

Lois said...

Halloween is about safety. These are all good ideas for halloween safety.

Lavanda Michelle said...

Making sure the child can run and walk int he costume is so important to me. These are all great tips. Appetizers & Entrées

Laura JL Books said...

These are wonderful tips you shared, it is so important is the safety of our children as they go twick or treet.

Richelle Milar said...

These are all really great tips for making sure that your kids is safe! Being comfortable and safe is important when wearing Halloween costumes.

Lynndee said...

I did make sure that the costumes my son would wear were safe not to mention comfy. He loved all his Halloween costumes. -LYNNDEE

Christy G said...

I love the idea of adding a contact label to their costume. It is easy for kids to get separated from their parents especially if you are going to a large event like a trunk or treat.

Marysa said...

It is good to have some strategies for being careful and safe for Halloween. Definitely a good idea to stay on top of safety.

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