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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Homeowners Insurance Is Necessary When You Own A Home

   I am so excited to be able to remodel my master bathroom. It won't be long until my bathroom is done. This project may have started last July but my husband and I have been thinking about this renovation since 2011. Five years ago, our house had a frozen pipe that burst from sub-zero temperatures. That pipe left a lot of water damage in one of the upstairs bathroom ( the kid's bathroom) as well as the kitchen. Thank goodness we had Homeowners Insurance to fix the bathroom and kitchen. The insurance paid for a new bathroom and that was what led to my husband and wanting our bathroom to look nice.  It just took five years for us to save up the money and decide on how we wanted the bathroom to look. My bathroom is almost done. My husband and I painted last weekend. Then the tile people will do their work and finally my husband will do the install of everything else like cabinets and sinks. We are hoping it will be completed the first week of 2017. Get a sneak peek at my bathroom remodeling progress and some of the items that I selected.

 It was that frozen pipe that reminded me the importance of having homeowners insurance. That claim cost a lot of money but our insurance took care of it thanks to the payments we make every month and that we chose to have the proper coverage on our home. Your payments to home insurance may seem like a lot of money every month but when you see how much it costs to fix damage from a broken pipe, you will understand why you pay what you pay. The amount just to dry the rooms out was over $10,000 and then I think the rest was equally over the same amount. Our insurance also paid for us to stay in a hotel along with meals while the rooms were being dried out.Your home is where you live so making sure it is insured for the right amount is very important. Take a look at some details about my home insurance. 

About my home
Two story brick 2000 square foot home with a large backyard located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Three bedrooms with a newly updated master bathroom and 1 and a half other bathrooms. Granite counters in the modern kitchen along with all new stainless steel appliances. Two car attached garage. Quiet established neighborhood that is close to the highway and shopping. 

House Value: $199,000

Policy: $1046.00 Deductible: $500

About Users
Owners bought the house brand new 19 years ago. Family with several children. Credit in the low 800's

About Policy
Safeco was the cheapest insurance recommended by real estate agent with a low deductible.

About Customer Service
Safeco has good customer service. A previous claim was handled in a reasonable amount of time.

See http://www.kodig.com/home-insurance-quotes/ for more information on homeowners insurance.

Have you had to use your home insurance? Do you pay more or less for your home-owners insurance?

"These opinions are my own and I was contacted by http://www.kodig.com/home-insurance/ to write this review."


Terri Beavers said...

I can't imagine not having homeowners insurance for my home. I love your information. I've only had to use my insurance once when my heater caught on fire. Spooky.

Unknown said...

Homeowners insurance is so important. It is for the best. Thank you for this info!

Dana Vento said...

Homeowners insurance is really important as security and assurance. I'll share this to my firends a few of them didn't know about this.

Karlyn Cruz said...

I'm really glad you shared this, I've never knew about homeowners insurance, I think this is really matter.

Elizabeth O. said...

Home insurance can seriously lower repair costs for home owners. I think anyone who owns a home should look into it. There's nothing better than being prepared.

laborders2000 said...

We have homeowners insurance. It can seriously help when you really need it.

Unknown said...

Agree the need to have homeowners insurance. Never know when we might need it. Nice post!

Unknown said...

my aunt and uncle always told my brother and i to make sure we keep homeowners insurance. it is so important. so happy you shared this bit of info

Tina Gleisner said...

Tara, I'd love to talk to you about your numbers as I honestly don't think you've got the best insurance. I might be biased but ran into problems with Safeco & don't trust them. Wrote this article (http://www.hometipsforwomen.com/right-way-to-buy-homeowners-insurance) after I walked away from them a little more than a year ago.

Masood said...

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