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Friday, October 23, 2020

Spin Master RC Play Time Party Time

 Checking out some awesome toys with my boys

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 My boys love action toys and toys that move like RC cars. So they were excited with they got an opportunity to check out some new toys and then later show the toys to their friends. The toys that we were selected to have fun playing with were from Spin Master. The toys that the boys were super excited to check out are listed below. These would make great gifts for Christmas!

 Monster Jam Megalodon STORM 

Ninja Bots 

Air Hogs Stunt Shot 


 Right now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the circle of friends that my boys have is small. These friends are homeschooled and their parents are following the same guidelines that I am when it comes to this crazy virus. My boys are hanging out with these friends at the local park and on occasion at their houses. The six friends are from two different families and I am glad that my boys have friends during these crazy times. 

 So my boys invited their friends to the park up the street to show them these awesome action toys. My boys knew that their friends would love to play with RC cars and Ninjas. The park was a perfect place to drive RC cars as it had plenty of space to drive cars. The Monster Jam Megalodon STORM was made to drive on many different terrains like grass, sidewalks, and even water. So it was a perfect outdoor RC Car, The Air Hogs Stunt Shot and the Ninja Bots were made more for inside but they worked fine on the concrete at the park for our party.

 My boys had fun demonstrating the toys to their friends and showing them how they work. Then they let their friends try the remote control toys. Everyone enjoying taking turns driving the RC Cars and having battles with the Ninja Bots. These were fun action toys that were made for kids of all ages. Check out the descriptions of how the toys work.

Air Hogs Stunt Shot

 Go wild indoors with Stunt Shot, the new RC from Air Hogs Super Soft! This remote control stunt vehicle is unlike any other RC, with super soft foam wheels that can drive over anything indoors without causing damage!

 I liked that this RC car had soft wheels so my boys could not damage my walls when driving them in the house. These cars were fun to bounce off the walls. This car could do wheelies and flip over. It could even go down the stairs. My boys like chasing me in the kitchen with the Air Hog RC car and I was glad that it had soft wheels that did not hurt when they drove the car to crash on my feet. The car charges with a USB cord and the remote uses 2 AAA batteries. 

Watch the Air Hogs Stunt Shot in action

Monster Jam Megalodon STORM 

The Megalodon STORM - the only remote control vehicle that can dominate water AND attack land! Drive on the water with your authentic Monster Jam truck replica. Custom performance tires will allow you to conquer any terrain – water, dirt, rock, snow, and more.

 The Megalodon was super fun to drive around the park. This remote control car could drive on the grass and rocks. Since it was fall and we live in the desert, the boys could not drive the car on water. This car was made for play as it was durable. The Megalodon STORM RC is USB rechargeable and the remote uses 2 AAA batteries.

Watch the Megalodon HUNT FOR STUNTS!

Ninja Bots

Arm your Ninja Bots by selecting your favorite weapon! Included weapons range from a battle hammer and nunchuck to a plunger and spatula. Select your weapon combination and battle style to unleash the ultimate battle. If you are victorious, your Ninja Bot will celebrate with a special victory dance. 

 The Ninja Bots were super fun to play with. These battling bots were super fun to watch as they had silly personalities and sounds. Each robot had its own set of weapons. The boys placed weapons in their robot arms and then set them behind the included shield. Once the shield was lifted the bots made funny sounds and movements as they battled each other. The battle ended with a robot tipping over and the other robot doing a victory dance. It was fun to watch these guys move. My boys had to show me how to make the ninjas make a farting noise. The Ninja Bots require 3 AAA batteries each. 

Watch the Ninja Bots in action

 My boys had a lot of fun playing with the toys with their friends and agreed that they would make great Christmas presents. These toys are sold at Walmart and can be ordered online HERE ~ HERE ~ HERE

Visit https://www.spinmaster.com to learn more


Cristina Petrini said...

How to make them have fun but not necessarily with the usual things and games that are around!

Celebrate Woman said...

I remember a year when monster trucks were such a rave! They're coming back!

Valerie said...

These are great gift ideas with the holiday approaching quickly. My nephew would love these, they'd be a great fit for him.

Ryan Escat said...

These toys looks exciting, I bet kids at that certain ages will definitely enjoy playing this all day long

Toni said...

These are really cool!! Such a great gift idea for Christmas!

MJ said...

My baby is 19 now. He sure would've loved these when he was little!

Erin said...

Oh wow! These look really cool! Kids will love this. How fun!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

looks like so much fun! I know many kids and parents who would LOVE to play it together!

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