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Monday, April 26, 2021

Give The Best To Mom This Mothers Day With Teleflora

 Mothers have worked extra hard this past year and they deserve the best for Mother's Day. Say thanks to mom with the best flowers from Teleflora

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Dear Moms, we wanted you to know that through all the ups and downs, you totally crushed it. While we were all social distancing, you lost all your personal space. But you rose to the challenge. It wasn’t easy, and it didn’t always feel like a success. But throughout a difficult year, you delivered for your families and created meaningful memories. Just like you always do.

 This past year has been tough on us all but I think it has been especially hard on moms. Over the past year, balancing motherhood has become more challenging than ever. While moms selflessly show up for everyone, they often neglect their own needs. We moms had to add more to our job description. With schools being closed, most moms had to become teachers. With spouses working from home, that meant more dishes and messes to clean, not to mention having to listen to their countless Zoom calls. For the moms who had jobs beyond being a mom, we had to juggle taking care of kids while trying to get work done. That meant attending online meetings while trying to keep the kids quiet or with a baby in your lap.

 It was a rough and busy year for moms and at times we felt like we were failing our kids. Trying to simultaneously juggle motherhood and a career from home was not easy. That meant that mom never had time for herself. While we moms saw last year as a difficult time, their kids had a different perspective on last year.

Drawn to mom

 Last year through the eyes of a child shows that having their mom by their side made the past year one of the most memorable for them. Kids did not see last year as a bad year but rather one that showed that moms are the best. Kids enjoyed spending more time with mom and saw that mom loved them even more.

  Teleflora knows more than just awesome floral arrangements, they know how to show the love of a mom in a beautiful way. Their Mother’s Day campaign, “Drawn to Mom” spotlights the past year from a child’s perspective, and through their drawings. From “going to work” with Mom every day to Mom “going to school” with her kids, and the many snacks in between, Teleflora spotlights how having their mom by their side made the past year one of the most memorable for kids. 

 I just love the video that Teleflora made to honor moms. It reflects the love of a mom through the eyes of a child. From a mom teaching her child to ride a bike to a mom working with her kids by her side, this amazing video shows that kids loved having mom by their side. The past year may have been a whirlwind but it was also the best when it comes to the love of a mom. So pass the tissues and enjoy the video.

Happy Mothers Day Moms

 This Mothers Day, say I love you mom with a bouquet of flowers from Teleflora. Then give mom the day off without having to cook, clean, or take care of kids. Moms work hard and they deserve a day of rest. So start the day off for mom with breakfast in bed with these delicious chocolate pancakes but make sure to clean the kitchen. 

Teleflora encourages everyone to Love Out Loud this Mother’s Day by sending a stunning Teleflora floral bouquet ready to be enjoyed the moment it arrives at her door. Teleflora is my favorite floral delivery place for flowers. My favorite gift to send to my mom is flowers and they always bring a smile to her face. To place an order, and view the latest available floral designs, please visit www.teleflora.com.


Brandy Ellen said...

This is such a cute way to show your love ot mom. I have given a bouquet from this brand years ago - they have good qualty and great prices.

Kathy said...

Those flowers are so beautiful. I love Teleflora. They really do have some amazing flowers.

Wren LaPorte said...

These are beautiful! I would love to get these for Mother's Day!

Debra P said...

Moms are simply the best. I love Teleflora. It's such a beautiful way to celebrate and show your love.

Celebrate Woman said...

Beautiful flowers year-round is an amazing thing to enjoy. Teleflora has some amazing options for gifting.

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