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Monday, April 26, 2021

The Best Beauty Gifts For Mothers Day

 Check out some beauty products that will make mom smile on Mother's Day

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  Mother's day is every day but one day a year moms get a day that calls for a celebration. So tell your mom that you love her and make sure to spoil her with a day that is all about her. One of the best ways to spoil mom on  Mother's Day is giving her a day without having to cook, clean, or take care of kids. Moms work hard and they deserve a day of rest. So start the day off for mom with breakfast in bed but make sure to clean the kitchen. These chocolate pancakes would be a great choice.

 Last year, Mother's Day was different and most moms had to celebrate at home. This year with fewer Covid restrictions, there are many more options for celebrating Mom's Day. If you want to celebrate at home check out these 10 Ways Celebrate Mothers Day While Staying At Home. Everyone has different ways to celebrate mom and most people can agree that giving mom a gift is always a great idea. While flowers may be a popular gift for Mother's Day, some moms love to receive gifts of beauty. So I have created a gift guide for moms with some beauty products that I had discovered.

The gift of beautiful hair, skin, and nails

 Husbands listen up and make a special gift for the one you love. Make a special spa gift basket for mom and fill it with items that she will love. Some items to include in the mom's beauty basket could be items like face cream, hair care items, nail polish, body butter, candles, face masks, tea, and chocolates. Then book a hotel room for mom to escape to or take the kids to the park for a couple of hours. Mom can then use the beauty items and have a spa day of relaxation.

A delicious collagen tea

 Baebody announces the launch of a first-of-its-kind NEW Collagen Tea designed to promote youthful and healthy skin from the inside out. Sure, there are collagen powders and collagen supplements on the market, but this product is truly unique. Traditionally, collagen has been too fine to fit into a teabag. With innovative technology, Baebody has worked with tea experts to get all of the goodness of collagen packed into a delicious tea bag.

Formulated with 2,500mg of consciously sourced collagen peptides to provide your full daily dose of collagen in each tea bag.  This collagen tea has a delicious Vanilla & Hibiscus flavor that mom will love. This Collagen Tea helps boost immunity, fights free radical damage, and promotes youthful and healthy skin from the inside out. This tea is my favorite nightly drink.

Baebody Collagen Booster tea available HERE 

 Collagen Moisturizer

 Baebody also offers a luxurious Collagen Moisturizer that would be a perfect gift for mom. This face cream helps fight the signs of aging and leaves skin looking smooth. Formulated with powerful actives that hydrate and help build skin strength, it is an effective and affordable solution for youthful-looking skin; diminished fine lines and wrinkles; and a soft, supple complexion. Cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, it is safe for all skin types. It is my nightly beauty treatment that keeps my skin looking awesome!

Baebody Collagen Moisturizer available HERE


Hair Care products

 The Mayraki hair care line offers mom the gift of beautiful hair. Mom will love that these professional hair products are 100% vegan. From a hair mask to a scalp cleanser, I am sure you can find a product that mom will love. The hair mask will restore dry damaged hair leaving it soft, lustrous, and easy to manage. If mom has pesky grey hairs or is experiencing hair loss, then the Mayraki Anti-Gray Hair Color Restoring Treatment or Mayraki Professional Hair Care - Ultra Repairing Weightless Moisture Shampoo would be a perfect gift. The Mayraki line is 100 percent vegan, is free of harsh chemicals, and contains no sulfates or parabens.

 These cruelty-free hair care products will help moms have a great hair day. I love using these hair care products as they always make my hair so soft and pretty.

Mayraki Professional hair care products are available HERE

Regenerative facial serum 

 FactorFive’s regenerative serum provides a fresh, look on vegan skincare products. It contains ethically derived stem cells from healthy, consenting donors that target multiple skin concerns such as wrinkles, sunspots, tightness, thickness, texture, and more. There are ZERO parabens, mineral oils, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA, or TEA in the product and it is NEVER tested on animals. The product is designed with clean ingredients to give your skin a more hydrated, youthful appearance.

 Help mom look her best and have younger-looking skin. This face serum will target the signs of aging and I love that the product is made in the USA with ethically derived adult stem cells. Beautiful skin is always a great gift.

 FactorFive’s regenerative serum is available HERE

The best facial laser device

 My secret for young-looking skin at age 56 is the Nira home laser device. This laser facial device really works to reduce those fine lines! The laser works by increasing your collagen production that fills in the wrinkles and fine lines. It is so simple to use ~ 5 minutes a day is all it takes! If you don't see results in 3 months, Nira will refund your money, no questions asked. The before and after photos on their website are proof that it works. So many of my followers have purchased the Nira and love it. The Nira home facial device is a gift that mom will love. Check out my review of the Nira laser device HERE.

Use code MOMKNOWSBEST10 and save 10% on the Nira home facial laser device HERE

The gift of a healthy gut

 Everyone wants a healthy gut and these pink products will be a great addition to mom's Mothers Day gift basket. This pink packet is more than just a fiber supplement ~ it is a kiss those tummy troubles goodbye. One tasteless packet in the morning mixed into smoothies, coffee, or any other liquid means I go like clockwork every morning. It means saying goodbye to a bloated belly and having a great day.

Life can anything but regular when you have kids. Sometimes just going to the bathroom can be a 3 ring circus. That is why I love Regular Girl. I take it once a day and my troubles in the bathroom are a thing of the past. A healthy digestive system is awesome. Use code MOMKNOBEST10 to save money on an amazing supplement.

Regular Girl is available HERE

Superfruit juice

 These Amarumayu juices are so delicious and loaded with vitamin C. The juices are loaded with Amazonian superfruits. So mom can boost her immune system while protecting the Amazon forest. The Camu Camu and Buriti superfruits are sustainably wild-harvested by native indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon; They leave the tree rooted and intact during the harvest and only take what’s needed; Your purchase supports them and their families as they help protect the rainforest. Mom will not only love the refreshing juice but also the aluminum bottles. These bottles are eco-friendly and reusable.

Amarumayu juices are available HERE

Orange Ginger Detox Body Care Solution Set

 Nature's Beauty uniquely blends Orange and Ginger Extracts which are rich in Vitamin C, with Witch Hazel to help draw out impurities and reduce clogged pores, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and naturally balanced. The refreshing aroma of citrus and woodsy patchouli work to revitalize the senses. Sunflower, Almond, and Avocado Oil help nourish and moisturize to renew skin. Skin feels restored, with a healthy glow! Nature’s Beauty a plant-based line of cruelty-free bath and body care products that are made with vegan ingredients. 

 These pampering products also come in Sleep | Lavender Chamomile and Stress Relief | Elderberry Eucalyptus varieties. These beauty items smell so awesome! I enjoyed using them and my skin felt so smooth and soft.

Orange Ginger Detox Body Care Solution Set is available HERE

Concerts and gourmet coffee

 Give mom the gift of a live concert and gourmet coffee. Concerts.cafe is the first online concert venue to serve artist-branded coffee and tickets to live stream music events – with immersive audio and 360-degree content experiences! With a wide variety of music to select from, I sure you will find a music event for mom to enjoy. The best part is mom can watch the live concert from the comfort of her home. Each music artist has a Signature Artist Coffee that pairs with their concert. So mom can sip on gourmet coffee and listen to wonderful music.

Caffeinated Livestream Concert Venue is available https://concerts.cafe/

Shampoo that prevents hair loss

 Mom will love a shampoo and conditioner set that keeps her hair strong and healthy. It is estimated that an astounding fifty percent of women will experience thinning hair, which equates to approximately 30 million women in the United States. So give mom a shampoo and conditioner that is proven to reduce hair thinning due to breakage. The Pura D’or Original Gold Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Set has a proprietary blend of 17 key active ingredients, organic extracts, and essential nutrients. This hair set will nourish hair to boost strength and resist breakage. 

 Free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and silicones, this environmentally responsible, hypo-allergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free, set is packed with a powerful blend of Biotin, Nettle, Pumpkin Seed, and Black Cumin Seed Oil to increase volume and thicken hair. These hair products are designed for thinning hair, damaged and chemically-treated hair, distressed hair, frizzy and tangled hair.

Pura D’or Original Gold Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Set available HERE

Add some snacks and you got a perfect gift for mom

 These gift ideas are some awesome suggestions for a wonderful gift basket for mom to have a spa day. Other ideas for gifts to include in the basket of gifts are mom's favorite snacks, nail polish, face masks, candles, chocolates, foot cream, and other beauty items that would help her have a relaxing spa day at home or at a hotel. Mom deserves a day of pampering.


AiringMyLaundry said...

I love these ideas. I just told my kids that I'm down for chocolate and not having to cook.

melissa said...

What a great array of gifts and I can not decide which one I want first. I love a good cup of tea so building collagen with it makes perfect sense.

Melanie Edjourian said...

I'm loving all the suggestions. I think my favourites are that face cream and the laser device. I'd love both!

Brandy Ellen said...

Wow! This is such a gerat lsit of beauty gifts for Mother's Day that you shared today. I love that you have provided more ideas for gifts to give moms out there. I bet many moms will enjoy these gift ideas.

Monica Simpson said...

I want that Nira laser facial device! It's either that or I might start botox though I'd prefer the device.

Kita Bryant said...

These are some really awesome gift ideas! They are really going to make mom smile.

Fatima D Torres said...

These are perfect Mother's Day beauty gifts. Makes a great basket idea as well

Nikki Wayne said...

I'll go for the body care solution, the packaging is so nice..

Gervin Khan said...

These are nice stuffs to give to my mom for mother's day and I am sure she will love these things. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Gust si Aroma said...

You made me curious and I would like to try that laser facial device. Sounds like a beautiful and useful gift for my mother too!

Wanda Lopez said...

You make the best gift baskets! I love everything inside it. I haven't tried these products, but need to check them out.

Wren LaPorte said...

These are great ideas for a gift basket. I nearly forgot Mother's day is around the corner!

Louisa said...

This is a really great idea for moms. Alongside a kitchen-free day

Janeane M Davis said...

These are such great mother's day gift ideas. I would welcome any of them.

Msjane90 said...

Amazing gift ideas! Thank you for the recommendations!

Mamacita La Cuponera said...

I love these Mother's Day gift ideas. Thanks so much for the suggestions as I still have 2 more to find.

LoriBosworth said...

I think collagen tea or collagen moisturizer would make great gifts for Mother's Day. I have tried collagen powder and I add it to my coffee or tea.

Swathi said...

These are great mother's day gift ideas. I would love to get one of the gift bags like this.

Erin said...

All of these gift ideas will make mom smile! Wonderful ideas, I want them all for myself! lol

Anonymous said...

Such great gift ideas! My mom and mother-in-law both love skincare products and perfumes:)

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