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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Love Of Coffee With Community Coffee

My day is not complete without coffee!

       I admit I have a thing for coffee, maybe even an obsession. So when my city had a Chocolate and Coffee Fest, I was excited to go to it. Who wouldn't want to attend an event that had samples of coffee and chocolate? The two younger boys were excited to go sample all kinds of chocolate treats and I was excited to drink coffee all day. This wonderful event had many vendors giving out samples of coffee, chocolate, and other delicious treats. I enjoyed so many cups of coffee that I lost count. My youngest son enjoyed sampling flavored salts and both boys enjoyed all the fudge samples. We even played a game and tried to win a bag of whole bean coffee. My youngest did a great job and won me a bag of coffee. When we decided that we had our fill of coffee and chocolate samples, we decided to purchase a huge pretzel to take home. I knew that this pretzel would be great with a cup of coffee the next day.

Do you like pastries with coffee?

    I received samples of coffee from Community Coffee to facilitate this post.

 Coffee and pastry go great together. My favorite treat that I enjoy with a cup coffee is a cookie. My husband, on the other hand, likes pastries with his coffee. A warm sweet treat is the way he enjoys his coffee. His favorite treat is the Beignet. When he went to New Orleans a couple of months ago, he was disappointed when his trip was cut short because of a broken water pipe. He had plans of coffee and Beignets for his daily treat. He was only able to enjoy one Beignet while he was in New Orleans as his conference was canceled due to the broken water pipe. So when I discovered that Community Coffee had a Sugar-Dusted Beignet Coffee, I just had to get a bag of this unique coffee for my husband. When my husband tried the coffee, he said that a warm Beignet covered with powder sugar would go great with this coffee. I told him that I had never made Beignets before and of course, my husband said I should learn how to make them. I told my husband, for now, he can enjoy his sweet tasting cup of coffee with cookies.

Light and sweet with a delightful finish, this exclusive blend captures the flavor of one of New Orleans’ tastiest traditions. Now you can enjoy beignets all day!

Have you tried a Beignet?

 This Sugar-Dusted Beignet Coffee is the next best thing to eating a Beignet. It is light and flavorful. I like my cup of this delicious coffee with sugar and cashew milk for a rich creamy drink. My husband has told me that I need to stock up on this coffee as it is only available for a limited time. I told him that I would as long as he brings me a Beignet home from his next trip to New Orleans. My husband's conference was rescheduled and he will be visiting New Orleans in July. I wanted him to bring me a pound of my favorite chocolate from New Orleans but my killjoy husband said no as it will melt in the July heat. So a Beignet will be the next best thing.


Anonymous said...

This product sounds absolutely delicious! I would love to try this out and will look for it while shopping! Daisy

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations said...

This sounds ridiculously delicious. I would love to give this a try as soon as possible. I love a good cup of coffee.

Khushboo said...

Sugar-Dusted Beignet Coffee sounds just delicious. I am a complete coffee addict and would love to try it :)

Tiffany said...

I have a thing for coffee, too! Sugar-Dusted Beignet Coffee would be a perfect afternoon treat. I could use a cup of this right now.

Kate said...

I absolutely love beignets. I totally agree, coffee and pastry are a match made in heaven!

Angela Ricardo Bethea said...

I love drinking coffee and this looks delicious. Coffee and pastry are perfect combo.

Unknown said...

LOVE coffee! This sounds wonderful! The flavor would be delicious.

Nicole said...

I have never really tried pastries with my coffee before. I'm usually pouring is as we are running out the door. Although, this does look tastey, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

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