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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Wandering Bear Is The Best Go To Cold Brew Coffee On Tap

This is Cold Brew for coffee lovers!

   I received samples from Wandering Bear to try and give my honest opinion on.

 I get excited when coffee is delivered to my home. Now I am not talking about a package of coffee that I have to brew, no I am talking coffee that is ready to drink. I am talking about a strong yet smooth cold brew coffee that can go from tap to my cup in seconds. This delicious cup of coffee gets me excited about my day. All I have to do to enjoy my coffee is to open my fridge. I don't know about you but my favorite part of my day, now that the weather is getting warmer, is savoring a delicious sweet cup of iced coffee. 

Cold brewed superpowers, to supercharge your every day!

 Wandering Bear makes it easy to enjoy cold brew coffee. They do all the work of cold brewing the coffee for way too many hours and then place it in a handy go to coffee on tap container that fits in your fridge. This unique box keeps the coffee fresh for days (even after opening) so I can enjoy my coffee right away! I love that they use organic coffee beans and cold water. The cold water brew results in a sweet, smooth taste without any bitter taste that I get from my coffee maker. This coffee has such a sweet taste that I only need to add my milk to it and not sugar like I usually do with my hot brewed coffee.

Wandering Bear is the iced coffee for way too busy people!

 Wandering Bear also makes these convenient Cold Brew Coffee-On-The -Go packs. My teen saw these in the fridge and got excited that he did not have to make his coffee before school. For my busy teen that meant 10 extra minutes of sleep. My teen is like me, he does not drink coffee to wake up but rather enjoys it for the taste and all those antioxidants. My teen also knows that cold brew coffee has a way better taste than a hot brew method. 

Always fresh & ready to drink 

 On days that I want hot coffee, I just fill up my favorite mug from the cold brew tap and warm it up in the microwave. I really like having my coffee ready for me in the morning. Wandering Bear puts a smile on my face when I open up my fridge!

Cold brew coffee with options

You decided how often you want your coffee. I love that Wondering Bear has a subscription option so I can get my coffee delivered when I need it and I also save 10%! No worries, you can also get a one time purchase so you can see how awesome cold brew coffee is.


betteroffreadig said...

What a cool idea, all the joys of cold brew without the hassle

Anita said...

Cold coffee. Now that is new to me. But I would try it.

Unknown said...

i love cold brew, i recenetly started drinking a new coffee that i am obessed with at the moment. i like cold brew with a splash of coconut milk SO YUM.!

Scrapbook Adventures said...

Mmm sounds delicious and perfect for the summer thats heading our way soon!

Sara Welch said...

I cannot stand cold coffee. My husband on the other hand is a huge fan of it. I will show him this!

Guppy Jess said...

Nice photos! I feel like this would be a great gift for my partner

berlin said...

Love my coffee cold, too. But stopped drinking one when I became pregnant and bow breastfeeding. Makes me miss coffee that much.

Kiwi said...

I love the concept of Coffee on Tap! I think that is brillant, since they did it with wine of course coffee should be next. Maybe tea on tap will be the next wave too!

Sam said...

I have never tried this coffee but it sounds amazing!! I am going to have to check these out.

GG. said...

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