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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Preventing Painful Eczema With Botanical Skin Care Products

This year will be the year that my son will not suffer from eczema!

        I received several Botanical Skin Care Products to facilitate this post.

  I remember having severe eczema as a kid so I feel for my son and buy products that will prevent flare-ups. My eczema was so bad as a kid that I kept my hands in my pockets all winter. My hands were a source of embarrassment for me as no one wanted to sit near me after they saw my dry cracked bleeding hands. I remember countless doctor trips and the doctor telling my mom to try another over the counter cream that was supposed to help my painful skin. The problem was that the ingredients in the so-called eczema creams were just making my skin worse as my skin was ultra sensitive. I hated having sensitive skin as a kid and it did not get better until I was an adult and I moved out of my parent's house. A doctor also prescribed a steroid cream that cleared my skin. I later learned that I was allergic to mold and had other chemical sensitivities.

My knowledge of eczema helps my son 

  So when my son did not outgrow his eczema as a baby, (all my kids had eczema as babies), I had plenty of experience to help him or so I thought so. My son's eczema got worse as he got older and most all lotions left him screaming in pain. So it was hard to treat his chapped hands in the winter when the lotions that were supposed to help burned his skin. So I eliminated all chemical bath products and bought my son products that had natural ingredients. I found that 100% shea butter was the only cream that did not irritate my son's skin. The only problem is it can be very greasy so my son forgets to use it until winter comes and his hands are red and sore. So this year I am trying Botanical Skin Care Products to see if we can prevent the painful chapped skin this winter.

 I am trying Botanical Skin Care Products

  My son's hands already feel like tough leather and have that dirty look to them. My son is a typical boy and gets dirty. He still needs to be reminded about hand washing too. He recently sprained a finger so he is not washing his hands as often as he should as taking off the finger brace is a pain for him. The weather is getting colder so I know that his hands will start to get very chapped and red. So I told my son that he needs to start applying the Calm Eczema Therapy Cream every night before bed. Maybe this will be the year his skin feels good.

Botanical ingredients do not burn the skin

  My son was hesitant to try the Eczema Therapy Cream as he is always afraid that they will hurt. So with a bit of coaxing, he allowed me to rub the cream on his dry skin. My son did not complain and the eczema cream made his hands feel softer. I loved that it was not greasy and was free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. My son has sensitivities to SLS, a common ingredient in toothpaste and other body care products. So I am an ingredient reader when it comes to his personal care products.

Safe for babies

  I believe that prevention is always the best when it comes to my son's eczema. We avoid the things that cause my son's skin to flare up rather than treating it with prescription creams. I know that salt, citrus fruits, and pineapple aggravate his skin along with most all chemicals so my son stays away from those things. I think that may be a reason he avoids washing his hands at school as their soap is chemical based. Doctors always ask me if my son has eczema, as it is in his medical chart, as they don't believe it by looking at his skin. I would rather pay more for natural skin care products that keep my son's sensitive skin eczema free than see him suffer from the painful skin.

Proven Botanicals for clear skin

 My teen son has been suffering from bad acne ever since he joined the Merchant Marine Academy. I think the change in climate and his diet may have something to do with it. My son has been trying different products from the store at the academy and none of them are helping to clear up his skin. My son even got a prescription from the doctor but the acne still remains on his face. When I see pictures of him, I just think of how painful his skin is. I sent my son probiotics to see if they could help his acne. but I am not sure if he remembers to take them every day. My son is even cutting back on milk to see if they will help clear his skin.

Will the Clear Acne Kit help my son?

  I like that the Clear Acne Kit has proven botanical ingredients in it that are clinically proven to clear the skin up. My teenager still needs convincing that chemicals may be aggravating his skin so when he comes home for fall break, I will have him try the Clear Acne Kit on his face to see if it can clear up all those blemishes on his face. Maybe him having the time away from all the busy stress of school for six days will also help his acne breakouts.

 I love the natural ingredients

  The natural botanicals in the acne face products sound so soothing to me. I love that they have no dyes or benzoyl peroxide in them. I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide and I think my son may have some sensitivities to it also as it leaves his skin way to dry. My teen son had an episode this past summer from red dye that left his skin in hives for two days. So I am excited to have him try these non-toxic skin care products. The box says that they work in 12 hours. If they work, the sizes are perfect for him to take back in his carry-on bag on the airplane.

Clear skin is always a good thing 

 My son has not had clear skin for quite some time so this mom will have him try the Clear Acne products as I want his skin to feel better. He will be able to focus on school better as he will be spending less time focusing on his zit filled face. These three products will be easy for him to use.

Do you have sensitive skin?


Kelli Rodriguez said...

Tara - sending positive thoughts to both of your sons! My eldest just graduated from USMMA in 2016 - now a USMC officer! Stress I am sure comes into play. I am confident that Kamedis will assist him, reminding him to use the regimen!

Mom Knows Best said...

That is so cool to hear that your son attended USMMA. It is a great school

Mrs. Hicks said...

My husband has eczema and has tried so many different products. Most haven't worked, probably because the people who recommend it are trying to sell something and don't have much experience with eczema themselves. I'll pass this along and hope it helps him!

Sarah Bailey said...

These sound like some great products for those with eczema. I have to admit I guess in a way I am lucky as I only have it in my ears so I don't have to use cream (or well can't). I'll have to mention this to friends though.

Reika Misaki said...

Nice post! I haven't heard of this product before but it looks like it's really gentle on your skin. I'm all about gentle skin care products. Definitely will check this out!

Sarah Meh said...

Nice to know about Botanical skin care products. In winter many people suffer from eczema and I'll surely recommend this product to them.

Dalene Ekirapa said...

I absolutely love natural ingredients when it comes to my skincare products so definitely , I'll agree that your collection is good for your son and his condition.

Becca Wilson said...

My son has eczema - so these products are very interesting to me. I would love to give these a try with his.

Angela Campos said...

My kids both had eczema when they were little, but have not had any outbreaks in a long time! I will definitely keep these products in mind for the future!

Swathi said...

Thanks for sharing this useful post. My son has bad Eczema it has breaks out here and there and also hates putting scream as it hurts him more. I will check it out this cream . If it helps him that is what I want.

Grace said...

First time hearing this condition. Thanks for sharing this tips and products as these would be help prevent at least minimize their condition . - Grace

Nicole said...

My son has been getting such bad dry skin as each winter comes it gets worse each year. I will definitely be picking this up for him to give a try this year. Thanks for sharing!

Fatima D Torres said...

Finding the right eczema treatment can be tough. I should know. I suffer from it and have done so for years. Even passed it down to our kids. :/

Kiwi said...

Thanks for introducing the Kamedis brand to us. I love botanical products especially for beauty.

Mueeid Soomro said...

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jonback said...


Anonymous said...

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