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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Unique Holiday Gifts For The Fitness Buff

Looking for a unique gift for someone who is a fitness buff?

                  I received samples of the products listed to facilitate this post.

   I am sure you have a friend or family member who is hard to shop for when it comes to a holiday gift. Sometimes your go-to gift does not work for that person, especially if they are into health and fitness. My favorite gifts that I like to give to everyone on my Christmas list is coffee or chocolate and that may not work for someone who is a health buff or trying to lose weight. So as a fitness/runner, I have some great gift ideas for the healthy or those who are trying to get healthy. These are gifts that I as a person who regularly goes to the gym would love to receive under the Christmas tree. These gifts are reasonably priced too so they would make great gifts for the office exchange party or as an awesome white elephant gift. These gifts are also practical gifts that most fitness buffs would say "why did I not think of that?" I am pretty sure these gifts would be great for non-athletic people also So start your holiday shopping early this year so you can be the one who can say "I finished my Christmas shopping months ago!" I swear one day that is going to be me and I am not going to be that person who is shopping on Christmas Eve.

Sweat issues, missing hair ties, no food, forgetting locker combinations and dealing with a dead smartphone battery are all common issues that athletes face while practicing or competing in a sport. This holiday season, gift athletes with solutions to all their problems that they can keep in their gym bag, so they can stop worrying and focus on their game. 

100% organic, instant fruit & vegetable drink

 When was the last time you ate 5 servings of fruit and veggies in a day?  Kencko makes is easy to accomplish that healthy goal as each packet provides two servings of fruits and vegetables.
Just add water (first) to the BPA-free bottle that comes with your first order, then your fruits & veggies packet, shake, drink and feel good about checking a healthy decision off your list.

 These powders made a delicious drink and I love that they only contain organic fruits & veggies & spices and nothing else. These pretty powders come in five different flavors and are so easy to toss into a gym bag for some awesome nutrition before or after a workout. I love that it comes with a shaker bottle as that makes it so easy to get your 5 a day.

Website: https://www.kencko.com/


Got to have my coffee

  As a runner, I love coffee for the energy that it gives me to get that workout in. STEEPED COFFEE is the easiest way to make a great cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes. Take your moment—at home, work, or on the go. Steeped single-serve coffee bags are filled with 100% specialty coffee and are crafted for quality, freshness, and convenience. Every bag is nitro-sealed inside compostable packaging, making every cup guilt-free and eco-friendly.

 This delicious coffee was so easy to make as all I needed was hot water. These single-serve coffee bags would be so easy to pack in my gym bag or use at home for a quick cup of coffee so I could get out for my workout. They come in 5 flavors and are individually wrapped. Coffee is always a great gift.

Website: https://steepedcoffee.com/


This belt is perfect for runners

 Where do you stash your phone and keys when you workout? This belt is perfect for runners, fitness buffs, or anyone who may need a little more room to carry their items while on the go. The pockets are also large enough to fit phones such as the iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus. An extra pocket doubles the possibilities of what you can stash inside, and the wider elastic supports however you decide to make The Glide yours.

  I love that this belt has two zipper pockets so I can carry my phone and keys with me while working out at the gym. It is super easy to adjust and is made to fit almost any size. This belt also comes in black too.

Website: https://spibelt.com/shop/spibelt/the-glide-by-spibelt/


Keep your hat free of sweat stink

  The athlete who wears hats is going to love these Disposable Moisture Wicking Liners. These unique NoSweat liners stick inside any Hat, Visor, Helmet or Hard Hat and keep them from smelling like stinky sweat. These liners stick in seconds and have Patented SweatLock™ Technology in them that absorbs the sweat from that great workout. These liners also keep the sweat from dripping down your face and off your glasses. The liners come in packs of 3, 12, and 25.

Website: https://nosweatco.com/


Fashion with a purpose

  How many times have you gone to the gym only to discover that you forgot a hair band to put your hair back? Then you try to work out and your hair gets in the way. For me, even though I have shorter hair, I can't enjoy my workout with my hair hanging in my face as it just annoys me. The Busy Girl Bangle the perfect stylish piece of jewelry that even the couch potatoes would enjoy. If she has hair, then she will find this bracelet to be the perfect accessory to wear any day of the week. The pretty bracelet has removable rope chains and hair ties so when you need to put your hair back, you simply remove the hair tie from the bracelet. These gorgeous bangles come in many different colors and styles so they are the perfect accessory!

 Use the code GIFTS and receive 50% off now through Christmas

Website: https://gogirldesign.com/


Never have a dead battery again

  Everyone has had this frustration way too many times. You pull our your phone or another electronic device only to find that it has a dead battery. For the fitness buff or gym fanatic that can make or break a workout. Not having music when you are working out on the treadmill or other machine is just plain awful. Gift the fitness buff in your life with a portable charger and they will be so happy. The myCharge portable charging device can charge most devices like phones up to 6X. These handy charging stations have built-in USB ports and micro USB cables so one does not have to worry about finding a cable to connect the device to the charger. This unique charging device would be handy for traveling or really almost any day. The charging device is small and lightweight so it can be tossed into a gym bag or even a pocket.

Website: https://mycharge.com/


Stay safe when running outdoors

 No one likes to think about being attacked while running but it can happen. So being prepared is always a good thing. The Defense Alert Device is a runner's best friend. This multi-tool that includes a powerful flashlight for signaling or lighting your way and has pepper spray in case of an attack. The unique device also has an SOS button on the device that can send a message to emergency contacts so they know your location and can send help. This handheld safety device is very easy to carry run running and allows one to feel safe while running. The Defense Alert Device is there when you need it and gives you a piece of mind. I love that you connect the safety device to your phone so you can send an "I'm in danger" alert to people with a touch of a button. This discreet, sleek design fits in your purse, bag or pocket also and sprays a D.A.D.® Military Strength Sabre Red Pepper Spray at the attacker. It is also water resistant.

Website: https://tigerlight.net/


Pack a healthy snack

 Packing a healthy snack to enjoy before or after your workout has never been easier. These commercial grade storage containers have an easy slide and lock one latch locking system so food stays put and does not leak all over your gym bag. The containers are great for all kinds of healthy snacks like fresh fruit and more. They are freezer, fridge, microwave and dishwasher safe. They are also BPA free and odor & stain resistant. So these awesome containers are also great for packing a healthy lunch. The containers come in many sizes and are also useful for holiday leftovers.

Website: https://wellslock.com/


Clean up with intense hydration

 All that fitness makes one sweat and your favorite fitness buff will love these this awesome shampoo set that comes in these unique Mason jars. The Amino Mason hair care products not only leave your hair with intense hydration but comes in these cute jars that can be reused. The hair care products are made with milk, manuka honey, and a proprietary amino acid complex that strengthens and beautifies hair from the inside out. This hair care set will look nice in the shower and I love that the pumps on the jars make it easy to dispense the product.

Website: http://aminomason.com/                                                                            


                                  Guilt-Free Water w/ Scented Ring

 Enhance the experience of drinking water with only the scent of all-natural oils infused in a ring around the neck of the bottle. This simple addition channels the flavor experience through your sense of smell, avoiding the need for artificial sweeteners or additives making it guilt-free! Szent comes five awesome flavors and is amazing water. The scented ring really made the water taste like the flavor that was on the bottle. When I smelled the scented ring of the bottle, it truly tasted of pineapple. I loved that I was drinking pure water with nothing added to it and it had zero calories. These Guilt-Free Waters w/ Scented Rings are so refreshing after a workout at the gym.

Website: https://drinkszent.com/                                                                            


Delicious Superfood Seedbars

  The holidays mean decorations, presents, and most of all sweets. While these taste great on the palate, too many treats aren’t great on the waistline. That is where Elemental Seedbars come in! They are a tasty snack or meal replacement without over-indulging with a mouthful of sugar. These delicious bars are packed with nutrition and are dairy-free, gluten-free, and loaded with omegas. You will love the flavors of these raw Superfood Seedbars, my favorite is the dark chocolate and peanut butter. The variety pack contains 12 bars in four flavors and makes a great gift for any fitness lover.

                      Website: https://www.elemental-raw.com/  


Experience natural pain relief

  Your fitness friends will love that you thought of their aches and pains from all that exercise and working out. Joy's Premium CBD salves are great for quick relief of muscle soreness, joint discomfort and much more. The salve contains all organic ingredients of eucalyptus and lavender so it not only takes care of the pains but has a wonderful scent. I love using CBD on my aches and pains and it does not contain any THC so no worries of any mind-altering experiences. I even use CBD salves on my boys when they have muscle aches from growing pains and all that running around.

Website:  http://www.joyorganics.com/


Which fitness gift would you like to receive?


Nabanita said...

Some very good ideas. I’m horrible at picking gifts or planning surprises for that matter. So, lists such as yours come in handy

Joan Cajic said...

Love these ideas, I like the charger because you can always want to recharge your phone if your using it often or listening to music with it

Lotta Anderen said...

Great ideas for Christmas. I already got a few ideas. I just remembered I need those storage containers myself.

jessi joachim said...

These are really fun gifts for fitness lovers. I have a few fitness buffs in my life that would love a lot of these.

Farrah said...

Portable chargers are so darn useful/convenient! I like the sound of the Amino Mason hair care products too!

Mom Knows Best said...

It came in hand at the airport

Mom Knows Best said...

Are not they the cutest containers?

Scott Gombar said...

Some good ideas on your list. Definitely helpful for me as I am terrible at getting the right gift.

AiringMyLaundry said...

These are some great ideas! I need to get that portable charger for sure. My phone is always running low on batteries.

Unknown said...

You great list of gift ideas and I think now I know what the best gift to give to my sister on her birthday.

Casey said...

Great, my best friend is a fitness freak and I think I will get her a couple of items from your list. She should be very pleased for it.

Monidipa said...

I am worst at gift selection but this is really great. Worthy picks.

Spoons and Stilettos said...

These are some great stuff and gift guide ideas for the fitness buff. My cousin would love those stuff. Will absolutely check this out.

What Corinne Did said...

Such a great list of gifts here! I always struggle to find gift idea, even more so when they are so nice!

Rupy Bawa said...

Love these ideas especially portable charger. Thanks for sharing.

Cara said...

I'm not a fitness buff and I could def use that hat liner!

Hannah Marie said...

These are lovely gift ideas! I have some friends who will love these.

Erica Jahn said...

love all the selections!!! truyl this is helpful!!! gave me an idea on what to give to my fitness friends!!!

Unknown said...

Its a good idea to gift someone a fitness gadget. additional info.

SMITA said...

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Emma Jasmine said...

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