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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Best Gifts For The Hard To Shop For Friend

Everyone has a person on their gift list who is hard to shop for

       I received samples of the mentioned products to facilitate this post.

Every year I start my Christmas shopping early and with good intentions to get it completed way before Christmas. As who wants to be shopping the last week of the holidays with all those crowds and the long check out lines. Don't get me started with trying to find a parking spot. Then there is the person on my list who has everything or is super picky so shopping for them is a pain in the you know what. Sure you could resort to the standard gift card present of the food gift but those always look so tacky. So this year I have some great gift ideas for the hard to shop for a friend and the best part is you can buy them online so you don't have to fight the crowds or find a parking spot.

A reusable eco-friendly notebook

A gift that is endlessly reusable and eco-friendly is basically giving the planet a gift too. It’s a win-win for both you and Mother Nature.
  The Everlast notebook by Rocketbook feels like a traditional notebook but wipes clean for endless pages, notes, and doodles. This cool notebook works with any pen from the Pilot Frixion line and is connected to all of your favorite cloud services. So you can write on the special paper-send it to your email, Cloud,etc-then erase! I love this non-typing way of taking notes or pictures and it is so much easier than using that small keyboard on my smartphone. This reusable notebook would be great for meetings and more!


A monthly gift for grandma or grandpa

 It's hard to buy gifts for grandma and grandpa. What do you buy for someone who has everything or limited space? GrandBox is the original monthly subscription box customized and curated specifically for seniors 65 and up. Every month, the GrandBox team creates a new theme to build each box around. Every theme and product is meant to bring joy to your loved one. From Route 66 to Back-to-School to A Day at the Spa, they make sure that each box will be a delightful surprise. Their team has the experience and knowledge to know what grandparents will love. It's the perfect gift to bring a smile to the older loved ones in your life and have them talking about their GrandBox for days.


A gift for life's messes

  Most everyone has messes that need cleaning up so the gift of a 3in 1 Stick Vacuum is always a great gift. Think that bachelor guy, the mom with messy kids, the pet lover, or someone who loves to bake. This compact cordless vacuum from Black and Decker can make clean up time so fast and easy.
 This sleek vacuum delivers multiple cleaning solutions and runs up to 30 minutes on a single charge so you can grab it and get the cleaning done in no time. Detach the hand vacuum to tackle smaller messes, or use it in combination with the pole to reach up high. Attach the head directly to the hand vacuum to thoroughly clean small spaces like steps. The 180° swivel steering and compact head provide easy maneuverability in tight spaces and easy storage. I love using my 3in 1 for messes in my kitchen like all those crumbs that the boys leave behind and the ones that I make from holiday baking. I love the rotating brush that picks up everything including my long hair that is all over the house. Check out my complete review with video HERE.

Features + Benefits
Powerful cleaning for everyday messes
Ideal for hardwood floors, rugs, and tile
Maneuverable in and around tight spaces
Washable bowl and filter for thorough cleaning
Indicates state of charge
Easy to empty dust bin
Low profile design for cleaning under furniture
Hook for self-standing and compact storage

Website: https://www.blackanddecker.com/


Hands-free comfortable entertainment stand

This unique tablet stand allows you to relax in comfort while you watch your favorite movie or catch up on work. This stand has wheels so you can use it anywhere you like and you will be able to have your hands-free and no longer strain your neck while trying to watch the screen on your tablet. The tablet stand accommodates many sizes of tablets and holds them tight with its locking feature. The flexible arm moves in many positions so you can sit, recline, or lie in bed with the LEVO. This stand has so many uses around the house. You can use it while on the treadmill or it can help you in the kitchen to hold the recipe on your tablet in the perfect height. It extends from 30 inches to 56 inches high. I am thinking it will help me to get that perfect selfie or video for my website.
Check out my complete review with video HERE.

LEVO G2 Tablet Floor Stand features:
quick-lock height adjustments
heavy-duty structure
lustrous anodized aluminum finish
read tablets and books (book platform sold separately)
available with the power to charge your devices

 Website: https://levostore.com/


Unique 3in 1Thermal Cooking Bag 

 This awesome 3in1 Thermal Cooking Bag can slow cook food and keep food hot for hours. So you can put your crock/pot of milk with the active cultures in this and it will maintain the temperature for 12 hours. The result will be homemade yogurt. This thermal bag is also great for transporting food to parties as it keeps food or drinks hot or cold for hours. The bag can also act like a slow cooker that uses no electricity making it perfect for tailgating. Simply bring food to temperature, place pot/dutch oven in the thermal bag, and your dish will continue to cook. Check how you can use it to make homemade yogurt HERE. Use my code MOM10 to save 10% off your purchase of a 3in1 Thermal Cooking Bag. 

 Website: https://shop.hungryfan.com/


Coffee for the coffee lover

 The coffee lover friend will love all the different delicious coffee flavors that are in the Cafe Joe USA 10 flavor variety pack. The colorful boxes and capsules just make me smile every time I brew my flavorful cup of coffee. I like that I can have a different coffee flavor experience every day of the week. The boxes have great descriptions of the coffee types and a number rating scale that tells me how bold and dark each coffee grind has. It is simply perfect coffee grounded into colorful capsules that make an awesome cup of coffee. 

Use coupon code MOMKNOWSBEST and save 15% off your order.

 Website: https://cafejoeusa.com/


 The perfect gift for the traveler

  Do you have a friend who loves to travel? The Sleeper Scarf would be the perfect gift so they do not have to lug around a bulky travel neck pillow. They instead can look fashionable with a fancy scarf that has a built-in inflatable neck pillow. This scarf comes in many colors so that even guys can look awesome while traveling. The scarf is so easy to wear and once you sit down in the airplane all you have to do is unzip the back of the scarf and blow up the enclosed inflatable neck pillow. You can then relax in comfort. Check out the video to see how the Sleep Scarf works.

 Website: http://www.sleeperscarf.com/


                         Chef-prepared meals 

      Life can get crazy and busy for most everyone so give the gift of chef-prepared meals so they can take the night off from cooking. Hen in a Hurry has an awesome selection of healthy meals to choose from that are made with clean, sustainably sourced, responsibly raised ingredients from trusted farmers and purveyors. Hen in a Hurry has so many delicious meals that will please almost any diet from the meat-eater to the vegan person. They also carry meals that are Paleo, gluten-free, and Keto based. 

Chef Prepared Meal Subscription up to 45% OFF

 Website: https://heninahurry.com/


Coffee that helps employ the homeless

 This delicious coffee is created by Central City Concern  - a nonprofit organization founded to meet the increasingly complex needs of homeless and very low-income individuals, Concern now provides safe and affordable housing and outreach programs connecting at-risk clients with a network of peers who support a safe and sober lifestyle. In addition, CCC embraces an entrepreneurial spirit and has pursued unique revenue-generating opportunities over the years, including Central City Coffee founded in 2013.  

Central City Coffee may arguably make the most important coffee you can purchase - all revenue from coffee sales goes back to supporting Central City Concern’s employment services, helping formerly homeless individuals find and retain employment. This coffee is rich with wonderful flavor 

Their new roast selection includes:
Solstice Sister Holiday Brew 
Punk Princess Dark Roast
Magic Mama Light Roast
Warrior Woman Medium Roast
Gutsy Goddess French Roast
Serene Sorceress Decaf 

So give the gift of coffee and help the homeless!


 A toasty warm blanket for sharing

The Footsac blanket makes the perfect holiday gift!  Along the bottom of the blanket is an 18" pocket to tuck your feet in, which means that you will never again struggle to keep your whole body warm, cozy and covered. These super soft blankets are small and lightweight enough to toss in your carry-on, but also big enough to cover two snuggling love bugs! 

These comfortable blankets are perfect for those chilly nights so you can get that toasty-warm feeling with the one you love. They are also sized so there is plenty of blanket to share or wrap around yourself.

                                               Website: https://www.lovesac.com/

             Toothpaste for Coffee Addicts

Know someone who is a coffee addict? If so, you must them the Luster Power White Pro Sonic. It’s a three-step, at-home system that is clinically proven to remove both deep and surface stains, whitening teeth by up to 6 shades in 3 days and includes a sonic toothbrush! It gently whitens without sulfates. This 3 step system may not be 100% eco-friendly but it is a gentle system when compared to other products like ones at the dentist.

                     Website: https://www.lusterpremiumwhite.com/


Flowers always make a great gift

 Fresh flowers always make a great gift and they brighten up a day. I know I always get excited when I get fresh flowers and I just love the way they make the house smell so good. My holiday table looks amazing when I place a beautiful flower arrangement on it. Teleflora has so many holiday flowers centerpieces to choose from and they come in reusable vases or this hand-painted, oven-to-table stoneware serving dish that my flowers arrived in. I just love the White roses, red miniature carnations, and white button spray chrysanthemums which are accented with flat cedar, variegated holly, and white pine. These flower centerpieces make great Christmas gifts or are the perfect host gift.



Which gift do you like the best?


Sarah Bailey said...

These are some great sounding ideas, I have to admit I've been thinking about changing to a stick vacuum which recharges so that's an idea I could tell people myself.

duffelbagspouse said...

Coffee and tea are great ideas. I love giving and getting coffee as a gift.

Patricia said...

what a great list you got here! they are all practical and will surely be appreciated! thanks for sharing!

Annie said...

I love the cozy blanket, and the coffee for a cause! There's something here for everyone!

kaypittmanknits said...

These are great gifts! I want the coffee lover gift for myself :)

Anonymous said...

What a great selection of gifts. Sometimes it's so hard to find gifts for the person who has basically everything

Unknown said...

There are some great ideas here - thanks. I actually am putting that sleeper scarf on my Christmas list!

Brittany Vantrease said...

So I was already liking the list, but when I saw the foot sack blanket, I fell in love. That is made for a person just like me.

Delhifundos said...

I love all the gift ideas. I am looking for something interesting and I found one above. Thanks for the article

Wanda Lopez said...

I'm loving this list of gifts. I can use some for friends. A cute basket for a coffee lover sounds perfect for my neighbor.

Bindu Thomas said...

I love all these gift ideas! I really want the entertain stand and Footsac blanket. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I spotted a lot of gifts I would like for myself on that list! I have a friend with MS and would love to her the hands free stand for electronics.

Casey said...

All of these gifts are great ideas for the up and coming Christmas. I really don't mind receiving them too. I must send this blog across to my friends to read as well... LOL...

fortnite said...

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