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Friday, January 25, 2019

Celebrate Fart Friday With The Buttheads From WowWee

WowWee is making a big stink with the newest addition 

   I received a Butthead toy to facilitate this post and to entertain my kids.

  Today is Fart Friday! There is a day for everything and as my husband says "they made a day for you!" As a mom to four boys and a daughter of a truck driver, I guess I can say that I have had a lot of experience with farting. In my house, I am the one doing the most tooting. Some may say farting is gross but I say it is a sign of a healthy digestion system. My husband does not think so but for the youngest two boys, I am their source of entertainment. My boys are at times impressed with my farts and are known to time how long I pass gas. I do have one rule about farting though, no farting outside the home in public places or around other people. Also if your farts stink, maybe you need to head to the bathroom.

Meet the Buttheads

  Now that I revealed my secret and grossed you out, I want to introduce the newest addition to the WowWee toy family. The same company that brought to kids the fun Fingerlings and the Untamed T-Rex has made a fun interactive toy that will entertain kids and adults with its gross sounding farts. So, cook the beans and celebrate Fart Friday with the Buttheads! These loud and proud toys will leave kids laughing as they pull their finger for a gross surprise. They handheld Butthead guys have the best names: Grim Ripper, Tushi, Robutt, and Brainfart. Each character comes with a stinky trading card that has its own unique smell and stats. The gross toys have three different ways for the kids to have a blast. One can pull the Buttheads finger and it will fart over 20 different ways or kids can set a stink bomb to prank their friends. My boys did this to me before they left for school. I was making my coffee after I said goodbye to the boys and five minutes later the Butthead released a gross farting sound. I had a great laugh as it kind of scared me. The third way that kids can enjoy these awesome tooting toys is through a stinky duel, kind of like Rock, Paper, Scissors but more fun as farts are involved.

Buttheads will be hitting shelves at Walmart in late January

 Buttheads will be hitting shelves at Walmart in late January, with additional retailers to follow in March. These loud and proud farting toys will be the perfect gift for Valentine's day or for birthday party gifts. My boys and husband are having so much fun with the Butthead. My boys are worried that dad might take BrainFart to work. My husband swiped the Un-tamed T-Rex that we received last year and it sits on his desk at work. I can just see his co-workers having a blast with the ButtHeads. I might just have to buy the rest of the ButtHead characters so everyone gets their own farting machine. I can see it now, a noisy bunch of boys having fun making gross fart sounds! At least with the ButtHeads, the room will not stink. What is it with boys and farting?

Check out the gross fart sounds that the Butthead makes

Will you be celebrating Fart Friday?


Kelsey said...

This is such a funny toy, great detailed review on it! I wish I had a brother I could gift it too...I can see it being a good gag gift too!

latte lindsay said...

It's not very often that a lady admits that she farts! :D As a fellow mother of boys, this looks like a great toy to keep them amused :)

Monique said...

What a cute toy! I've never heard of it but I have a few nephews who'd love it!

sparky said...

Is it too crass to say I celebrate Fart Friday every day of the week? Lol!!

Cindy Ingalls said...

This toy is hilarious. Though I have to say it reminds me some people I know in real life. At least this one only makes a sound.

David Elliott said...

My daughter would have loved this when she was younger. Very funny! Anything that farts she would have laughed at.

Kiwi said...

The only Butthead I knew was from the 90s cartoon Bevis and Butthead. Wow what a funny gag product I am sure little boys would think this is hilarious!

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