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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Build Your Baby's Brain With A Baby Safe Newspaper

A simple piece of paper gives a baby such joy!

                I received several baby toys to facilitate this post.

  It was a joyous Christmas this year for my family. It was my grandbaby's first Christmas and I was happy that I was able to celebrate this special day with her. My grandbaby is one lucky girl as both sets of grandparents live near her or shall I say we grandparents are the lucky ones. I am so happy that my daughter and her husband were able to move back to Albuquerque after the baby was born. My grandbaby is the cutest and she made Christmas so special for me. I just loved spoiling her with plenty of gifts. Between the grandparents, the baby had so many gifts that her parents were not looking forward to bringing them up to their third-floor apartment with all those stairs. This cute 4-month-old was spoiled like a princess. She received plenty of stuffed animals at Christmas but I think her favorite gift was a piece of paper. All these toys and she loves the paper the best.

  It is amazing how a simple piece of paper can bring such joy to a baby. Now before you freak out about paper not being safe for babies to chew on, relax as this newspaper is not only baby safe but it is also great for her brain. The Brain Builders Baby NewspaperTM may look real but it is made from cloth. This machine washable newspaper feels and sounds like regular paper. My grandbaby was able to clasp it in her hands and she loved chewing on the paper.

All these toys and she loves the paper the best

The crinkly noise made her squeal with delight 

 The baby just recently discovered how to grab and hold objects so her clasp is still not that strong. Since the Brain Builders Baby NewspaperTM is thin and light, she was able to get a good grip on it. It was so fun to see her eat the paper. She was so happy listening to the crinkle sound. This cute toy is great for her small motor skills and will help her brain develop as she learns that her grabbing the paper cause the delightful noise. Her mom loves that the newspaper is baby safe and easy to clean. I think this toy would be a great car toy to keep her happy on car trips. My boys loved that the baby newspaper had short stories print on it. I think that they would have read some to their niece if they were able to get the newspaper away from her. My boys knew to not take the toy away from the baby as it was making her so happy.

Designed in collaboration with parents and pediatricians, our Baby Newspaper supports a baby's growing curiosity to explore through their senses. Easy to use, with no assembly required, it features black and white text for developing eyes. All of the stories found on the Baby Newspaper were crowdsourced from parents just like you! This is the sensory toy your baby will not be able to get enough of as they chew, squeeze, pull and wave to their delight

My boys love the baby

 The baby adores her uncles and I love seeing the two younger boys interacting with their baby niece. My 12 year old loves to hold her. She really loved the baby safe necklace that he was wearing. This baby is discovering that she can put things into her mouth, especially her hands. That little girl seems to be licking everything that she can grab. So I knew that a Mochi Handy Charm teething necklace would make a great gift for my daughter. This stylish necklace that mom gets to wear is made out of rice and is 100% baby safe. My grandbaby is learning how to hold the donut-shaped charm and loves chewing on it. When she starts teething, the necklace will come in handy. It is so smart that the strap is removable and washable.

The necklace looks so nice that grandma may have to get one

 I am thinking that I may have to get a baby necklace for myself so when I babysit my grandbaby, she will grab the necklace instead of my hair. This cutie discovered on Christmas that she could yank my hair. I am enjoying seeing her learn and develop. I just love that my daughter and son-in-law live close by.

Designed for the growing brain

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Patricia said...

aws! isn't this the cutest? what a great idea to have especially for kids this age!

Jessi Joachim said...

Oh I wish I would have had one of these when mine were little! This is such a cute idea and I love anything that is for building a baby's brain!

AiringMyLaundry said...

What a cool toy! I think my kids would have loved it when they were small. That necklace looks cool too.

Alexandra Cook said...

Aww, what a fabulous idea! I love that it is safe for the baby, but also educational. And that necklace is fab!

Jessica Lyles said...

As soon as I read the title I said paper and that's the first toy you reviewed lol. I have never seen the teething necklace but it is an awesome idea! My earrings and hair will thank you

Aditya's Snaps said...

Love the idea of building your baby brain. I also like the idea that reading is included. But yes building necklace is much a better idea.

Nabanita said...

This is so wonderful. I guess we can do the simplest of activities to stimulate a baby's senses and help in development.

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

The baby is so cute it is incredible that things as simple as paper can make babies happy. I will have to check these products maybe my niece would be interested as she just had a baby.

Cristina Pop said...

What a fun and cute idea! I will definitely try it out with my nephew! He will surely love it!

Alvern said...

She is such a cutie. It is so good to know that they have invented a baby safe newspaper. I do remember have a similar thing on a smaller scale for my last one when she was little. Babies are at the stage when they explore textures with their hands and mouths.

Dalene Ekirapa said...

Such a cute, curious baby! I had thought that it was a normal newsparer which could be munched but it's nice that the beby newspaper is specifially designed for the baby. Way to go!

The Super Mom Life said...

That is such a cute idea for a baby toy! My girls loved paper when they were little too!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Great idea! I think a lot of kids would love it esp as all the kids love copying their parents. If they see you reading a news paper they definitely want to have some too.

Hannah Marie said...

I think many babies would love to have something like this. It is good to know it is super safe to use. This is actually a pretty nice gift as well.

Silvia said...

This is a terrific idea, I wish there were something like this when my kids were little.

Becca Wilson said...

This is so very cute! I love the idea of them being able to have something like this to enjoy.

Kristen Frolich said...

Oh my I wish this was around when my boys were younger. Two women that I work with are currently pregnant - one due on February 2nd. I'm definitely going to send this to her.

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