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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

10 Reasons Moms Should Practice Meditation

 Moms always carry heavy emotional baggage trying to balance family activities, work-related obligations, and finding time to tick off their to-do lists. These stress them as thoughts keep piling up on their minds, making it extremely difficult for them to have a clear and focused mind. The emotional baggage weighs a mom down, reduces her productivity, and may even cause lifestyle diseases.

Choosing Meditation

 Consider meditation as nature's gift to help you harness the power to free your mind from all your troubles. Just like you have the power to craft gemstone bracelets from nature, meditating gives you the power to craft your peace of mind. 

There are two major meditation techniques:

+ Mindfulness Meditation

 During mindfulness meditation, you allow your mind to wander through different thoughts without holding onto a particular one, judging it, or trying to understand it. Your mind will follow a particular path once focused.

+ Concentration Meditation

 Concentration meditation involves focusing your mind on one particular thing, like your breath pattern or heartbeat. This helps to improve your concentration and frees your mind from any particular thought troubling you.

 These techniques might be hard to follow for beginners. But after some time, it becomes habitual and an easy-to-follow routine.

Why Practice Meditation

 As a mom, meditation could help improve your life and relationship with the people around you in a number of ways:

1. Reduces Stress Levels

 Meditating helps you free up your mind from all negative thoughts. It also assists you in focusing on what's important and what to prioritize. By having a good plan on what to do first and what to do last, moms could have a clearer schedule in mind and reduce the stress that accompanies the need to achieve everything at once.

2. Better Sleep

 Having been worn out, you need a good rest. However, the thought of the same routine awaiting you the next day cannot allow your mind to rest. Meditation will, therefore, help you to have a calm and peaceful mind, allowing you to relax and have a better sleep.

3. Reduces Anxiety

 When some moms realize they haven't gotten something done, an anxiety rush might kick in. There are various anxiety treatment options available to help manage stress. For some, they will take medication to help them deal with it. But nowadays, alternatives could help you have the power to cope with all that. Meditation could indeed be one of them. To keep your emotions under control, you can relax your body and brain, and figure out things in a calm manner.

4. Improves Your Attention

 Meditating is a habitual practice. At first, you’ll start with a shorter time. As days go by, you learn to concentrate better by focusing on what's important. This also impacts your attention in real life as you train your mind to be attentive to what’s important. Eventually, this practice could be held for longer periods.

5. Improves Self-Awareness

 As you meditate, you become more aware of your body and emotions. You control how your body and mind react to different environments, such as keeping your temper or excitement in check. 

6. Betters Your Memory

 As you learn to focus on what’s important, you let go of the unnecessary things. It helps to train your memory to remember key things for a longer period. It also reduces memory loss as your focus improves.

7. Helps You Gain Control

 Gaining control—be it of your food, lifestyle, emotions, or health—is important. However, with high-stress levels, this could become a problem. When meditating and freeing your mind of all the negative energy, you can finally focus on what matters.

8. Makes You Happier

 Personal happiness is one important aspect of being a mother. Many things could influence your happiness. Thus, it’s essential to have things under your control to be happy. By meditating and reducing bothersome thoughts, you could eventually achieve personal satisfaction.

9. Makes You Kind

 One of the benefits of meditation is that it helps you reflect on things without being judgmental. Once you have a better picture of why people do things or behave in a certain way, it could help you treat them kindly.

10. Could Help Reduce Depression

 When things you plan for or want to achieve don’t turn out the way you expect them to be, it’s normal to feel a bit depressed. By being emotionally stable through meditation, you can start winning the battle against such ill feelings by practicing self-control.

Free Yourself

 If you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you could make meditation a part of your daily routine. Free yourself from all the negative energy, the emotional burden, and the stress building up by meditating regularly. Transform yourself to a free soul full of positivity.

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