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Monday, March 29, 2021

Springtime Fun With The New Wubble Comet


We received a free product/and or compensation from Wubble to help facilitate this post. All opinions expressed are our own.

Springtime means more time to get outside for active play and the Wubble Comet means super fun

 The weather has finally started to warm up and the recent change of time with daylight savings means my boys have more time to be outside. With the sun staying up later and the warmer weather, my boys are now spending more time at the park. That means more time to hang out with friends and have plenty of outdoor fun.

  Now that my boys are teens, they can head up the hill to the park without their mom. So when online school is over for the day, my boys text their friends to meet them at the local park. My boys then grab their bikes and sports items like a basketball. Once they are at the park, which is a block away from our house, they met their friends for some active play and some healthy exercise. The type of sports that my boys engage in with their friends varies. One day it may be a game of basketball and the next day it may be playing hockey on the basketball court.

Wubble Comet is great for active play 

 So my boys were super excited when the Wubble Comet arrived the other day. My boys have played with the Wubble Groovy Ball so they knew that the new Wubble Comet ball was going to be fun to play with. So once my boys quickly inflated the Wubble Ball before they headed to the park. This lightweight ball was super simple to inflate and did not require a pump. My boys just blew air into the ball. The Comet has a self-sealing valve so that made things even easier.

While the Comet Wubble looks like the other Wubble balls, this ball has a shimmering light that glows blue. So this ball would be perfect for day and nighttime fun. The Comet inflates up to 12" and after you activate the LED lights on the ball, the light fun begins. The lights on the ball activate with motion so every kick, toss, and catch means a super-cool light show. While the Wubble is made with super soft materials, this ball is durable for hours of squishy, squashy, bouncy fun! 

Fun for ages

 The Wubble Comet is designed for ages 6+ so all ages can get in on the fun. My boys may be teenagers but their age did not stop them from having a blast with the Wubble ball at the park. The park has a huge grass area so it was a perfect spot for a fun game of catch with their friends. Everyone had fun making the Comet float through the air. The ball was super easy to catch! The teens all had fun tossing the ball at each other. 

Nighttime fun with the Wubble Comet Ball

 The first time that my boys played with the Wubble Comet product was during the day so they did not activate the LED lights. Later that day, after playing at the park, my boys activated the lights on the Wubble ball. Then they brought the cool ball upstairs and turned off all the lights. It was pretty cool to see the lighted Comet ball float through the air and even I joined in on the fun game of catch with my boys.

Other fun products from Wubble

 When Wubble sent us the Wubble Comet ball, they also sent my boys some other fun Wubble products to check out. My boys were happy to have fun with the other Wubble balls. Like the Comet from Wubble, the other balls from Wubble were also super easy to inflate. So that meant more time for fun. Check out the other fun Wubble products below.

Super Wubble Blue

 It looks like a bubble,  plays like a ball! Kick it, whack it, throw it, bounce it—even sit on it! Super Wubble is made from a squishy, squashy, super soft, and lightweight material called Xpandium and is engineered to be super gentle. Unlike other balls, it molds around whatever it hits – foot or face – then bounces away, leaving laughter in its wake. It can be inflated to gigantic proportions (24-30 inches is best) and is fun to play with indoors or out, all year round.

 The New Super Wubble is up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant than the original Wubble Bubble Ball. The starter set comes with a portable pump and deflator (for easy storage). Balls are also sold separately, without the pump.

Groovy Wubble 

 It looks like a bubble and plays like a ball. Now it's taking a walk on the wild side!  New York City-based NSI International, Inc. introduces Groovy Wubble – the Super Wubble bubble ball with multi-colored tie-dye designs.  And dig this: Due to the secret manufacturing process, no two balls are alike!

 Super soft and lightweight, Super Groovy Wubble looks like a bubble and floats through the air like a bubble, but it plays like a ball.  It's squishy and bouncy. You can kick it, throw it, catch it, smash it – even sit on it. 

My boys loved checking out the Super Wubble Blue and the Groovy Wubble. These balls were fun to play with. My boys decided to play with the balls inside the house. They had a blast throwing the balls at each other for a fun game of dodge ball. I was glad that the balls were made from soft materials so no one got hurt. 

Find the Wubble Balls at stores and online

 The Wubble Comet, Super Wubble Blue, and Groovy Wubble can all be purchased at Walmart and Target stores. If your local store does not have any Wubble Balls, then you can purchase them online at the below links. These soft lightweight balls would be the perfect Easter basket gift

Super Wubble Blue: https://www.walmart.com 

Groovy Wubble: https://www.walmart.com

Wubble Comet: https://www.target.com 


Ana said...

The Wubble products look amazing for some outdoor kids activity! My nephew is going to love it!

AiringMyLaundry said...

My kids love these Wubble balls. I think my daughter has like 4 of them so far?

Sarah Bailey said...

OK now this sounds like it would be such fun to play with! I have to admit I haven't heard of them before.

Celebrate Woman said...

These are fun toys. We once had a gargantuan soccer ball, and all the kids from the neighborhood played it.

Monica Simpson said...

Wubbles are crazy! I don't get how they work. Kids love them.

Nikki Wayne said...

Even me as an adult would love this activity. That product is so cool!

Ryan Escat said...

My son will definitely love this Wubble product! The colors are so fun and it's great to do activities like this during Spring season

Simply Tasheena said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I have to look into getting one of these for my family.

James, Davis, and Associates Test said...

My kids really enjoyed playing with Wubble Bubble balls when they were young. I am glad they are still around for kids to enjoy.

Beth said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I think my young adult children might like one too.

Melanie Edjourian said...

The Wubble Comet ball sounds like really good fun. Glad it has a self sealing valve as that makes it easier. My kids would love to have a few.

Kita Bryant said...

I used to have a Wubble ball. They are a ton of fun to play with!

Lynndee said...

I think my son will have a blast playing with that ball. I will have to check it out. -LYNNDEE

Gust si Aroma said...

My kids love this kind of games. I am sure they will have a lot of fun!

Authentic Food Quest said...

What a fun and colorful ball. I love it. This is the perfect gift for my nephew. Thanks for the introduction to the Wubble ball. Cheers

Anonymous said...

I think recently I have seen my neighbor kids playing with this Wubble Comet ball! Glad to know that it has the cool LED light feature.

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