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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Best 10 Gifts For Kids Easter Basket

 Check out these fun products that kids will love to find in their Easter baskets.

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  Easter is just around the corner and I have discovered the best toys to fill kid's Easter baskets. From toddlers to teens these fun toys and fun activity kits will put a smile on your child's face. This Easter my grandbaby will be 20 months so it will be a fun Easter for her and I have plenty of Easter gift suggestions for toddlers and preschool-age children. I am also a mom to older boys so on my Easter gift guide, I have Easter gift suggestions for teens and tweens. Since I don't want to leave out the kids in between, I have Easter basket gift ideas that would be perfect for elementary-aged kids. So make sure to check out my favorite Easter gifts for kids of all ages. These are all Easter Bunny-approved toys. The best part of these Easter toys is many of them can be purchased online at Amazon and other stores so you don't have to leave the house. Check out my Easter Gift Guide from last year for more Easter basket gift suggestions.

1. VTech’s Twist & Explore Caterpillar

 If you need a cute Easter gift for a baby, then this adorable caterpillar would make a great gift. My youngest grandchild is 7 months and is busy exploring the world around her. I know that she will love listening to all the sounds on this toy. This bug will be the perfect take-along toy for the car.

 Discover sounds and moves with the Twist & Explore Caterpillar™! Twist the caterpillar's body segments into new positions to pretend like it is moving. Shake the beads, spin the rings and press the light-up heart button to stimulate your baby’s sense of hearing and fine motor skills. Pressing the light-up heart plays music and phrases about feelings so your toddler can begin to learn words to name their emotions. With multiple textures from rubbery antennae to nubby rings and ribbons, little fingers will have fun exploring all the ways this cute critter delights the senses. 

Ages: 3+ Months Available at Amazon and Walmart


2. Touch & Chat Light-Up Phone

 My oldest grandchild is 2 years old and likes to play with my cell phone. So having her own phone is awesome. I can't wait to see her excitement when she finds this play phone in her Easter basket from grandma. She will be able to make pretend calls to all her friends. This phone will keep toddlers busy and teach them at the same time.

 Calling all little ones! Pull out the Touch & Chat Light-Up Phone™ and start exploring animals, letters, numbers, and words on a toy phone with cell phone-like features to encourage imaginative play with learning. Start in Video Call mode with three emoji graphics and two animals to video-call. Switch to Learning mode to find 12 pretend apps for your toddler to browse. Check the weather, click on a map, send play text messages and listen to music. As your child slides their finger from app to app, they create an on-screen pattern with lights. Keep little ones engaged in play and learning with 70+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.

Ages: 6-36 Months Available at Amazon and Walmart 


3. Creative Roots Paint Your Own Fox 

 If you have a child who loves painting, then this paint your own fox would make a nice gift for Easter. After your child paints the fox, it would be perfect to display in a spring garden.

 Paint, design, and display a one-of-a-kind by Creative Roots™! Use the 6” ceramic figure as a blank canvas to display vivid paint patterns that express style and an artistic eye. Discover the art of color mixing by creating different hues, vibrant color schemes, and decorative accents. Display a unique animal, like a fox or llama, on a shelf, windowsill, or as a decorative garden accessory! Be sure to apply an exterior varnish to protect the figure from the elements.

Ages: 8+ Available at Amazon 


4. SLIMYGLOOP Aqua Dough

  My boys love slime and the Aqua Dough would give them a similar sensory experience. I love that this dough can be played with in water, so it would keep them busy and off their devices. This is a perfect Easter gift for kids from 5 to teens,

 With SLIMYGLOOP® Aqua Dough, you can create your own water toys that stretch, mold, float, and change colors! Play with your Aqua Dough in buckets or bowls of water for a fun, sensory experience — use the included mermaid mold to create a soft and squishy floating toy, or squish, stretch, and squeeze the dough in while it’s in the water! SLIMYGLOOP® Aqua Dough is water-resistant, so it won’t fall apart or dissolve while you play — and it never dries out! Keep playing with the dough to watch it change colors, from blue to pink, light green to white, and purple to blue. When you’re all finished playing, wring out excess water and let it dry completely before storing the Aqua Dough in the reusable container for the next time you want to make a splash! Do not use the Aqua Dough in pools, bathtubs, or sinks to avoid drainage issues. Themes: Mermaid or Ocean

Age: 5+ Available at Amazon 


5. Kinetic Sand Scented Ice Cream Treats Playset

 Kinetic Sand is one of those items that everyone has fun playing with. Now you can enjoy ice cream scented Kinetic sand and create fun ice cream treats. While this gift for Easter will be in my teens Easter basket, I know that my toddler grandchild will love playing ice cream shop with her uncles.

Enjoy super sweet sensory play as a family, with the all-new Kinetic Sand Scented Ice Cream Treats Playset! Create your own scented ice cream treats with 1lb of all-natural delightfully scented Kinetic Sand! Scoop and serve up pink Strawberry scented Kinetic Sand, brown Chocolate sand, and white Vanilla sand from the freezer-style tray, just like in a real ice cream shop! With 6 serving tools and 6 topping accessories, create all of your treats and bring the fun of the ice cream parlor home! 

Age: 5+ Available at Amazon 


6. Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher Power Pump Water Blaster

 My teen boys love water blasters and now that the weather is warming up here, these water blasters are awesome toys for Easter baskets. My boys can invite their friends over for a water blaster fight and have hours of wet fun.

 Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher by Buzz Bee Toys is a long-distance water blaster that shoots water farther hitting targets up 51 feet away. It is easy to use: just fill the tank with water and pump the handle and you are ready to soak your competition near and far. This water blaster features bright colors for hours of fun. Soak yourself in fun and others with the Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher long-distance water blaster. Comes in bright colors for hours of water blasting action. 

Ages 8+ Available at Walmart  


7. Adventure Force Hydro Arsenal 2 pack

  I love that this blaster set comes with 2 water blasters, so there is one to share with friends. The large blaster tanks will hold plenty of water so the water fun can last longer. These are great to include in Eater baskets for kids 6 years and up.

Adventure Force Hydro Arsenal 2 Pack Water Blaster Set features double the fun water blasting action. With their large capacity tanks and removable scopes, you can have a long, lasting water battle. Just fill the translucent tanks with of water, pull the pump handles all the way back to load water then push forward to soak your target up to 35 feet away. The adjustable nozzles allow you to pick your water stream type for your mission. Item comes with 2 water blasters and 2 scopes. 

Ages 6+ Available at Walmart 


8. Kid-Friendly Soaps & Sanitizers

 Kids need to wash their hands more than ever now so including fun kid-friendly soap in their Easter baskets is a good thing. My toddler grandchild is learning how to wash her hands and loves soap. So I know that she will love some soap that is made for kids.

 From soap tablets to color-changing soap, there is a fun array of soaps and hand sanitizers that will not only leave kid's hands clean but will also give them a fun tactile activity. Head over HERE to see the whole collection of kid soap that I review last month on Mom Knows Best.


9. LavaLunch 

 For those who have kids participating in in-person school, the LavaLunch will make a nice Easter present. It is awesome that this lunch sack can keep food hot and cold thanks to separate sections. The included gel packs can be kept cold in the fridge or made hot in the microwave. So their lunch will be the perfect temperature at lunchtime.

Whether it’s going to school, to work or a trip to the local park, we’re all trying to return to our old lives as safely as possible. One way of maintaining social distancing (while also saving money) is to bring along a hot meal with LavaLunch Totes. Designed to ensure you enjoy your meal at its freshest, LavaLunch containers feature separate compartments to keep food cold AND hot, thanks to their unique “Lava Rocks”: specially formulated plastic plates that you heat up in the microwave in the morning and then work to keep your food toasty for up to five hours. Invented by a mompreneur, LavaLunch is perfect for those with food allergies and intolerances, too.

 Available at LavaLunch 


10. Wonderful Halos Mandarins 

 Wonderful Halos are a favorite snack here at my house and my boys just love their sweet taste. These juicy fruits are a perfect healthy treat from the Easter Bunny. So make sure to grab some at the grocery store. Then transform the orange Halos into cute Easter bunnies and chicks. This DIYcraft is fun and easy. You can have your kids make the bunnies and chicks with you and then display them on your Easter table. 

Get the directions 

 Making the Halos Easter Buddy and Halos Bunny Pouch is simple. You just need some craft items like felt, ribbon, etc. To get the instructions for the Halos Easter craft, click on the links below.

Halos Easter Buddy ~  instructions   Halos Bunny Pouch ~ instructions

Which gifts will you be including in your kid's Easter basket?


AiringMyLaundry said...

These are some awesome gift ideas! I tend to do a lot of candy, but I'll probably add sanitizers in too!

Debra P said...

Paint Your Own Fox? The kids would love this! These are all excellent ideas for Easter Baskets.

MamaLad said...

These are all great options! My kids used to love Vtech toys! That water blaster looks fun too.

The Super Mom Life said...

So many great ideas! I am going to do a non-candy basket this year.

Simply Tasheena said...

I love making Easter baskets for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

LoriBosworth said...

I think SlimyGloop Aqua Dough would be pretty popular with the kids! That's great that it never dries out!

Jamie said...

How fun!!! I want one of those water blasters for the summer!! :)

Marysa said...

I have to start thinking about Easter and get planning! Thanks for the ideas.

Kathy said...

These are all such wonderful ideas. I'm sure my daughters would love to have any of these.

Chef Dennis said...

Oh wow! This is such a perfect timing! I've been looking for perfect gifts for the kids and these items are wonderful.

Zena's Suitcase said...

I love to see everyone's alternative ideas for Easter gifts. The craft set would work well for my daughters

crystal carder said...

My kids would love all these, especially that water gun! These are all great ideas.

Melanie Edjourian said...

These sound like great Easter gifts. Mine would love the water blaster most. It looks like great fun.

Lynndee said...

Such fun ideas for Easter gifts. Kids would love those for sure. -LYNNDEE

Wren LaPorte said...

These are great gifts for an Easter basket! I love finding fun new things for Easter!

monicazyoung said...

These are all great gifts, I think I will be adding a few to our Easter baskets

Swathi said...

These are great gifts for a wonderful easter basket.

Gust si Aroma said...

Love these Easter gift ideas for kids. I am sure they will be happy to receive them.

Rika said...

These are fun gifts. I am sure my kids would love to get one of these as an Easter gift.

Emily said...

Great post. Thanks for the ideas.

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