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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Things I Am Loving This Week

This week is filled with excitement!

                             I received the highlighted items to facilitate this post.

  I have a lot going on for the next two weeks so it has been crazy busy here. I am so excited that Balloon Fiesta is starting this Friday. This fun 9-day event starts with a media party for all the media people who are attending the event. I always find it so amazing the different types of people covering this huge event of hot air balloons. Last year I met a vlogger RV traveling couple at the media party along with people who work for newspapers, magazines, and news stations. There are also college kids who were doing a school video assignment. The media party is a great way to socialize and get excited to wake up super early the next day (4 AM) to see all the hot air balloons being released into the sky. The balloons may not be released until 7AM but we get there early for breakfast and to see the balloons being set up, plus traffic can be a pain.

 I will only be attending the balloon fiesta for 2 days as I will be heading to Chicago later that week to attend Mom's Meet Wow Summit. I am so excited that this event is in Chicago as I have several family members that live here and my sister from Michigan is taking the train to visit also. It will be awesome to see my two sisters, my brother, his wife, my niece and her husband. It has been over 5 years since I saw them.

 When I travel, I like to bring with healthy snacks in my carryon bag as one never knows the availability of healthy food at the airport, not to mention the prices. I will be packing my new favorite snack. The Gluten Free Bar just came out with a new line of Bites that are so good. My favorite flavor is Dark Chocolate Coconut. These protein-packed balls come in a resealable bag and each bag has 5 these scrumptious bites come in five other flavors like Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cherry.

 The deodorant that I am bringing along to Chicago not only smells so good of fresh lavender but is also aluminum & paraben free. I love that Noniko Magic Deodorant glides on so easily without having to be warmed up like other natural shea butter based deodorants. This one is made from baking soda and keeps me fresh and dry even after running. It also does not leave any white gunk on my armpits! Noniko has other amazing scents that I am dying to try like Lavender/Mint and Bergamot/Grapefruit.

 The weather here is getting cooler but it is also getting dryer. That dryness can do a number on my hair causing flyaways. My youngest son has wonderful soft hair but the static in his hair can be amazing. So we have been loving this wonderful vanilla scented spray from Static Schmatic. This spray is also great to use on clothes and is made from all natural ingredients. I love that it does not leave a sticky residue on my hair. Static Schmatic also has formulas for men and dogs.

  I added to my addiction/collection of Coobie Bras. I already have plenty of these comfy one size bras but I love having them in many different colors as having color in my undergarments makes me so happy. Since the straps of the Coobies are the same color of the bras if my strap shows under my shirt that is OK. The color that I added to my collection is Seafoam, that color is so pretty and will look great with so many of my tops. These ultra comfortable, supportive bras have no annoying back clasps but they still provide shape and support. The one size fits almost everybody and since they are so inexpensive I can have many different colors in my dresser drawer. I think I have six Coobies but who is counting. My next purchase, I think will be a polka dot one.

Another thing that makes me happy this week is my #3 son just qualified for braces so our insurance will pay for the whole treatment. He is not that happy but he really needs braces as he has a small mouth and there is no room for his teeth so that is causing jaw problems. That is a big blessing for my son to get this corrected.

So those are some of the things are loving. I can't wait to tell you about Balloon Fiesta and my trip to Chicago.


Unknown said...

I did not know there was such a thing as static spray! I was JUST saying this morning how my athletic shorts were stuck to my legs with static and it looked so bad! I am getting this.

Unknown said...

That static spray looks so cool! I also want to try that deodorant - always on the hunt for new natural deodorants that work. Gimme some of those bites too - yum!

Yankee Quipster said...

Can't say I'm pshyched about the Chicago visit even though I have family there as well and it's where I grew up. I'm more excited about the Baloon Fiesta. Richard B

dd said...

I feel like I have some connection to Chicago since my sister was born there but my family moved from the city before I was born. Several bloggers I follow give me my Chicago fix so looking forward to that and the balloon coverage also. I also love the color seafoam and have a lovely crocheted vest in the color. I have 4 Coobie bras and love them too. ~Deb

Kathy said...

That balloon fiesta looks awesome! I'd love to attend that sometime. That static spray sounds awesome too. I could really use that now.

Becky Willis said...

Those bites look tasty! I'd love to go to a hot air balloon festival, just to watch!

Kate | Highlights Along The Way said...

Sounds like you had a great week! I'm so excited for you about the Balloon Fiesta!

Kelly Hutchinson said...

Those Gluten Free Bites are they best, aren't they? I don't think I can even choose a favorite flavor because they are all so tasty!

Unknown said...

Oh I so want to see a balloon fest. We had one in our area a while ago but I was unable to attend...it looks so beautiful and fun. And yes that is something to be thankful for that the insurance covers the braces, awesome!


The balloon fest looks and sounds amazing, one day I hope to go to one with my family!

Becca said...

The balloon fiesta looks like it will be an amazing experience! I've never been to a balloon fest like this before, but I'd love to one day x

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