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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Healthier Fish and Chips

When you have children, the simplest foods are usually the best. You could place to most succulent steak with triple cooked chips and salad in front of your child and they would still reach for the ketchup. But there does come a point where we need to try and get our children to try new foods and be much more adventurous with their palette.

Fish is one of those foods which people either love or they hate, and that’s probably largely down to the way that it’s cooked. If you place a seared fillet of chili and lime salmon in front of your child, they won’t touch it with a barge pole, but if you give them fish and chips- they’ll love you forever.

Fish and chips is not a healthy dish, it never claims to be, which is why it is a rare treat for our family. However, what if we could make fish and chips better? Add in a beautiful fillet of Tilapia or Cod, crust it with herbs and serve it with homemade chips. That’s exactly what we are going to do today.

4 Fillets Of White Fish (whichever you like)
1 cup Breadcrumbs
½ Cup Parmesan
½ Cup Herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Chives)
1 Egg
4 Large Potatoes
2 tbsp Flour
1 tbsp Butter
Salt and pepper to season
Peas and a Lemon wedge to Garnish

To begin your recipe, you must first decide on the fish you plan to use. Whitefish is always a better option because it is mild in flavor and flaky just like in the chip shop, but that doesn’t stop you going for the good stuff. Visit your local fishmonger and pick out a fish with the bones still intact. It’s fresher and healthier and will taste incredible when you cook it. To remove the bones, invest in a good boning knife such as one from Cut it Fine. Skim off the top of the fish and lift out the bones.

Once you have your fish fillets ready, you can start making your herby crust and crispy chips. For the chips, leave the skins on and cut the potatoes into thick chips. Boil them for 5 minutes until slightly tender inside. Preheat your oven to 200C and place a tray in the oven to heat it up as your potatoes are boiling. Drain the potatoes and place into a bowl with the flour and butter, plus salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly and use a fork to fluff the potatoes up. Place on the hot tray and bake for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare your crust by blitzing the herbs in a blender and mixing with the parmesan and breadcrumbs in a bowl. Coat the fish in egg and then the crust then place on a tray and bake for 25 minutes at 200C.

Serve your dish with fresh garden peas and a lemon wedge on top of the fish.

Your kids will love it, and it’s a much healthier alternative to the fish and chip shop!


GiGi Eats Celebrities said...

Oh man, cooking this baby in an air fryer would be amazing!!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Don't forget to keep sharp knife in your kitchen.

Mahamudul said...

A great recipe for children by fish...yummy yuummmyyyyy. It will be great for my Child. Thanks for share.

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