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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Grandbox Is a Perfect Gift For Grandparents

This box is perfect for the holidays.

  I am always looking for gift ideas for my mom and dad. It seems like they have everything so buying them a gift is always hard. I discovered a wonderful gift that I know my parents will enjoy. It is a box of goodies that even my boys enjoyed.

  Do you have trouble coming up with a gift idea for grandma and grandpa? I have a perfect gift idea for you and it is a gift that will bring a smile to them year round. GrandBox is a delightful box of goodies that grandparents would love to receive. Every month your grandparents will receive a box of goodies that they can use. The GrandBox can also be personalized with a letter and photos of your family. Grandma and grandpa will be delighted when they receive a box of goodies, photos of the grandkids and a letter that your family wrote. I know when I send my mom photos she always passes them around at the senior center for all to see.

  I was able to receive a Grandbox to check it out before I sent one to my parents. My boys were excited when the box arrived at our house. The Grandbox was filled with items that my boys and I enjoyed. My youngest son grabbed the pouch of apples and said they tasted so good. My other son and I shared the pouch of cornbread crisps as they were plenty in the pouch. The crisps tasted like cornbread crackers with honey on them. My favorite item in the box was the maple cookies as they had a nice maple flavor to them. The room spray had a nice light scent that would be good for a pick me up spray. The boys were excited to play the dice game. So all the items in the box made us happy and I knew that my mom would love this box.

  I am glad that I checked out Grandbox and now I will be sending one to my mom and dad. I love that I can send them one box at a time or choose a 3, 6, or 12-month plan. My mom loves receiving gifts so this box will brighten her day and the goodies will be enjoyed by her and dad.

Would this be a gift that you would send to your mom or dad?

Find out more at the below link.

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