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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Dairy Free Magic Coffee Whipped Cream Made With Ice Water

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This coffee cream is delightful and dairy-free!

Last week I finally joined the party and made Dalgona whipped coffee, the amazing cream coffee drink that was an internet craze back in March. I now have an obsession with this delicious creamy coffee drink that is dairy-free but tastes like one of those fancy coffee drinks that you get at the coffee shop. Then I learned that you can make this dairy-free coffee cream, even creamier. So creamy that it can be used like a buttercream frosting and in many delicious dairy-free desserts.

Made with 3 ingredients

 This sweet coffee cream is made from just instant coffee, sugar, and ice water. The last coffee cream that I made to enjoy over a glass of cold plant-based milk was made with the same three ingredients but with hot water. To make this even creamier coffee whipped cream you use ice water and more of the other ingredients. The change in ingredients results in a sweeter coffee cream that has a milder coffee taste. 

 The Dalgona whipped coffee cream recipe that uses hot water has a strong coffee taste and has to be combined with milk. This new coffee cream recipe that is whipped uses more sugar and water which results in a delicious coffee cream frosting that is so sweet. I like to eat the iced magic coffee cream by the spoonful. I also like to spread it on top of my gluten-free chocolate mocha brownies. It is that creamy that it spreads like a whip cream frosting.

What is Dalgona Coffee?  

Also known as "whipped coffee", "frothy coffee", or "fluffy coffee", Dalgona coffee has two distinct layers made from whipped coffee cream sitting on top of iced milk.

What is Dairy-Free Magic Coffee Whipped Cream?

Known as "whipped cream" or "fluffy coffee", Dairy-Free Magic Coffee Whipped Cream is a fluffy whipped cream made that can be used as frosting or stirred into a glass of milk for a deliciously creamy cold coffee drink. You can also place a dollop of the coffee cream on top of a cup of coffee for delicious dairy-free whip cream.

So similar yet so different

 Reading the two descriptions makes one thing that they are the same coffee cream but while they may have similar ingredients and taste like coffee, they are also so different. The Dalgona coffee recipe uses hot water, a couple tablespoons of instant coffee, and a couple tablespoons of sugar. The magic coffee whipped cream uses ice water, 1/3 cup of instant coffee, and 3/4 cup of sugar. 

The Dairy-Free Magic Coffee Whipped Cream is also a bit thicker and stores better in the freezer. This tasty coffee cream recipe makes more fluffy coffee cream so you can frost a cake with it and then store the leftovers in the freezer. This whipped coffee cream would taste great over a cup of cold brew coffee.

Ingredients For Magic Coffee Whipped Cream

~ Instant coffee

~ Sugar- granulated works best

~ Ice water

~ A whisk, electric mixer, or stand mixer

How to make Magic Coffee Whipped Cream

 Here's how to make the super fluffy coffee cream that looks like a buttercream frosting. This creamy coffee whipped cream is super easy to make. You combine the instant coffee powder, sugar, and ice water in a bowl with a mixer. I like using my Pink stand mixer as it makes things easier. This coffee cream can take up to ten minutes to form so using a stand mixer means I can do other things while it is whipping up. Just make sure to use the whipping attachment on the stand mixer, the piece that you use for making whip cream or frosting.

 If you don't have a stand mixer, then an electric hand mixer will work fine, use the whipping attachments. I don't recommend beating the ingredients by hand with a whisk as it will not yield a fluffy texture and your arm will get tired. 

How can I use this Dairy-Free Magic Coffee Whipped Cream?

My favorite way to use this Dairy-Free Magic Coffee Whipped Cream is to use it like whip cream on a cup of coffee. You can also stir the cream into cold milk for a delicious coffee drink. You can also use this coffee whip topping like frosting on cakes, cookies, or brownies. This sweet coffee cream can be used in a frosting bag so you can decorate with it. The coffee cream can be used in desserts that you would normally use whipped cream. Layer it between cookies that are drizzled with brewed coffee for a dairy-free tiramisu. Stir the Magic Coffee Whipped Cream into a glass of the best-iced coffee for a delightfully thick and creamy coffee drink.

Magic Coffee Whipped Cream tips and questions

Can I use ground coffee or brewed coffee? ~ This recipe will not work with ground coffee or brewed coffee. It only works with instant coffee crystals or powder.

Can I use hot water? ~  Hot water will not work as you need the ingredients to be cold to whip into nice thick cream. If your instant coffee needs hot water to dissolve, just mix up the instant coffee using hot water instead of the ice water that the recipe calls for. Then place that in the fridge until chilled.

Can I use other types of sugar?Granular sugar works best but I have heard that other people had good results with brown sugar, coconut sugar, and monkfruit. These types of sugar may not produce a light and fluffy coffee whip.

Can I store this in the fridge for later? While you can save any leftover whipped coffee in the fridge for later, it will return to its liquid state and will have to be whipped again. So I don't recommend this. I highly recommend storing the leftovers in the freezer.

How much does this recipe make?This recipe yields about 2 cups of coffee cream. 

How long do I need to beat the ingredients? ~ To get a nice thick creamy frosting, you may need to beat the ingredients for 5-15 minutes. The thickness of the whip depends on your desired texture, from soft to stiff peaks.

Can I use a flavored coffee syrup in place of the sugar? ~ To add a different flavor to your whipped coffee cream, add a couple tablespoons of a flavored syrup like Torani. I think pumpkin spice Torani would make a great fall flavor.

Dairy-Free Magic Coffee Whipped Cream Made With Ice Water


3/4 cup of sugar 

1/3 cup instant coffee granules 

2/3 cup ice-cold water

Whisk together sugar and coffee granules in a large bowl. Whisk in half of the cold water to combine. Add remaining cold water and beat on medium-high speed until thick and creamy. Make sure to use the whipping attachment for your stand mixer or electric mixer. This process can take 5- 15 minutes, depending on if you want soft peaks or stiff peaks of the whipped topping.

Tip #1 ~ To better dissolve the ingredients, you can use hot water instead of ice water. Then mix all 3 ingredients together. Place the liquid in the fridge until chilled.

Tip #2 ~ Store leftover coffee whipped cream in the freezer in a container to use as needed. There is no need to thaw as it is ready to use from the freezer.

Tip #3 ~ Use decaf instant coffee for a no caffeine version.

Tip #4 ~ Use a liquid sugar in place of the sugar for better dissolvability. 

Read this article to discover an instant coffee that dissolves instantly in cold water ~ My favorite coffee supplies 


Celebrate Woman said...

Tara, I would like to try this recipe to use on my cup of coffee and on desserts. I just need to get instant coffee from the store.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I will show my mom. She is dairy free and I know she misses whipped cream. I bet she'd love this!

MamaLad said...

Looks so good! I love that you only need 3 ingredients. Perfect!

Brandy Ellen said...

I never thought to make dairy free coffee, I will have to give this magic coffee recipe a try. I love whipped cream ;)

Norma said...

This looks delicious. Will definitely try because I love coffee and dairy is not that easy to digest, so diary free sounds awesome.

Kathy said...

This looks really good. I'm not much of a coffee fan, but I do like some. This one looks amazing. I'll have to try it out.

EMILY said...

I bet all coffee lovers would love a whipped topping like this! Awesome that it's dairy free too.

Gervin Khan said...

My niece and I always making this every time she visited me at home and it's really easy and delicious.

Cristina Petrini said...

You just gave me a recipe for something I love to eat, but I don't know how to prepare! Great!

Ryan Escat said...

It does look so creamy,I bet I will love this for my daily cup of coffee. Thanks!

Toni said...

This is so delish!! My daughter really enjoys making it!

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This looks so tempting and its so nice that its dairy free. Will surely try this soon.

Sherry said...

Oh my gosh, I want to try this even though I'm not big on coffee. Maybe on top of a hot chocolate?

Chin chin said...

I have to try this recipe. Next time I go to the grocery, I'll buy more instant coffee powder to try this.

rachel said...

Oooh! I hadn't tried dolonga coffee withOUT milk!! I can't wait to try this recipe.

Enriqueta E. Lemoine said...

Tara, this is the most comprehensive Dalgona guide I ever read. Thanks for sharing. I'll let you know how my Dalgona coffee turns...

Ruth I said...

I've tried making this in the second month of lockdown. My boredom and creativity strikes in and made this magic coffee cream. It's delicious and perfect for coffee lovers like me.

Nyxie said...

This would be amazing to make! I'll definitely be trying this out!

melissa said...

That is agreat way to satisfy all my cravings sweet and coffee. It does look so great I will have to get some instant coffee and try this.

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Well, this looks all kinds of amazing I've never heard of whipped coffee before.

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We haven't made Dalgona coffee in ages. This sounds delicious and I'll have to try your recipe.

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They looked so alike, now I know the difference, thanks for sharing!

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Mmmmm... how good this coffee looks! My coffee breaks this summer will be definitely more pleasant!

Lynndee said...

I am a coffeholic and that indeed looks delightful and delicious. Yum! -LYNNDEE

MamaLad said...

Looks easy to make! I bet this whipped cream would make all coffees taste so much better.

Wren LaPorte said...

This looks yummy! I have an addiction to coffee, might as well add to the deliciousness!

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I would love to wake up with one of these. It looks so light and delicious.

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It sure looks amazing, I am a big fan of coffee so I sure need to try this out

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Absolutely looks delicious and I can't wait to try this at home.

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