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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

My Seed Probiotic Synbiotic Review Update

 Looking for a probiotic that actually helps improve your gut and is the best eco-friendly option? Discover why I love Seed Synbiotic. 

I received a sample of Seed to facilitate this post and as a Seed ambassador, I may make money off any purchases that are made from my affiliate links

 A year ago I was introduced to an amazing unique probiotic supplement and from that moment, I knew that this was a wellness supplement that I needed to try. I added this synbiotic probiotic into my daily routine in 2019 and wrote about my experience. You can read about my experience and benefits with Seed Daily Synbiotic HERE

I was allergic to mushrooms

 It was also about a year ago that I made the connection with my seasonal allergies and mushrooms. I had seasonal allergies and skin problems for as long as I could remember. Spring would come and I would start taking my daily allergy medicines. The allergy medicines would help with my seasonal allergy symptoms so I continued to take them until the first frost, when everything would stop growing. Then things changed and my allergy symptoms got worse. I started having severe asthma attacks in the winter, when no plants were growing. I discovered that my dairy lactose problem was really a dairy allergy that got worse as I grew older. So I eliminated all dairy from my diet and my asthma improved.

 Then several months later, I started having an asthmatic cough again. I had not consumed any dairy but I did have a vegan chicken nugget made from mushrooms. So I made the connection that mushrooms, which are a fungus or mold, were the culprit to my asthma flare-up. As a kid, I was allergic to penicillin, which is made from a mold. So I had to add mushrooms to my food allergy list and eliminate them from my diet. Then I discovered that the Seed prebiotic was made from mushrooms. So I had to stop using the Seed Daily Synbiotic.  

Rediscovering Seed Daily Synbiotic

 In the year 2020, I learned that Seed had reformulated their Daily Synbiotic and it no longer contained mushrooms in the outer prebiotic capsule. So I was excited to use this synbiotic probiotic once again. I was happy to be using a supplement from a company that cares about gut health and the environment.

Introducing Seed Probiotics Daily Synbiotic

The Seed Probiotics Daily Synbiotic is not your typical probiotic. Seed is so different, it is MORE than just a probiotic. It’s a synbiotic–a combination of both a PREbiotic and PRObiotic. Wait! What is the difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic? 

 A probiotic supplement is made of billions of strains of good bacteria and they need to get from your stomach to your colon to help your gut. The problem is the journey from the mouth to the stomach to the colon makes it hard for all those probiotic strains to survive so these stains need prebiotics to help your body get the benefits from probiotics. A prebiotic is essentially food for the probiotic to keep fueling it until it gets to its destination, the gut. So probiotics need prebiotics to do their job.

 The Seed Daily Synbiotic is a 2-in-1 capsule. It contains probiotic strains that deliver benefits to the gastrointestinal system which influences overall health.

+ The inner capsule contains 24 clinically-studied strains of probiotics. 

+ The outer capsule is a Prebiotic. 

+ Synbiotic ~ combining prebiotics and probiotics together can help ensure the digestion-friendly microorganisms arrive in the gut alive and well as they enter our microbiome.

+ 2-in-1 Capsule Technology ~ Seed has a Chlorophyllin exterior to protect the bacteria strains from light. The 2-in-1 capsule technology is also resistant to stomach acid, digestive enzymes, and bile salts.

What makes Seed Daily Synbiotic Different?

 Seed’s probiotic combines 24 DNA verified human-based probiotic bacterial strains that are formulated for digestion, gut health, and immune health. This probiotic supplement has 53.6 billion AFU!  I love that Seed is free of common allergens like soy, corn, gluten, dairy, preservatives, and is also vegan.

 Seed also has benefits beyond gut health like skin health, cardiovascular health, and my favorite digestive health. So by taking Seed on a daily basis, my bathroom habits are regular, I don't experience any bloating or constipation.

 Use my code MOMKNOWSBEST to save 15% off the best Daily Synbiotic

What strains, not just species, are included in the formulation? 

Bifidobacterium longum SD-BB536-JP, Bifidobacterium breve SD-BR3-IT, Lactobacillus plantarum SD-LP1-IT, Lactobacillus rhamnosus SD-LR6-IT, Lactobacillus reuteri SD-LRE2-IT, Bifidobacterium longum HRVD90b-US, Bifidobacterium lactis RD-BS5-IT, Lactobacillus casei HRVD300-US, Bifidobacterium breve HRVD521-US, Bifidobacterium lactis HRVD524-US, Lactobacillus rhamnosus HRVD113-US, Bifidobacterium lactis SD-150-BE, Lactobacillus rhamnosus SD-GG-BE, Lactobacillus reuteri SD-RD830-FR, Bifidobacterium adolescentis SD-BA5-IT, Lactobacillus crispatus SD-LCR01-IT, Lactobacillus fermentum SD-LF8-IT, Lactobacillus plantarum SD-LPLDL-UK, Bifidobacterium lactis SD-MB2409-IT, Lactobacillus salivarius SD-LS1-IT, Bifidobacterium lactis SD-CECT8145-SP, Bifidobacterium longum SD-CECT7347-SP, Lactobacillus casei SD-CECT9104-SP

Seed is eco-friendly

 One of my favorite thing about Seed, is how they care about the environment and don't use any plastic in their packaging. Your first month of Seed Daily Synbiotic capsules arrive in a dark green glass jar and their refills even have sustainable practices. All your monthly refills come packaged in a package that can be tossed into your compost bin. Even the mailing box is made from compostable materials so nothing ends up in a landfill. Seed is a monthly subscription program that you need to subscribe to!

A healthy gut affects the whole body in a positive way. When your gut is happy, then the rest of your body gets happy.

Want To Try Out Seed Probiotics?

Try Seed for 30 days and if you take it consistently but don’t like it, they do offer a 30-day guarantee.

 Use my code MOMKNOWSBEST to save 15% off the best Daily Synbiotic


Bri said...

Very interesting! I too am allergic to milk (and everything else for that matter) and suffer from allergy-induced asthma.

Ben said...

I need to give this a try. I love that the delivery system ensures that they get to where the need to go without being killed by stomach acid.

Claudia said...

Seed sounds like a great brand. I've been looking for a new probiotic. The one i have now isn't cutting it.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I would give this a try to see how it works for me. I like that they don't use plastic!

Celebrate Woman said...

It is a great product. Prebiotics and probiotics in one capsule. The results show it.

Lavanda Michelle said...

I would love to try this out. It seems to be very effective and useful to me right now. Thanks for sharing!

Simply Tasheena said...

This post is really informative, I would love to give this a try.

Kathy said...

This is an interesting product. I may just need to check more in to this. Sounds like something I could use.

Beth said...

I'm glad they changed the way it is made and you can take it again! Probiotics have made a huge difference for my mom, I'll tell her about this product.

Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

I've been thinking I need to start taking a probiotic again. I have gotten slack about it... perhaps I'll try this brand. Thanks.

Nikki Wayne said...

Thanks for sharing about this brand. Seems like I need to do the switch.

Ryan Escat said...

Thanks for sharing a little about your dairy lactose allergy. Glad that you're able to find a supplement that suits you.

Rose Ann Sales said...

I didn't know that they are people allergic to mushrooms, thanks for the additional knowledge.

Alison said...

Gut health has become a concern for me recently. I think I may give this one a try if the one I currently have doesn't do well.

Gervin Khan said...

This sounds like a great supplement for me to try. I will definitely checking this out. Thank you!

Anosa Malanga said...

Good to know that this brand exist!I also love that they don't use plastic. Not sure if my friends already know about this but this is a good and promising supplement to try out.

Lynndee said...

That sounds like a great product. And I love the fact that they care about the environment. -LYNNDEE

Gust si Aroma said...

Probiotics are exactly what I was thinking of. Thanks for these advice and details. It's important to know them before I will take them.

Jacqui Odell said...

My doctor suggested I take one. However I was nerves to try one. I might give this one a try.

monicazyoung said...

I should be taking one according to my doctor, might need to give this one a try

Mama Maggie's Kitchen said...

This sounds really great! I will going to check out this Seed Probiotic Synbiotic. Thanks for sharing.

Authentic Food Quest said...

Very interesting and I'm always on the lookout for a great probiotic. Never heard of Seed but I'd love to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

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