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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Campus Book Rentals

Hey all you college people,next semester is coming up and you will need to buy books. Want to save some money on those costly books? Well,check out Campus Book Rentals  before you buy your books at the college bookstore. Campus Book Rentals rents out books for a cheaper price than buying at the bookstore on campus. Some of the perks of renting your books are:
                                 -save 40-90% off of bookstore prices 
-free shipping both ways
-can highlight in the textbooks 
-flexible renting periods
-they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
 I have a daughter who is in her last year of college so I know how expensive books can be. I wish I had known about Campus book Rentals her last 4 years at college as books cost us $500.00 a semester. That is a lot of money I could have saved! Next semester I will have my daughter rent her books at Campus Book Rentals and she will save a lot of money. That makes me happy!

Here is an example of how much money you can save on a math book elementary statistics. Wow, that example shows the book listed for $155.00 and you can rent it for $23.17. That is over $125.00 you will save. At it is easy to search for the books you need and you get to choose how long you can rent the book. So what are you waiting for? Go check out the savings at and keep more money in your pocket.

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  1. Wow! that's fantastic!! Way to save!!

  2. my daughters first and second year of college we paid a ton for text books-biology major until we learned you can rent them. what a savings! easy to rent and return.

  3. I am a full time student and had NO idea about Campus Book Rentals-I now know what I need to do...
    Thanks so much for sharing this(:

  4. Great idea!! This can save tons of extra money!!

  5. I'm going to make sure my two sons in college see this. I didn't even know this was an option.
    Some semesters in college feels like the books cost as much as the tuition.

  6. My husband always went through them!


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