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Friday, September 23, 2016

Aquagear Filter Pitcher Giveaway! $69.95 RV!

Aquagear Filter Pitcher Giveaway! $69.95 RV!

Sponsored By: Aquagear

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Love, Mrs. Mommy

Winner Will Receive: 

an Aquagear Filter Pitcher - a $69.95 RV!

After many years of testing, Aquagear has been proven to be the industry leader when removing harmful contaminants commonly found in municipal tap water. The contaminants include, but are not limited to, chlorine (99.99%), lead (97.5%), fluoride (90%), mercury (99.6%), trihalomethanes (99.99%) DDT (98.8%), and Chromium-6 (99.87%). You can even check out their website to review their Testing Certificates and their raw data from their most recent test completed in October 2015. This sounds like a great pitcher for healthy clean water. It will help you to drink more water.
Click here to read Love, Mrs. Mommy's full Aquagear review!  Open To US entries - Must be 18+ to enter Giveaway Dates ~ 9/24 12:01 AM EST through 10/10 11:59 PM EST

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Love, Mrs. Mommy and all participating bloggers are not held responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize obligations. Love, Mrs. Mommy received an Aquagear Filter Pitcher at no cost to facilitate the above-mentioned review. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook or any other social media site. The winner will be randomly drawn by Giveaway Tools and will be notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to reply before a replacement winner will be drawn. If you would like to participate in an event like this please contact LoveMrsMommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

Free Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish Soft & Chewy Candy

Free Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish Soft & Chewy Candy Receive ONE (1) FREE Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish Soft & Chewy Candy, any variety (7.2 - 8 oz). Available in most stores.
Exp 10/09/2016

This Friday, September 23rd, 2016 – ONLY, you can load a coupon to your Kroger (or Affiliate) Plus Card for one Free Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish Soft & Chewy Candy. Coupon offer is redeemable through 10/09/2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein Giveaway

 I love that my body is strong and I can exercise every day. I love that a plant-based protein gives my muscles what they need to be strong so I can have fun exercising. Today I decided to go on a bike ride and the place I wanted to explore was a trail that I had seen on my last ride. To get to this trail it meant a bike ride up a hill that was 2 miles long. That seemed like a fun way for me to get my legs and arms stronger as it meant a good strenuous workout. I rediscovered that biking is a good form of exercise when I visited West Palm beach last month and took a bike exercise class. The trainer showed me some moves that took my biking to a whole new level. So I biked up that hill and reached my destination. This pathway in the  desert of Albuquerque, NM was calling my name as I wanted to hike up those rock formations. So I walked my bike on the dirt pathway and then parked it as I climb up the formations. What I saw at the top was awesome.

 Just look at my view, more paths just calling my name. The mountains seem to be very cloudy today.

Here are some desert plants that I saw. I just love how these plants survive with very little water. My boys would have loved all these rocks. Next time I will bring them along.

I think this is my favorite desert plant. These purple flowers only stay on the plant for about one week so I made sure to get a picture of this the other day when I was out running.

So how do you like to exercise outdoors?

I have a container of  Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein to giveaway to one lucky reader. The winner can choose the flavor. To discover more about this awesome protein visit this link.

Just enter on the form below and good luck!

This giveaway is open to US residents 18 years of age or older.  Chances of winning this giveaway depends on the number of entries. All entries will be verified. The winner will be notified within 24 hours of the end of the contest and will then have 48 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen. Sponsor is responsible for shipping out the prize. Void where prohibited

Ice Scream You Scream We All Scream For Probotics

By now you know that I love probiotics.

   As you can see from all my writing that I love probiotics and their awesome benefits. I just love how probiotics have helped my children be happier and healthier. So I am always on the lookout for new ways to get my boys to take their daily probiotics. One day they want to take their probiotic in a cherry chewable and the next day they decide they are tired of that chewable. So I like to keep several varieties of probiotics in the house in different flavors so they can decide which form and flavor they want for the day. If that what it takes to get them to take a daily supplement that keeps their tummy happy and to keep them healthy, then I will keep several different probiotics in the cabinet. My husband is the worse of all the boys as he will not take a pill form probiotic and will only take a chocolate probiotic. I want to keep him healthy too and keep the bacteria under control in his mouth so I keep him happy and buy the chocolate probiotic.

  You can imagine my excitement when I discovered a new flavor and form of probiotics! I discovered a probiotic that is soft and creamy and tastes like white chocolate vanilla ice cream. So now I have UP4 Kids Cubes in the cabinet to give my boys another delicious way to take their daily probiotics. This soft chewable even has bone support in it. I have never seen vitamin D3 added to a probiotic and I like that. That way my boys are getting an additional supplement to support healthy bone growth! They are also getting the superstrains of Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1 and Bifidobacterium lactis for full digestive and immune support. My boys like that they can have a delicious vanilla chocolate/ice cream cube in the morning. Oh, by the way, this cube is also sugar-free! I like that this small piece of deliciousness keeps their gut happy. A happy gut makes a happy body! A happy body is a healthy body!

  I no longer have to remind my little and big boys to take their probiotics every day. I caught my husband sneaking the boys UP4 Kids Cubes  the other day but that is ok as I enjoy them too. You can find these delicious chews at many stores like Target and Sprouts. They are also sold online. Click on the below link to discover all the many stores that carry UP4 Kids Cubes.


  Another wonderful thing is for every purchase of the 60 count carton of UP4™ KIDS CUBES, UP4™ donates 25¢ to Vitamin Angels. Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit organization that delivers life-saving vitamin and minerals to at-risk mothers and children. How cool is that! Your kids/husbands get a delicious vanilla chocolate/ice cream chew and other kids get life-saving vitamins.

"These opinions are my own and I received a sample of UP4 Kids Cubes to facilitate this post."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

$150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Amazon Gift Card

Welcome to the Dropprice $150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Come enter for a chance to win some money for Amazon! I love Amazon shopping!

     Dropprice is an innovative startup that rewards moms for being social. Essentially, they empower moms to drop prices of kids & baby products with a click. The price continues dropping as more moms click “Drop the price”. Every week new promotions are launched and moms drop prices by sharing them on social media. See the chart below to understand the power moms have and how
important it is to share with other moms.

Amazon Gift Card

 In today’s promotion for the GUND Animated Peek-A-Boo Bear, it started out at $40.00 and for each mom that clicks, the price drops a bit. The price will continue to drop for each mom that participates.

Amazon Gift Card

   You can choose to share on social media to get more moms to click “Drop the price”, or you can “Buy Now” at the current price. Keep in mind that when the price gets low, they usually sell out and you will no longer have the chance to buy that item. As an added bonus every item on Dropprice ships for free!   Do you want to give it a try? This is such a fun and exciting way for moms to save lots of money by collaborating with each other. If you would like to have a chance to win a $150 Amazon gift card, you can experience dropping the price by following the instructions below.   Giveaway: Win a $150 Amazon Gift Card All you have to do is help moms drop the price of the Peek-A-Boo Bear and you will be entered to win a $150 Amazon gift card. Just click “Drop the price” on the entry form below for a chance to win. For even more entries, share it on your social media networks via the entry form — every time one of your friends also clicks to drop the price, you’ll automatically receive additional giveaway entries!   This giveaway ends on 10/2/2016; you must be a US Resident and be 18 years or older to enter. Winners are randomly selected and contacted via email; the winners will be listed at the top of the entry form when the giveaway ends.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Easy Peanut Butter Thai Noodles

     I love using this flavorful sauce to create a fast and easy delicious dinner.

   I may work at home but life still gets crazy here. The kids get home from school and I am still busy working on my computer. I get them started on their homework while I finish up my work. The next thing I know it is 5:30 PM and my husband will be home in 15 minutes. Yikes, I don't even have dinner ready, yet alone what I am going to make. The panic sets in as I know if dinner is not made or in the process of being made then hubby will start snacking as after a long day of work he is hungry. Have no fear, I have an easy and fast dinner up my sleeve that my husband will think I spent all day on. I always have certain items in my pantry and fridge for days that I don't have time to cook. The first item is a delicious Thai Peanut cooking sauce that adds an awesome exotic flavor to meat, veggies, tofu, noodles and more. This gluten free cooking sauce tastes just like my homemade Thai peanut butter sauce that I use when I make spring rolls. I like San-J's sauce better as my takes a long time to make. The next ingredient is ramen noodles. These are a staple in my house as my boys can cook these in the microwave for an easy snack. I also always have fresh veggies like baby carrots and broccoli in the fridge.The last ingredient in my fast meal tofu. I love cooking with tofu so I always have a package or two in my fridge.

  The Thai Peanut sauce is just one of the many gluten free, non-GMO cooking sauces that San-J produces. I love easy it is to add great flavor to my meals with these cooking sauces. The Thai Peanut sauce is my favorite and I use it in so many dishes like spring rolls, tofu, vegetables, stir fry, noodles, and even pizza. San-J has so many delicious recipes on their website that helps get me cooking on nights when I don't feel like cooking. Take a look at some of the other cooking sauces than San-J makes. These are just some of the many Gluten Free and Non-GMO sauces that they carry. Their product line up includes table condiments, marinades, salad dressings, soups, sauces, and rice crackers, there's something just right for every meal! You can find their products at most stores too, like Target, Whole Foods, Kroger, Sprouts, and Albertsons.

So now onto that easy fast delicious dinner recipe. I bet you even have most of the ingredients in your pantry, if not, stock up on them so you can make dinner in a flash.

                       Easy Peanut Butter Thai Noodles
                                                                                              Serves 4
                                            2 packages dried ramen noodles, use rice noodles if gluten sensitive
                                            1 pound package baby carrots
                                            1- 12 ounces package extra firm tofu
                                            5 tablespoons San-J Thai Peanut sauce

     Cook the ramen noodles in the microwave according to package directions, omitting the seasoning (save that for another day when you need broth) and drain thoroughly. Set the noodles aside. Cook the carrots in the microwave and dice them into small pieces. While the carrots are cooking, drain the water from the tofu and cut into bite-size pieces. Then place the noodles, carrots, and tofu in a microwave safe dish and gently stir in the San-J Thai Peanut sauce. You can add more sauce if needed for flavor. This sauce is very flavorful so taste first to decide if you need to add more sauce. Then heat this up for a couple of minutes in the microwave.

Notes: you can use other vegetables like broccoli or mushrooms. You can also substitute cooked shrimp or chicken for the tofu. The noodles and the veggies may not combine well together so to serve just place some noodles on a plate and then top with the veggies and tofu.

So the next time you need to get dinner on the table quick, think of this recipe. Go check out San-J's website and tell me which recipe you would like to try.

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

Live On Forever Is The Newest Album From The Afters Giveaway

   I love hearing the stories of how songs and albums came to be. I recently listened to a new CD and this one has a story that will touch your heart. The music is perfect for when your day just needs a little bit more of Jesus. My family and I listened to the music as we were driving to church. That drive is a 30-minute drive so we were able to listen to almost the whole CD. This music helped me to get my heart ready for church that day. I was working in the nursery that Sunday so the music inspired me to show the little ones of the church the love of Jesus. The song Live on Forever was my favorite as it let me know that I have everlasting life with Jesus and one day I would see heaven. For now, I had little ones to love on and I was ready to show them the love of Jesus. This CD was just what I needed this Sunday morning as I was taking care of the babies.

 Live on Forever, began during a season of tragedy. Josh Havens, guitarist and lead vocalist of The Afters and many of the band members had experienced some form of loss or troubles. The worst of all the troubles was when the band’s longtime soundman, Anthony Martinez, saw his newborn daughter die in infancy. Live on Forever–the band’s fifth with the Fair Trade label-still took shape as a celebration of faithfulness, protection and promise—one that shimmers with strong rhythms, undeniable energy and compelling pop hooks. The album finds Havens in strong, soaring voice as he invites listeners to find shelter and strength in God. “If any theme has emerged, it would be ‘inspiration and motivation,’” Havens says.

  Ask Havens to pick out a song that sums up the spirit of the album, and he chooses “Battles.” “It was the last song we wrote and the fastest we wrote,” he says. “We don’t typically write songs fast; we’ll change lyrics and melodies and craft our songs carefully. But ‘Battles’ poured out, the music and lyrics, in one day. It’s about standing up against fear and knowing God is always with us,” Havens explains. “It’s one of the takeaways we hope people get: ‘Don’t give up to fear.

“We worked on this record for almost two years and over those two years, it was a real season of loss,” Havens recalls. “But in the end, Live on Forever is about moving us to trust God, to stand up against fear. It’s an ‘ante up’ record, an anthem for people’s lives: ‘God you are with me in all this. I’m not alone.’”

                               Check out these links to purchase Live On Forever:

                          Google Play:

                                      Get Connected with The Afters:
                        Official website:

                                                  Music Videos:
                    Battles (Official Lyric Video)
                    Battles (Heart Of The Song)
               Live On Forever (Heart Of The Song)
               Live On Forever (Official Music Video)

                            Giveaway Time
I have a copy of this CD to giveaway to one lucky reader. Just enter on the form below and good luck!

This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents 18 years of age or older.  Chances of winning this giveaway depends on the number of entries. All entries will be verified. The winner will be notified within 24 hours of the end of the contest and will then have 48 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen. Sponsor is responsible for shipping out the prize. Void where prohibited

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