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Sunday, January 21, 2018

SONGMICS Vegetable Spiral Slicer Giveaway

This spiral slicer turns veggies into healthy low carb pasta and more!

  Are you looking for a way to make eating vegetables fun for kids? The SONGMICS Vegetable Spiral Slice turns ordinary vegetables into fun spiral strands that can be used in many recipes like low-carb pasta and more. I like to spiral carrots to use in my Southwestern Sushi Burritos and Spaghetti Squash Spring Rolls. This fun machine is so easy to use and comes with 5 different blades so you can make pasta, veggie chips, curly fries, and so much more.

I love that the unit folds for easy storage and the blades all store in the slide-in blade rack. The slicer also has suction cups on the bottom to firmly hold it in place on your countertop. The SONGMICS Vegetable Spiral Slicer is also dishwasher safe. This cool veggie slicer is going to get a lot of use in my kitchen.

Go check the SONGMICS Vegetable Spiral Slicer out!

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Regular Girl Starter Kit Giveaway

        Being regular is awesome!

   I like to be a regular person when it comes to my daily potty habits. I try to eat plenty of fruits and veggies so my body will have no problem in the bathroom. Sometimes that is not enough and there are times when I have trouble going. Traveling always seems to mess with my potty habits and makes going difficult. When I travel, I don't always eat right and my routine is different. Does this happen to you?

I am happy to say I no longer experience traveling potty problems! I discovered Regular Girl and my gut is very happy when traveling. Regular Girl is an amazing Prebiotic Fiber & Probiotic Blend that keeps my potty habits regular. This easy to use product helps me to be able to go. I just sprinkle the tasteless powder over my food or mix into a drink once a day. I love that this product is natural, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free!

So how does it work?
Regular Girl contains 5 grams of clinically proven prebiotic fiber (Sunfiber®), a perfect food source for the good bacteria in your gut. It moves through your system at just the right pace without the drag of creating excess gas or bloating.

Regular Girl contains 8 billion active and clinically proven probiotics (Bifidobacterium lactis) that work in harmony with our Prebiotic Fiber, forming a union that maintains regularity and promotes wonderfully balanced intestinal health.

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- Regular Girl Starter Kit (15 day supply in a BPA Free water bottle to take with you on the go)
- Regular Girl Carabiner (to carry your Regular Girl Bottle
- Regular Girl Yoga Shirt (available in S, M, L)
- Regular Girl 7-day sample pack (to share with a friend)
- Regular Girl discount coupons

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This giveaway is open to US residents 18 years of age or older.  Chances of winning this giveaway depend on the number of entries. All entries will be verified. The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the end of the contest and will then have 24 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen. Void where prohibited.

Must Have Travel Products & a Giveaway

Check some of my favorite products for traveling. Keep reading to discover an awesome giveaway!

  I have become quite the traveler in the past three years. I discovered blogger conferences and now I am hooked on attending at least 2-3 conferences a year. I attend these conferences not only for learning/network but also for a mini vacation for myself. Knowing that I can take a mini vacation inspires me to work harder to pay for the conference. I am so glad that my husband is supportive of my traveling. My husband likes my traveling, especially when he is able to take the time off work and join me. Two years ago, my husband and the younger boys joined me on a trip to San Diego and next month the whole family, including my oldest son will be joining me on a trip to California. I will be attending Shiftcon and they will be doing Disneyland. With each trip that I take, I discover items that I consider travel must-haves and I would like to share some with you.

Mifold Grab and Go Booster

This compact booster is perfect for kids ages 4-12 and makes traveling with car seats so much easier. I love that this safe booster fits in my carry-on luggage and I don't have to check a bulky car seat at the airport. This car seat is ready to use and is great to use when renting a car or traveling by taxi. The 10X smaller booster seat protects the child by positioning the seatbelt instead of just lifting the childlike regular booster seats. My big boys love sitting in this booster. This booster comes in many colors also.

My nine-year-old is very tall so the Mifold helps keep the seatbelt in the right position to be safe. As I told my son it is night really about height but rather how the seatbelt is postioned. He likes sitting on this instead of a raised booster chair.  

Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber & Probiotic Blend

I don't always eat right when traveling as I like to enjoy the breakfast buffet at the hotel as well as local restaurants. My potty habits are also not the same when traveling so I can become constipated and bloated. That is no fun! I do try to eat fruits and veggies when traveling and that helps a bit but I discovered a wonderful product that is awesome for traveling. Regular Girl is an easy to use 100% natural powder that I just mix into any drink or soft food like yogurt or oatmeal. This prebiotic and probiotic fiber blend is tasteless so it blends it well. I only have to take it once a day and the best part is it keeps me regular without any gas or cramping. I just mix the powder in my coffee or juice at breakfast and it keeps my potty habits happy. I like to call this product " you go girl" as it works!  

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Travelwise Packing Cubes
 I discovered these packing cubes a couple of months ago and love them. They make packing and organizing a suitcase so easy. My younger boys used them last month when we traveled to see my parents and it made sharing a suitcase so much easier. There was no fighting over clothes since they wear the same size as they knew whose clothes were whose.

Mouth Watchers Manual Toothbrush 
 This foldable toothbrush is not only travel-size but also eliminates 99.9% of bacteria build-up in the mouth. This Antimicrobial Toothbrush that has silver technology in the bristles to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build-up in the mouth for up to 6 hours after brushing. I just love how the toothbrush folds to keep my toothbrush clean when not in use.

Genuine Health fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bar 

This delicious protein bar is a great filling snack that takes care of my hunger while traveling so I don't give into unhealthy expensive airport food. This bar not only tastes great but also gives me 15 grams of fermented protein that is great for gut health and immune support. A healthy immune and happy gut system are always great when traveling. These snack bars/meal replacement bars come in four delicious flavors. The Cherry Almond Vanilla is my favorite flavor.                                               
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Friday, January 19, 2018

Tropical Coconut Mango Protein Parfait With Chia Seeds

This delicious parfait is a healthy snack that is loaded with protein.

 The other day my picky eater son tried chia seeds in a fruit cup and loved them! I was totally shocked! This fruit cup that my son enjoyed had peaches and chia seeds in a strawberry flavored syrup. That fruit cup had sugar in it and no juice so I know that I can recreate this fruit cup with juice for my son for a healthier version. This fruit cup got me thinking, what other healthy snacks could I make for my son with chia seeds. I knew that my son would eat mangos so I made this tropical treat for him with a coconut cream protein powder for a delicious breakfast/snack item. This tropical parfait is loaded with protein, omegas, vitamin C and healthy fiber. It also gives my son some digestion support with a unique fermented protein blend that is in the protein powder that I used.

Are chia seeds a staple in your pantry?

Chia seeds are a staple in my pantry. I love using them in my morning smoothies. I love how chia seeds swell up to thicken things like milk and juice. My teen also loves using the chia seeds in his oatmeal and mixes them in juice for a healthy treat. I was shocked many months ago when the teen asked if we had any chia seeds. I don't know who told my teen son that chia seeds are great( I am thinking his coach) but this mom is happy to buy him chia seeds. I love that my teen is finally understanding the link between eating healthy and sports performance. This teen also ate spinach last night and requests fish for dinner.

                             Save 20% on all Genuine Health products with code Tara18

                Chia seeds turn the protein powder and coconut milk into a thick liquid like yogurt.

Another staple in my house is protein powder.
 I drink a protein smoothie almost every morning as I love how easy it is to add fruits and veggies along with supplements to my favorite protein powder. I also add protein powder to baked goods so my younger boys can get the needed protein as they don't consume a lot of protein beyond peanut butter. My youngest loves eating fruits and veggies and the next youngest will eat crackers all day if I let him. So this mom sneaks protein into their food. So this tropical parfait is a perfect snack to sneak protein powder into. This parfait is best made several hours before eating so the chia seeds have a chance to swell and make the milk thicker like yogurt. This parfait is loaded with lots of protein, fiber, and vitamin C so it can be served for breakfast or a healthy snack.

Tropical Coconut Mango Protein Parfait With Chia Seeds
     Makes 2 servings
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk ( the kind for drinking that is sold near milk)
1 scoop Genuine Health Coconut Cream fermented GREEK YOGURT proteins+
1 cup chopped mango
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 tablespoon shredded unsweetened coconut flakes or granola

Place the coconut milk and protein powder in a shaker bottle and shake well to mix. Add the chia seed to the shaker container and shake well. Place the container in the fridge for a couple of hours so it can thicken. Then layer the thicken protein power milk with the mango pieces in two dishes. Sprinkle some granola or coconut flakes on top before serving.

 Save 20% on all Genuine Health products with code Tara18

 Get the recipe for the Fruit and Chia Peach Fruit Cup here.

Fruit and Chia Peach Fruit Cup

A serving of an added boost of chia seeds makes a cup full of flavor, fiber, and omegas!

  A couple of weeks ago I received a free sample of a fruit cup that had chia seeds in it. My picky eater son tried it and loved it. This was the first time he ate peaches as well as chia seeds. This mom was so happy that he was eating a fruit other than apples and that he was eating chia seeds that all loaded with omegas. My son asked me to buy this fruit cup and I almost agreed, until I read the ingredients. I thought the fruit cup was made with juice and strawberries but no it was not even though the box showed strawberries. The fruit cup was made with peaches, sugar, chia seeds, water, and fruit flavorings. In fact, it had 20 grams of sugar in it! I knew that I could make this fruit cup with real juice and no sugar.

This fruit cup was so easy to make! I simply combined chopped peaches, chia seeds, and juice in a jar. My son loved this fruit cup. I loved that he was eating fruit and getting some fiber and healthy omegas. The juice made the chia seeds swell into delicious tasty seeds that my son enjoying eating. I used small mason jars for the fruit cups but you can use any small container that has a lid and a wide opening.

Fruit and Chia Peach Fruit Cup

1 can sliced peaches, packed in juice or water
chia seeds, 1-2 tablespoons per jar
grape juice, 1/2 cup to one cup juice per jar

Drain the can of peaches and chop the peaches into small pieces. Place 1/2 cup of peaches into small jars or containers. Add 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds to the jar. Fill the jar with juice so the peaches are covered. Place the lid on the jar and lightly shake so the chia seeds get mixed in. Place the jars in the fridge for several hours so the chia seeds can absorb the juice, overnight is best. The juice will not thicken up to a gel but rather the chia seeds will absorb some of the liquid. You can drink the juice and then eat the peaches or eat the peaches first. My son likes drinking a bit of the juice first, then eating the peaches. After he eats the peaches, he drinks the rest of the juice.

Check out another delicious snack that I made for my son using chia seeds.

Tropical Coconut Mango Protein Parfait With Chia Seeds

Free Chobani Smooth Yogurt

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Big Game Recipes with Jarlsberg® Cheese

Will you be watching the Big Game on February 4th?

                                           Heat Up 2018 & Win The Big Game

                               Jarlsberg® Cheese Celebrates With Special Recipes

                                          From Celebrity Chef George Duran

 I love the Big Game day for parties and food. I don't really watch the game but I do watch the commercials during the game. The rest of the time I am enjoying friends and all the great food. I love creating new recipes for the food that I will bring to the game parties that I attend. This year I will be creating a dish with my favorite cheese. Cheese is just one of my favorite party foods and it is so easy to incorporate into recipes. I have some great recipes to share with you that Jarlsberg® Cheese® shared with me. These recipes were created by renowned Celebrity Chef George Duran.  I think I will be making America’s Favorite Pastime: Baked Jarlsberg® Cheese Mac n’ Cheese Bites for my family and friends to enjoy while watching the game. I just love that the Bites are finger food! 

Jarlsberg® Cheese®, the nationally recognized premium brand of cheese, celebrates the dawn of a new year and the upcoming Big Game with renowned Celebrity Chef George Duran. There is a Jarlsberg® Cheese perfect for any palate, and what better time to enjoy this beloved classic than during a cozy night at home or at your celebration of the Big Game? Whether it’s for a brunch, a football party or a family dinner, Jarlsberg® Cheese offers naturally gluten-free cheese for every occasion.

Baked Jarlsberg® Cheese Mac n’ Cheese Bites 
by George Duran


1 lb. Ditalini pasta
Kosher Salt
1 stick butter
½ cup flour
5 cups whole milk
4 cups (16 oz.) Jarlsberg® Cheese, grated
1 tbsp. dried Italian herb seasoning, or herb mix of your own
Olive oil
1cup flour
4 eggs, beaten
Seasoned Panko-style breadcrumbs
Buffalo hot sauce


Bring 6 quarts of water to a rolling boil and add 1 tbsp. salt. Add Ditalini pasta and stir gently allowing it to boil for about 7-8 minutes, until “al dente”. Remove from heat, drain well and place in a large bowl. Set aside.

For béchamel sauce, start by making a roux in a medium stockpot. Melt butter under medium heat and whisk in flour. Keep whisking under medium heat until roux is browned, about 5-6 minutes. Add 2 tsp. salt. Gently whisk in the milk until properly combined. Continue whisking the sauce until it thickens and begins to simmer about 10-12 minutes. Remove from heat and add shredded Jarlsberg® Cheese. Add herbs and using a rubber spatula mix until cheese is completely melted. Combine cheese sauce with macaroni and season with salt, if needed. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4-6 hours, preferably overnight.

Pre-heat oven to 425°F and drizzle olive oil on the bottom of a baking pan.

Place beaten eggs, flour and breadcrumbs in separate bowls. Use your hands to make golf ball sized mac n’ cheese bites. Then take each ball and cover it in flour, then eggs and finally panko. Place balls on baking pan and drizzle on top with a little more olive oil. Work in batches and bake for 15-20 minutes, turning over once halfway through, until golden brown.

Serve with buffalo sauce, if desired.

Serves 10-12 people

Enjoy these other delicious and simple-to-prepare dishes from Celebrity Chef George Duran. From brunch to our holiday meal, Jarlsberg® Cheese has you covered!

 Spicy Tater Tot Breakfast Muffins by George Duran


36 frozen tater tots
2 cups Jarlsberg® cheese, grated and separated
8 Large eggs
2 Jalapeño peppers, seeds and veins removed and chopped finely
½ red pepper, chopped finely
2 tbsp. heavy cream
½ tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. ground pepper
Finely chopped parsley, for garnish

Non-stick spray
12 cup muffin tin pan


Preheat oven to 425° F and spray 12 cup muffin tin with non-stick spray.

Place 3 tater tots into each muffin tin and bake for 10 minutes. Remove carefully and use a small spoon or fork to gently press down to form the base and sides of each tater tot muffin.

Divide 1 cup of Jarlsberg® cheese throughout the tater tots and place back in the oven for 10 more minutes.

In the meantime beat the eggs in a large bowl and combine the jalapeño, red peppers, heavy cream, salt and pepper. Once the tater tot muffins are done, carefully divide egg mixture into each tater tot cup. Top evenly with remaining cup of grated Jarlsberg® and place back into the oven for 10 minutes.

Remove each muffin and allow to cool for 5 minutes on a cooling rack before garnishing with parsley and serving.

Makes 1 dozen muffins.

*Note: This recipe can be made non-spicy by replacing the jalapeño with the same amount of green bell peppers.

Brown Sugar Ham and Cheese Sticky Buns by George Duran


2 8-oz. refrigerated crescent roll dough
Flour, for dusting
4 Tbsp. brown sugar
12 slices thin-cut ham
12 slices Jarlsberg cheese
½ C. grated Jarlsberg cheese
Chives or green onions, for garnish

Non-stick spray


Pre-heat oven to 375 F and spray non-stick spray in an 8 X 8 pan or similar.

Unroll dough on a floured surface and gently stretch out until dough is about 8” x 12”. Sprinkle 2 Tbsp. of brown sugar throughout the dough, then evenly line up six slices of ham and six slices of cheese on top. Starting on the short side, begin rolling dough jelly-roll style. Cut into six even pieces.

Repeat with next piece of dough and place all 12 buns inside a pan. Sprinkle grated Jarlsberg on top and place in oven and cook for 20-25m. until bun is fully cooked. Garnish with chives or green onions and serve.

Makes 1 dozen sticky buns.

 Hawaiian Butcher Block Bread by George Duran


4 Tbsp. butter, melted
2 tsp. poppy seeds
2 tsp. onion powder
1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp. honey
½ tsp. Kosher salt
1 16-oz. pizza dough
6 oz. sliced ham, chopped
6 oz. grated Jarlsberg Cheese
4 slices canned pineapple rings, blotted dry


Preheat your oven to 350F and line a sheet pan with parchment baking paper.

In a small bowl whisk first six ingredients together and set aside.

Roll out your pizza dough on a work surface dusted with flour into a 10-inch diameter. Brush half of the butter mixture on top of the dough, then layer the ham slices, grated Jarlsberg, and pineapple rings. Fold in the edges of the dough to the center and turn upside down so it looks like a loaf. Take a dough scraper or a chef’s knife and begin cutting slices vertically and horizontally until completely chopped. Use your hands to squeeze bread into a tight loaf and place it gently onto the parchment paper on the sheet pan. Brush the remaining butter mixture on top of bread and place in the oven.

Bake for 35-45 minutes, until top is golden brown. Allow to cool for 10 minutes on a cooling rack before serving.

Makes one loaf. 

Which Game Day recipe is your favorite?

About Jarlsberg® Cheese:

In 1956, we created Jarlsberg® Cheese, using an original Norwegian recipe. Why does Jarlsberg® cheese taste so mild, nutty and delicious? It's all part of the legend...and Norway's most guarded recipe!  Jarlsberg® Cheese is endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved Emblem. All Jarlsberg Cheese varieties are naturally lactose and gluten free.

For a complete product list and more recipes go to
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