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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Double The Fun!

Jesse and Kodi got new bicycles the other day. I felt like I had twins when I bought and put together their bikes. Kodi and Jesse are about the same size,although I think Jesse weighs more. Kodi hates when people ask if they are twins. Most people are shocked when I say they are 16 months apart.

     I picked up the new bikes from the store and I had the pleasure of putting them together as dad was at work. I only made one mistake and thankfully the box had an extra part. It took a while to put together two bikes. The boys wanted the same bike so we wrote their names on the flags.
The bikes we bought are Radio Flyer Big Flyer. They are like the big wheels from the past. I choose them as I did not want to be dealing with flat tires,as we live in thorn country. I also like that the seat is adjustable so it grows with them to age seven. I just hope with the wear and tear my boys can do the bikes will last that long.
The boys are loving their new bikes and I love that they can use them up to seven years old. I wont have to change flat tires with these bikes. Big brother Tyler has snuck a couple of rides too.

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