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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Homemade Yogurt With EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer

I love making my own yogurt as it saves me so much money. I can make 4 quarts of yogurt for the cost of a gallon of milk and one cup of store bought yogurt. The trick to making yogurt is heating the milk to a certain temperature and then cooling it down to another temperature. These temperatures are very important in making the yogurt. If the temperature is to hot it will kill the live yogurt cultures and your milk will not turn into yogurt. If the temperature is to low the cultures won't do their thing either and no yogurt will be made.

I use the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer to make sure my temperatures are accurate. This digital thermometer is durable, reliable and easy to use. I simply place the steel probe into my milk as it is cooking and I get a temperature reading in less than 5 seconds.  When I was using a regular non digital thermometer, it would take a minute or more to get a reading. My arm would get hot from having to hold the thermometer over the pot.

I love that the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer has a Temperature Range of -40F degrees to 450F degrees making it useful from everything from cooking meats to making candy. It also has a two year warranty. The thermometer is also great for outdoor cooking.

To purchase this EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer, click on the below link. 


Homemade Yogurt

1 gallon milk
1 cup powder milk( for creamy yogurt)
1 cup plain yogurt( take out of fridge the same time you take out the milk)
cooking thermometer
electric blanket set to 110 degrees
slow cooker crock and lid

Pour milk into a pan and stir in powder milk. Heat milk over medium high to 185 degrees and stir often. 
Remove from stove and place pan in a sink of cold water, make sure not to get any water in the milk mixture. Let the milk cool too 110 degrees, this takes about 10 minutes or so. Pour the milk into a slower cooker crock and stir well. Place lid on the crock and wrap with preheated electric blanket set to 110 degrees. Leave crock under the blanket for 12 hours. It is tempting to look at it while under the blanket, but no peeking, just leave it alone.Then place crock in fridge for another 12 hours. It is important to not stir the yogurt or move it while it is in the fridge for those 12 hours. This will disturb the process, just simply place in the fridge and leave alone.After the 12 hours, spoon yogurt into containers. This yogurt will be good for about 3-4 weeks in the fridge. Make sure to save a cup of yogurt for your next batch.

I am always amazed that my milk turns into yogurt. I saved quart yogurt containers from store bought yogurt to store my yogurt in. This recipe makes 4 quarts of yogurt or 16 cups. For more information on making yogurt click on the below link.

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  1. This is a handy little tool! Thanks so much for the recipe too, I have never made yogurt before!!

  2. you know i never really thought about proper temp with cooking..always just flavor ;) huh, i might need to change that lol thx for posting

  3. That would be great!! I need to get up the nerve to try and make that at home! :)

  4. My sister would love this. she does all the baking in our home.

  5. How great would this be! Homemade Yogurt! Yummy!

  6. Been wanting to know how to make homemade yogurt. Thanks for this recipe!

  7. We make homemade yogurt regularly. It's really much better than store bought.

  8. I have so many kitchen gadgets, but somehow not this. I need it too since I really want to make candies for Christmas this year. & now I might have to make some yogurt too.

  9. Very cool. I could see not only using this for cooking temps (for me that would be on the grill) but also if I decide to go back to brewing beer. Thanks.

  10. I like EatSmart products - I would use something like that for meats and candy-making...I love love love digital gadgets.

  11. I have never tried homemade yogurt--seems EZ enough with the right tools!!

  12. Wow! This is such an amazing tool to have in the kitchen. I haven't tried a homemade yogurt.


  13. I'm not a yogurt lover but I guess this kitchen gadget is cool.

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