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Monday, January 9, 2012

Tide Coldwater

I have a wonderful opportunity to put Tide Coldwater to the test. I recieved a bottle of Tide Coldwater from SheSpeaks and P&G to test. Tide Coldwater will help you save money and the environment,as you will use less energy washing in cold water.Tide Coldwater is specially formated to help get clothes clean when they are washed in cold water. In fact Tide Coldwater removes stains better in cold water than leading bargain liquid detergents in warm water. Switching to washing in cold water is just one small step you can do to conserve energy and save money on your utility bill. That is a win for me.
 Well today is laundry day at my house and I have about five loads to do.
I am excited to see if Tide can handle my wash in cold water. Here is a close up of Tide Coldwater,so you know what it looks like to find it at a store.

I have a little boy named Jesse and his nickname is Messy Jesse as he spills and gets his clothes dirty. Jesse will help me with this challange as he always has stains on his clothes.

The other day he was drinking fruit punch soda, a friend gave to him,as I dont give him things that stain. Sure enough,as he is messy Jesse,he spilled some on his shirt. This happened two days ago,so the stain is pretty well set in his shirt.

So I threw his shirt into a load of laundry,without pre-treating it. I want to see if Tide Coldwater can get it out using cold water. On my washer I have a cold water setting so I used that setting along with a capfull of Tide Coldwater detergent. I did not think the stain would come out of Jesse's shirt but I was wrong. Tide Coldwater took the stain right out.

So if you have a messy person in your house, like me, and want to save money try Tide Coldwater detergent. Tide will get your clothes clean,conserve energy, and save money on your utility bill as it costs more to use hot water to do clothes.

I recieved a sample of Tide Coldwater and a gift card from P&G and SheSpeaks  to review and these opinions are my own.


Unknown said...

Love it

Alison Shaffer said...

looks like it worked on the clothing! That wash never ends! I think I do wash everyday and cold water is a savings.

Unknown said...

I love being able to use cold water and still have clean, fresh clothes.

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