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Monday, July 9, 2012

It Does Not Hurt To Ask

I needed an oil change today,so I went to Brake Masters. I had a coupon to get the oil change for 17.99 and that is a good deal. I arrived at the store and was told it would be 2 hours until my car was done. I was near Walmart so I though ok I will do some shopping. I left my car and started walking towards Walmart. I passed Jiffy Lube on the way and saw they had  no cars in the bays. I then thought to myself "maybe they will honor Brake Masters coupon." I asked a employee if they would and he told me told me that they could not honor the coupon but would talk to his manager. His manager came out and said I can give you our oil change for 19.99(regular price is 39.99.) I thought to myself I will gladly pay 2.00 more and not have to wait 2 hrs. I got a great deal for asking. I went back to Brake Masters and got my car and drove to Jiffy Lube. My motto is just ask,they might say no or give you a great deal.

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