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Monday, July 23, 2012

They Do Grow Up

Where has the time gone. Today I dropped my son off at the recruitment center as he was going off to  the Navy boot camp. It seemed like yesterday he enlisted(it was 6 months ago) and made the decision to join the navy. My husband I and were so proud of the decision he made and now we have to let him go. At least when I sent my daughter to college 4 years ago she was staying town. My son will be gone for 4 years or more. We will get to see him in 3 months for boot camp graduation and hopefully for breaks. My son has become a man and will be serving our country,wow! That is such bravery on his part. The house already feels so different without him. I still have three more boys to raise so the house will still be noisy. It is so hard to say goodbye but I know as a mom you have to let them grow up. We will miss him but I will be busy writing letters to him. I now begin my journey as a military mom.

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