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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boogie Wipes And Puffs Fresh Faces

 I love being a Boogie wipe mom ambassador as I get to try new products and tell others about them. Boogie wipes teamed up with Proctor and Gamble and as Boogie moms we get to also sample Kandoo products and a great new product called Puffs Fresh Faces. Puffs Fresh Faces are wonderful wipes for us ladies. They are made from natural saline just like Boogie wipes and come in wonderful scents like lavender, fresh, menthol, and even unscented. This wipes are great for everything from  wiping your face, removing make up, and blowing your nose. I like to use them to wipe off the sweat after a workout. I also love that they are disposable, so I get a clean wipe every time. For more information on this wonderful product go to http://www.puffsfreshfaces.com/
 I will also have samples of Puffs Fresh Faces very soon! When they arrive I will be handing them out to all my local friends.

"These opinions are my own and for being a Boogie Wipe ambassador, I received the above products to sample and tell others about."

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debdenny said...

I love the new Puffs Fresh Faces! So useful!

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