>U Mom Knows Best: My Labor Day Barbecue Dinner Deal (Includes Blue Bell Ice Cream.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Labor Day Barbecue Dinner Deal (Includes Blue Bell Ice Cream.)

I am going to have a barbecue on Labor day for 8 people and it will cost me only $18.00. My menu will be ribs, corn on the cob, watermelon, and Blue Bell ice cream. That will be only $ 2.25 a person. I will show you how I got everything. I got everything but the watermelon at Albertsons. The watermelon I got at Sprouts.

                 Ribs were buy 1 package get 3 for free-they were $ 8.99 a pound and about 3 pounds a pack. I paid $ 24.00 for 4 packs but I will only be cooking 2 packs,the other 2 I will freeze. So $12.00 for the ribs.
   The corn on the cob was 8/$1.00.
    The Blue Bell ice cream was $2.99 and I use a coupon found here for $1.00 off so it was $ 1.99
      I bought the watermelon at Sprouts for 18 cents a pound so it cost me $3.00.
So there is my Labor day meal and the best part of course is the Blue Bell ice cream. I bought chocolate mud pie. Again for the Blue Bell coupon go to http://www.bluebell.com and click coupons at the bottom of the page.

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