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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Happy's Are An Awesome Toy That Your Child Will Love To Receive For A Gift

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   Christmas is almost here and my boys are busy making their lists for Santa. They have been looking through toy catalogs and store ads and writing down the toys that they would like. It is so much fun to hear my boys talk to each other about which toys they like. One will put a toy on their list and then the other will said "I want that toy too!"

My boys received a amazing adorable toy from The Happy's line from Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets. The minute they saw the plush pet, they were excited to play with it and see what the pet could do.

 So what is The Happy's toy? The Happy's are an amazingly adorable and remarkably real line of interactive motorized plush pets. These pets do tricks for Happy Treats and race after their Chase & Play ball. The Happy's really play with you. Just like real puppies and kittens, they love to spin, sit, pounce, and play. Boys and girls will both love these pets and can even train them to do more tricks with the interactive Happy Treats. These new brightly colored pets are in stores and will make the perfect Christmas gift. My boys only received one Happy and added it to their list in hopes that Santa will bring them more Happy's Pets and toys for them to play with.

   My boys received a puppy named Thunder along with a Chase & Play Ball. Thunder is so cute with his blue fur and purple spots. My boys had so much playing with him. They quickly learned how to use the remote bone "treat" to get Thunder to come to them and do tricks. Thunder would move around the room until they "called" him over with the treat. When my boys place they yellow ball on the floor, Thunder would chase after it. This playful puppy gave them hours of fun.

   The Happy's are available in many different colors to please both girls and boys alike.Each playful pet comes with its own treat. There are many different toys and accessories to make your pet happy too like a ball, a car and skateboard. Watch the below video to see The Happy's in action.


The Happy's can be purchased at Target, Walmart, ToysRus, and other stores. For more information on The Happy's adorable pets, click on the below links.  


  1. I love plush toys! They can be cherished for years! Thanks for sharing your gift idea. I have one little niece and two nephews that would love that! :) #fromFBBloggerResourcesAndOpps

  2. OK...is it bad that I would want this gift for myself? I am a huge dog lover and this looks too cute.

  3. That is just way too cute and sooooo much better than a real pet.

  4. My son is such a huge plush fan-he would love this!

  5. This is perfect for my niece who has allergies and cannot have a real pet!

  6. Oh my goodness, those are adorable! My kids loved ZhuZhu Pets, so I'm sure they'd enjoy playing with The Happys. I'll need to check the store before Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Such cuteness! I wonder if my tween is too old for one of these cuties?

  8. My son and nephews love the Happys! They are so much fun!

  9. This looks like a fun toy. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Oh My FUN!! Great video!! too cute!! Now that's my kinda dog -- easy to take care of!! lol

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