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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

21 Days of Beauty With Ulta Beauty

   Do you remember that box I received last week? The one that I received overnight from New York? Well inside was wonderful make up products from Ulta Beauty. They sent me these products so fast because they wanted me to share with you some wonderful sales that they have coming up starting September 6th. Ulta Beauty sales will feature the above products and many more. These sales will have products to make you look beautiful.

       I was never much into makeup as being a mom of five kept me busy and I had nice looking skin. I also hated the way too much makeup looked on my skin so I just wore foundation to even out my skin tone. When I went to New York in July, I had the opportunity to get some make overs and I told the consultant that I prefer the natural look. I got worried when she started using a lot of products on my face that I had never used. I found out that the products she used made me look great. So now I am experimenting with makeup. So when companies ask me to review makeup, I am happy to do so. So let me tell you about four products that I received from Ulta Beauty and how you can save money on them during the 21 Days of Beauty.

 The first product that I sampled was a face cleanser call Purity and it is made by PHILOSOPHY. This Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser deep cleans and eliminates makeup build up. I guess that now that I am wearing makeup that I need to wash it off my face at night. I love that this cleaner cleans and hydrates my skin. This cleanser lathers well and does not leave behind any residue that would make my skin dry. Philosophy Purity cleanser will be on sale starting September 6th and you will be saving $9.00 of the original price making the price $15.00. 

I discover the secret to great looking makeup is starting with a primer first. BareMinerals Prime Time smoothes away fine lines, dryness, excess oil, and reduces those large pores. It gives your makeup a smooth surface to start with and helps extend the wear of your foundation. I just love how much better my foundation looks after I use Prime Time. My skin feels soft and smooth after I apply this clear lotion like product. I even noticed that it made those fine lines less noticeable. On September 6th, BareMinerals Primetime will be 50% off.

       The next product was new to me as I never knew that my brows needed gel. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel helps to keep those brows under control. For the most part my brows are covered by my bangs but I discovered that this clear gel keeps my brows nice and neat so no strays are popping out of place. I love that this clear gel has botanical conditioners and essential oils in it to keep my brows soft. I found it easy to apply too.  
will be half the price on September 7th which makes this product on sale for $11.00.

The last product that I received was a 4-1 mascara. I did not try this one as I do not like wearing mascara. Tarte, Lights, Camera Lashes 4-1 Mascara comes in a cool looking case that makes it easy to toss in your purse. This mascara is proven to increase the appearance of your lash volume by 330%, thus creating thick sexy lashes. I do like that this product is made without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and gluten. Tarte, Lights, Camera Lashes 4-1 Mascara will be on sale for $10 on September 13th.

So check out Ulta Beauty 21 Days of Beauty and discover these products and score some great deals! Here are the dates and links to the products again.

Philosophy Purity cleanser will be on sale September 6th for $15 reg. $24 

 BareMinerals Primetime will be on sale September 6th at 50% off

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel will be on sale September 7th for $11 reg. $22

 Tarte, Lights, Camera Lashes 4-1 Mascara will be on sale September 13th for $10 reg. $21
Purchase here

Here is a picture of me of a makeover that I had done in New York. So what product would you like to try?

"These opinions are my own and I received the above mentioned products in exchange for this post."



Jamie said...

I would love to try the Purity cleanser - I've heard great things about that brand! :)

Jay | Life of Creed said...

You look amazing in the photo! I will have to try the Primer, I don't wear makeup often, but when I do I dislike how the foundation sometimes does show fine lines. Thanks for sharing! :)

Tisha Berg said...

Your makeover looks great! I love cleansers, so I'd probably want to try the Purity product. Unfortunately, these days I don't get to wear makeup too much (no time!)

Terri Patillo said...

The Philosophy Purity Cleanser looks amazing!

B is 4 said...

Beautiful picture! I want to try that Purity Cleanser, I have tried the Prime Time and it worked nicely. Foundation did go on better when I applied it first. We have an Ulta right by us so I go there to shop for a lot of my beauty products.

bill said...

I have try the cleansers and they work great

Anonymous said...

Great products the wife would want to try

Jeanna Massman said...

I especially like Puirity Cleanser because Philosophy is one of my favorite brands!

https://www.facebook.com/lula.ruger said...

I like the Puirity Cleanser because Philosophy and i love Ulta we just got a store here and im so glad beautiful make over

lilyk said...

These beauty products look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

James Robert said...

My sister uses this product I believe, pretty sure I have seen it there.

Kammie said...

nice review

Unknown said...

I use that mascara and I love it!

laurasloves said...

I would love to try the Bare Minerals Primetime. I love Bare Minerals products.
Laurie Emerson
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

laurasloves said...

I would love to have the Fun Slides Carpet Skates. My son would love these and I admit I would not mind trying them out as well.
Laurie Emerson
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Your makeover looks great!! I love Ulta!

Unknown said...

I have not heard of this brand but you look Wonderful !!!

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