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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

FilterSnap Makes Replacing Air And Fridge Filters So Affordable

            Is it time to replace your air and fridge filters?

         I received an air filter and water filter to facilitate this post.

  Winter will be here way to soon and we will have to start heating our homes. Do you remember the last time you replaced your air filter? Now is a good time to replace that dirty air filter so you can start winter off with clean air. Most people, including myself, don't think about changing the air filters in their furnace and at the most change them once a year. So they put the new filter in when they start up the furnace for the season and then never change it again. Then halfway through the winter, everyone is breathing dirty air. That leads to everyone sneezing and coughing. Until now, I never realized that the nagging dry cough I get in the winter could be due to a dirty air filter.

Why do I even need an air or furnace filter?

  Air filters filter out all the dust in the air so you don't have to breath dirty air. Breathing dirty air is not good for anyone, especially those with allergies and asthma. Air filters also keep your HVAC system running smoothly. All that dust build-up makes your system work harder and it can also over time start a fire.

Did you know that you should change your air filter every 30-90 days?

  How often you change your air filter depends on if you have pets, allergies or asthma. So for me, as I have allergies and asthma, I will change my air filter every month. I only have a furnace in my house and winters are short here so I only need filters 3- 4 months out of the year. If you have an air condition system then you need to change your filters even more, even during the summer.

How am I going to remember when to change my air filter?

  An air filter does not need to look dirty to be changed, so sight is not a good way to remember. Sure you could put it on your calendar but we all know how crazy life can get so that may not work. Some days, I can't even remember what I had for lunch so how am I going to remember to change my air filter? I discovered a wonderful company that does all the remembering for me.

FilterSnap delivers air filters to your door when you need them

  When my furnace needs a new filter, a new one is delivered to my home. I decide how often I want to change my air filter and FilterSnap then sends me a new one so I don't forget to change the air filter. No longer do I have to breath dirty air in the winter. FilterSnap even carries odd sizes that are hard to find in local stores. We use to have to buy an expensive allergy air filter that we had to cut to size as our furnace was not a standard size. With FilterSnap, my husband no longer has to cut an air filter as they have the size we need at an affordable price!

You won't find wimpy cardboard frames or fragile pleats on our filters. We are serious about air filters. Clean air is no joking matter.

FilterSnap delivers water filters too!

   I can even order a water filter for my fridge and have it arrive when I need a new one. The best part is these water filters are way cheaper than the one I was buying at my local store. My fridge is 10 years old and only one store in town carries the water filter that I need so I was so happy to find my water filter at FilterSnap. Now my family has clean drinking water all the time! They no longer have to keep reminding me to buy a new water fridge filter as a replacement shows up at my house every 6 months. In the past, that red light on the fridge would blink forever as I always forgot to buy a new one when I was out shopping.

Our fridge water filters don't have a fancy schmancy brand name printed on them. Why is this better? Remove the brand name, remove most of the price.

So take the chore of buying air and water filters off your list and leave the worry to FilterSnap!

When was the last time you changed your HVAC filter?



Unknown said...

Really interesting! I will definitely be considering this!

Joanna said...

I do replace the filter from my air conditioning unit, but I never thought about the fridge. I should look into it.

Unknown said...

I definitely need something like this. The 'change filter' button has been glowing on my refrigerator for weeks. I'm also ashamed to admit that we do not change the filters anywhere close to every 30-90 days! Oops!

Trishna said...

I do change my Air conditioning device’s filter, but have never changed my Fridge’s filter. I’m quite guilty of it. Thanks for the info

Unknown said...

i never knew about change filter thing for fridge. I knew about AC, but not fridge. Now, i need to check for my own.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Good to know! We do need to replace our water filter in the fridge. It's beyond due. I keep forgetting, so this is helpful!

Unknown said...

We are very behind on changing out our filters. I am so happy I stumbled across this post, thank you for your reminders!

Unknown said...

This is totally new information. I had no idea that I have to replace anything in my fridge. I only thought that cleaning it every two weeks is enough. Yikes! Thanks for sharing this.

Cristina Pop said...

I should really replace my fridge filters.... Thanks for the reminder!

Princess Quinn said...

I didn't know that it needs to be replaced. We haven't replaced our AC filter since we bought it. Thanks for this idea.

Ange said...

Sounds like a good, all in one solution! It is important to have clean filters, such a great idea.

Olga Zak said...

This is extremely a new thing for me. I never knew about change filter thing for fridge. Thanks for this idea.

Unknown said...

these are all wonderfult ips on getting more bang for your buck when it comes to replacing air and fridge filters. what a great an awesome idea.

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