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Monday, December 19, 2022

Can PEMF Machines Help Improve Your Health?

 Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices work in close collaboration with the body’s natural healing pattern to restore lost cell function. Different PEMF machines deliver electromagnetic fields of different frequencies and intensity ranges. Knowing which settings are perfect for your body, is a matter of your understanding and your physician’s advice. Your body needs electrical booze to jumpstart its functionality. It is the job of the machine to generate the required electrical atmosphere to stabilize the cells’ electric potential to initiate healing and improve your health.

The Science behind the Working of the PEMF Machine 

 To understand the working of therapeutic gadgets, first, you need to understand how the body works. The human body is a good conductor of electrical magnetic fields. It operates through the transmission of electrically charged ions within cells. The transportation within cells takes place through cell membranes. These structures themselves carry a certain charge to make that happen.

 The healthy cell membranes carry a higher charge as compared to those of sick cells. Due to low charge, the diseased cells lack enough energy to carry out their function. If they do not get their required energy for a longer time, they die eventually. Electromagnetic stimulation helps to supercharge the cells to recover their function. 

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A healthy cell functions well at 70 to 110 millivolts. An illness hits the cells when the value falls below 50 millivolts. A prolonged lower potential leads to severe cell damage as in cancer. PEMF machines induce electrical current into these cells to slow down the inflammatory mediators and increase cellular communication for better health.

PEMF Machines Simulate the Earth’s Electromagnetic Fields

 PEMF is a natural way to improve health. It imitates the earth’s naturally produced electromagnetic fields. Human beings are insulated from the earth’s natural magnetic fields due to concrete floors, living in high buildings, and wearing insulated rubber sole footwear, and rubber wheels of vehicles. On the other hand, you are also the victim of electromagnetic field pollution caused due to cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and computers. The bio-resonance low-intensity PEMF frequencies can counter the harmful effects of high-intensity unhealthy magnetic fields.

Health Benefits of PEMF

1. Pain Reduction

 There are several reasons for pain. Severe or mild, acute or chronic; pain can adversely impact your life. It is not easy to diagnose the actual cause of pain as in fibromyalgia. Most patients want instant relief. Many patients opt for painkillers for relieving pain temporarily. But your body has to pay the price in the long run. Pain management is an obvious benefit of electromagnetic therapy. It helps to regulate microcirculation in the body. Besides, it stimulates the brain to enhance the pain-controlling mechanism. In this way, it does not focus on one area but boosts holistic healing.

2. Musculoskeletal Health

 PEMF effectively supports bone and joint health. Many patients with arthritis found relief in pain and inflammation around joints with improvement in joint condition. In some cases, it helps patients in bone remodeling, a phenomenon responsible for the recovery of joint cartilage. Besides, the regular application of pulsed field therapy boosts post-operative recovery after back or knee surgery or rotator cuff repair.

3. PEMF Devices for Improving Mental Health

 Research shows that in patients with bipolar disorder and depression, electromagnetic fields application showed signs of improvement in their condition. Patients with generalized anxiety often complain of insomnia. Pulsed magnetic fields help maintain the brain’s rhythm as in rest to promote deep sleep. It penetrates the brain to adjust the chemical imbalances that result in depression. The electromagnetic frequencies stabilize the glucose metabolism in the brain to cure anxiety and redirect the neuron networks for mood elevation. 

4. Better Immune System

 Infection and disease attack when your immune cells are weak and thus cannot function well. Pulsed-field devices help to improve cellular health to enhance their immune responses. A better response increases the cells’ ability to identify threats and fight off infections. The application of the therapy recharges the white blood cells. A particular electric current delivered through the PEMF machine restores the ion flow to stimulate cellular regeneration. The impact spreads to the muscles, tendons, bones, and organs. The benefits of PEMF for the immune system appear as improvement in circulation and oxygenation, cellular voltage, better sleep, and cellular communication.


 You can stay healthy when you actively take measures to prevent disease. PEMF machines work on the same principle. These machines create fields that work to improve health holistically and quality of life in the future. 

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