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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Explore New Spices With Recipe Sampler Kits From Selefina

New recipes often include spices that you don't have. It can be frustrating to have to purchase a whole jar of spices for a recipe and then never use that spice again. Check out these Recipe Sampler Kits for a unique way to try spices without spending a lot of money.

 A couple of years ago I wanted to make a batch of holiday cookies that are popular in New Mexico. The cookie recipe required a spice called anise. So I bought a jar of the spice so I could make the cookies. After making the cookies, I discovered that I did not like the flavor of the cookies and I never made the cookies again. Now I have a full jar of anise spice in my pantry that will never be used again. 

 Has this ever happened to you? You needed a small amount of spice to make a recipe and have to buy a full-size jar of the spice for the recipe. Then you never use that spice again. How frustrating! Keep reading to discover a new way to try spices without spending a lot of money.

Spice Samplers & Recipe Sampler Kits From Selefina 

 I discovered a new way to try spices without having to buy a big jar of the spice. You are going to like this try before you buy spice sampler. What I discovered are single-serve packages of spice that allow you to taste the flavor of a spice in a recipe before you commit to an entire jar of spices. The Try-Me Samples of spices from Selefina make buying spices fun! These spice samplers are great for cooking adventures.

Try-Me Samples are single-serve spice packs containing a small amount of spice (approximately 1/2-1 TBSP each). These single-serve spices allow you to have a spice adventure without the cost—or cabinet commitment—of an entire jar. Buy one at a time, or buy handfuls of these sealed single-serve spice packs and open them as needed for maximum freshness and flavor.

Select these spice samples one at a time as SINGLES, or select them in 6-PACKS. All are conveniently priced at 75¢ each—or a set of 6 for $4.

 Do you like to try spices to see what their flavor profile is but have trouble knowing how to use the spice? If you are a spice collector and need inspiration for recipes to use spices in, then you need to check out these Recipe Sampler Kits from Selefina. These recipe samples are a fun way to try new recipes without having to buy an entire jar of spices. You can get creative in the kitchen without spending a whole lot of money.

Recipe Samplers include an abbreviated recipe card and a selection of Try-Me Samples, which are small spice pouches that will include enough spice to help make the recipe. All samplers have a QR code that links to the full recipe on our website and all are conveniently priced at $2. 

Discovering New Recipes with Recipe Sampler Kits

 I love cooking and baking. I love trying new recipes and new flavors. I also love trying spices and recipes from other countries but can have no clue what the spices taste like. Spices are so unique that sometimes they will have different flavors when combined with other spices. An example is a spice called cumin. In New Mexico, cumin is used to add spicy flavor in Mexican dishes but I later learned from my Afghanistan friend that her delicious Afghani Rice recipe also uses cumin. The Afghani Rice is not a spicy rice. My friend's rice recipe also contains cardamon, a spice that I have never tried. So I was glad that my friend gave me some of her spices so I could make the rice dish.

 These spice sampler kits with recipes are perfect for my recipe exploration. The spice kits allow me to try new fresh spices in recipes without having to spend a lot of money. I received several of the Recipe Sampler Kits from Selefina to review and they inspired me to try recipes that I normally would not try.

Pear Cider With Fennel and Orange

 One of the recipes was Pear Cider With Fennel and Orange. If I was looking at this drink recipe in a cookbook, I would probably not make it due to the spices that are in the recipe. The spices in the Pear Cider are fennel seed, orange peels, cinnamon chips, and allspice berries. Fennel seed has a licorice-like flavor and I don't like the taste of licorice. I have never tried allspice berries. So I got brave in my spice adventure and made the pear cider drink. 

 This drink recipe was so easy to make and having the small amounts of spices made things so simple. All I need to buy was pear juice. My store did not have pure pear juice so I made my pear juice by blending canned pears in a blender. 

 I loved that I had the perfect amount of spices to make the recipe. In fact, I was able to double the recipe with the spices in the recipe kit. After tasting the Pear Cider, I decided that this was not a recipe that I would make again. I discovered that I don't like the taste of fennel seeds. After making this recipe, I was glad that I did not buy a full-size bottles of fennel seed as I would never use that spice again. So the recipe sampler kit saved me money.

Recipe sample kits to inspire your baking

 I also tried the Ginger And Peach Galette recipe kit but made some modifications. I used nectarines instead of peaches as that is what I had in the freezer. I also made the recipe into a crisp instead of a Galette that way I could avoid eating wheat flour. Since receiving allergy shots, I have noticed that wheat has been making my asthma worse. So I used oatmeal as the topping for the fruit crisp.

 I served the Ginger and Peach Crips for dessert when my daughter came over for lunch with the grandkids. Everyone loved the spice combination of ginger root, cinnamon, allspice berries, and nutmeg. Especially my 2-year-old granddaughter who had three servings of the fruit crisp. 

Recipe Sampler Kits make great gifts

 The Recipe Sampler Kits make great holiday gifts for those who love cooking and even those new to cooking. At $2 a kit, these would be great for Christmas stockings or as a gift for friends. For a bigger gift place the recipe card spice kit in a basket with the needed ingredients to make the recipe and add some cooking tools. As a cook, this gift would make me happy!

Explore New Spices With Recipe Sampler Kits From Selefina 

To see all the wonderful Recipe Sampler Kits head to the Selefina website. Right now they have 12 different recipe kits but be sure to check back frequently as their sampler offerings update regularly.


Anonymous said...

This is so genius it’s not even funny! Yes this has happened to me before and it’s beyond frustrating. I hate throwing anything away unnecessary, especially food. This will definitely help cut back on waste if you end up not liking the recipe! I’ll have to try this sometime!

-Whitney Stewart

Jamie said...

That Pear Cider sounds amazing!! Might have to pin that recipe to try. I always love being creative with spices! :)

AiringMyLaundry said...

I am sure I'd enjoy these! I would like to try out some of the recipes.

Monica said...

I need to branch out more and try different spice combos. This one sounds interesting.

Tammy said...

I love trying new spices. They can make the same food taste different.

Abida said...

Thanks for sharing such amazing recipes. Would love to try out some of them this holiday

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! What a really great and amazing recipes you have here! I love to try some of it!

Anonymous said...

Pear Cider!? Oh my goodness I bet that is amazing! Love this!

mail4rosey said...

Smart to make your own pear juice. I'd try this one, it sounds perfect for the holiday.

Laura JL Books said...

Iwould love to try these in many of my recipes. thanks for sharing them with us.

Beautiful Touches said...

I have a lot of chefs in the family, I bet something like this would be a great gift for them!

Christy G said...

I bought some ajar ajar and only used it once. Guess, I need to find some uses for it. I haven't heard of this spice before.

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