Mom Knows Best : Throwing a Party Is Simple With HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Throwing a Party Is Simple With HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays

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Throwing a last minute party has never been so simple!

  I love having people over for parties and enjoy making the food for the party. The other weekend my husband wanted to have some people over for a game day gathering. I was hesitant to say yes as my week was super busy and I just did not have time for any party planning. My husband said don't worry about making lots of fancy food as I could just pick up some appetizers at the store. I agreed and hoped that I could find some easy appetizers at the store that were ready-made as I was in no mood to cook. When I got to the store, I decided to look in the deli section of the store and I saw some HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays that looked like an easy appetizer that could give me a stress-free party.

I really like that everything was included in the party tray, even the tray looked nice. So I grabbed two of the HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays, some carrots, and some chocolate. Every party needs chocolate! The party trays were so simple to serve. All I had to do was open up the packages of meat, cheese, and crackers. There were even compartments to place all the food in. I loved that I did not have to search my kitchen for any platters! All the meat and cheese were fresh and the crackers were crisp. My favorite part of the game day tray was the olives.

These party trays looked so delicious and it took me less than 15 minutes to set up everything for my gathering. I used paper plates and plastic silverware so I would not have to dishes later. Hosting this gathering for the game was so easy. My table was ready and I could now relax and enjoy hosting a party for my friends at my home.

If there were any leftovers, the party trays came with lids so it would be so easy to cover and place back in the fridge. I am thinking the next time I get invited to a party that I will be bringing a HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays with me.

My boys sure did enjoy being able to choose their favorites from the party trays. The food was so easy for people to grab and enjoy while watching the game.

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