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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boogie wipes to the rescue

As it is winter,colds are here. I was sick last week and now my two youngest boys have the sniffles. Being 3 and 5 they dont take good care of the stuff that comes out of their nose. Thats were Boogie wipes have helped this mom. These wipes are great for blowing and wiping up nose mess,especialy the dried on gunk. Boogie wipes are moist wipes with saline in them. They make wiping up little noses easier with no irritation like tissues. My boys love the grape scent of the wipes and love their own package of wipes. I was sent samples of Boogie wipes and Saline soothers(wipes for big people) to share and will be bringing some to my church party for the big game on Sunday. If you dont live near me to get a sample,you can buy Boogie wipes at Walgreens.

These opinons are my own and I was sent samples to try and give out as a Saline ambassador.

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