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Friday, May 4, 2012

I Did Not Forget

I never forget things as I have a good long term memory but every year I forget my wedding aniversary. Dont ask me why I do but my hubby likes to give me grief for it. Every year he does wonderful gifts for me(except the year he put shaving cream on my car) and I feel guilty for forgetting the special day. Granted he has trouble remembering the kids ages and birthdays,not me. I did remember our special day 2 weeks ago but at the begining of this week I forgot again. Well today I woke up and remembered it was our aniversary. Ok,I had help as we talked about it last night. I woke up wanting to say "happy aniversary" but hubby was alrady gone for work. So for the record I blogged about and said it on Facebook. I love you my dear and next year I will remember. I will write it on my calendar right now,that might help me.

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