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Friday, May 25, 2012

Momma Said I Would Have Days Like These

Today was not my day when I woke up. When I woke up I was eager to go on a walk but the minute I smelled smoke I knew I could not. There is a fire going on in the Gilla forest and the smoke from it is in Albuquerque. So the air quality is bad and will be getting worse this weekend. Then I made the younger boys cereal for breakfast and went upstairs. I then hear Kodi say "mom I spilled my cereal." No problem I thought as I was cleaning up the mess. I was wrong as I was doing that,Jesse spilled his cereal and it was a much bigger mess. I got done clean up all the messes and made myself a cup of coffee. As I reached for the coffee cup the handle snaped off and hot coffee spilled down the kitchen cabinets. Great,another mess to clean up. At least I did not get burned. I felt like going back to bed.
 The day did get better,thankfully once I settled down with a new cup of coffee. Tommorrow will hopefully better as I try to sleep in a hot house with the windows closed from the smoke. The weather man said the smoke will be worse this weekend. There goes Michaels plans to fix the pergala outside. I am thankful we are safe as I will pray for those who have lost homes from the fires. The sun will come out tomorrow.   

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