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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

McCormick Grill Mates

I recently had an opportunity to try some products made by McCormick called Grill Mates. This are wonderful products to make your food taste great. There are spices like Montreal steak and Molasses Bacon. They also make  a brown sugar bourbon sauce,a Memphis Pit BBQ rub and a spice brandy marinade. These Grill Mates are great for barbecuing things like steak,chicken and vegetables.
 We invited some friends over for a barbecue so we could try some of the Grill Mates. My husband rubbed some chicken breasts with the Molasses bacon spice before he grilled the chicken.
We also grilled some corn on the cob to go with our meal. My husband brushed the Brown Sugar Bourbon sauce on other pieces of chicken.

We had to eat inside as it was too hot outside The food looks wonderful.

.Here are my two little ones ready to try the food
The rest of the guests were camera shy,but they loved the food. Grill Mates made my chicken taste wonderful. I can't wait to try more dishes with Grill Mates.

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