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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tyler's New Room

We have been busy here at our house. We went from 5 kids to 3 kids living at home and decided to move kids into different bedrooms. Tyler wanted his sisters old room but it was painted purple. So we spent the last couple of weekends painting and it is finally done. We also bought a new platform bed for Tyler and because of the company shipping us the wrong product(a dresser and night stand kit) we got other new items for his room. Tyler is happy he is finally in his new room and yes, Dillon and Kyle,that is a queen size bed. We had a twin size bed frame and a queen size mattress so we bought a queen size bed frame and sold the twin bed frame. That way in the future we have a guest bedroom. We bought the queen size platform from Amazon along with the comforter. The bed frame made by South Shore as show  here is very sturdy and was only 150.00 and I love that it does not require a box spring frame. I will also be able to do a review on the bed at www.expotv.com to earn more Amazon money. I do a lot of product reviews and was able to pay for the bed and comforter from that work.
Here is some other views of the room. The dresser and the night stand are also made by South Shore.

Now I have to move Kodi and Jesse into Tyler's old bedroom. Kodi and Jesse's room will become a playroom. I will post pictures when those rooms are done.

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