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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Get Rid Of Ants

I hate ants in my house and will take extreme measures to keep them out. Every spring, while I do my spring cleaning, I also do things to prevent the ants from coming into my house. My husband says our house is built on an ant hill and I believe he is right. My methods are a lot of work but it keeps the ants at bay. I hate waking up and hearing the kids say "mom there is ants in the kitchen!" Cleaning up ants can ruin my whole day.

Here is what I do to keep ants away.  I spray  all the bottoms of the base boards with Ortho home defense spray. I also spray the walls inside closets and my pantry with the Ortho spray. I have had ants in the past in my bathroom cabinets so I spray inside those too along the edges. Once I found ants in my dresser,so I spray behind the dressers and around the edges too.  For areas where there is food like cabinets in the kitchen, I use baby powder. This is the only natural item I have found that works. Last year I tried cinnamon and pepper but the ants still came out. In my kitchen cabinets I will put baby powder around the back and side edges and they lay a cut to fit placemat over that so the powder wont get on things.  After every space in the house is sprayed and powdered, I will then spray the outside around my house.  I usually respray out side once a month during the summer as it rains.  By doing all this,I have only about 1-2 ant episodes compared to more than I can count when I did not do this prep work.

My method also saves money compared to hiring someone to spray your house. The Ortho spray costs about 10.00 and the baby powder about 3.00.

So how do you deal with ants? Share your tips to help me and others to get rid of ants.


Unknown said...

I've tried a couple of ant control products, but none eliminated them for good. Forcing them to relocate into other parts of your house is not enough. What we did was we hired a pest control company to help us solve the issue. They did a great job of driving these pesky ants away. And as an added bonus, they also eliminated mice for good!

-Bridgette Adair

Unknown said...

I have the same ant problem every spring! I just purchased Demon WP and I'm hoping for the best. Good luck to you!

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