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Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Love How God Works

I love it when you can see God working in your life. Today Michael and went to a bank to set up a new account to take advantage of a great deal,I will have a post about that later. The customer service rep asked Michael for his drivers license so she could create his profile on the account. She looked at it and said "do you have a valid drivers license?" We were shocked when she said his license was 3 months expired. She told us we could not open the account without Michael renewing it. I was bummed as the process of getting the great deal delayed but thankful we were told about that problem. The state does not notify you when your license is about to expire.On the car ride home we realized if we had not gone to the bank that day, Michael's would have not been able to go to Haiti in June for a mission trip with our church. He would have never thought to check his license and when he got to the airport in June he would have not been able to board the plane. We were both wowed that God used a bank promo to get Michael to realized his licensed was expired. Thank you Lord! Michael will be going to the Mvd  on Monday!

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Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

God is pretty smart like that :) glad you figured that out we don't get notice of expiration here either.

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