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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What To Use To Reduce Visible Signs of Aging, Wrinkles And Fine Lines

     People are always surprised when I tell them my age. They say to me "you must have good genes." They think my young looking skin comes from my genetics, but they are so wrong. I have young looking skin because I use beauty products that help reduce the signs of aging. My motto is " why look old when there are beauty products that help you to have young looking skin." My favorite anti-aging creams, that I feel work to keep me young look, always contain collagen boosting Peptides and other wonderful skin ingredients like vitamin C and Matrixyl. I feel by using these ingredients on my face I have been able to fight the signs of aging and keep those wrinkles away.

     I was offered a opportunity to review an anti-aging cream with the ingredients that I look for when shopping for face moisturizer. I received a bottle of RegenFX Age Defying Moisturizer to use on my face and let me just say " I love it!" This cream has a wonderful peppermint scent and feels so refreshing on my skin. The cream absorbs quickly and does not feel sticky. I like the way my skin feels and looks after using the cream. The cream my my skin feel soft and hydrated which makes my fine lines less noticeable.

         So what is in RegenFX Age Defying Moisturizer?

Here is some information on this wonderful anti-aging cream that I got off their website:

EFFECTIVE PROVEN INGREDIENTS - Each bottle contains a unique proprietary blend of Collagen Boosting Peptides, Vitamin C, E, Green Tea Extracts, and Matrixyl 3000. Provides structual lift and reduction of wrinkles.

DIMINISH WRINKLES AND FINE LINES - Our complex formula of tried and tested ingredients reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on any surface of your skin. Key ingredients that increase skin elasticity.

ALL DAY HYDRATION- This Anti Aging Moisturizer is guaranteed to give your skin that dewy, moisture boost that lasts all day to help you achieve a youthful. Boost oxygenation and metabolic performances on the skin.

SUPER 7 PEPTIDE COMPLEX - Proprietary Blend that contains the rice bran oil-based compounds can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 50 percent and limit free radicals in the viable epidermis by up to 45 percent.

How does RegenFX Age Defying Moisturizer work?

This cream is formulated to:

+ Minimize the breakdown of collagen & retain collagen levels 
+ Stimulate the skin to continually produce its own natural collagen 
+Maximize & strengthen the formation of collagen fibers 
+Increase skin's overall elasticity to improve the appearance of lines & wrinkles 

So if you want to have younger looking skin or keep your skin young looking, then this is a product that I recommend. To get more information on how this Age Defying Moisturizer, click on the below link.

You can purchase the Age Defying Moisturizer on Amazon.

So try to guess my age. How old do I look?

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above mentioned product in exchange for a review."


Cali Julz said...

Looks like a great product! My skin needs a revamp, I am in my 40's now!!

Jamie said...

Moisturizers are so important!! This looks like a great product to help keep skin hydrated and healthy, too!

Unknown said...

I am now in my thirties and Im finding I need to start using anti age creams! This one looks amazing and I may need to look into it!

Aury said...

I've been using a lot of anti-aging products now too! I don't believe that there's a cream that can turn back time yet, but I DEFINITELY believe that they work proactively to keep your skin young if you start young!

Terri Patillo said...

I'm with you! Nothing wrong with helping Mother Nature along!

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