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Friday, August 21, 2015

Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic Donut Delights Maker

   I attended Blogger Bash in New York last month. While I was there I attended an event called Sweet Suite. This even had lots of toys on display and I had the opportunity to talk with the people from the toy brands. I also got to play with toys. My younger boys were so jealous of my fun. Blogger Bash sent me a box filled with toys so my boys could join in on the fun. To see all the toys we received, click Here. One of the toys in the box was a kit to make little donuts. This cool thing about this kit is you came make the donuts in the microwave and no little oven is needed. My boys couldn't wait to make the donuts. 

The Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic Donut Delights Maker contained everything that you needed to make the donuts except the microwave. I loved that it came with a mixing tray and baking tray. The little spoons and plate were so cute and I will save those to use again. The kit even came with little kid size pastry bags.

  My 8 year old son measured out the donut mix and placed it into the mixing tray. Then my 7 year old son added the water. I loved that the instructions told them how many scoops to use.

It was easy for my son to mix up the batter for the donuts. The boys then filled the enclosed baking tray with the batter and cooked the donuts in the microwave. 

Here is what the donuts looked like after cooking in the microwave.

My teen even got into the action of donut making and frosted the donuts as he just wanted to eat one. The kit even come with sprinkles.

The best part was eating the donuts!

My boys had fun making donuts all by themselves. The instructions were easy to follow and since my boys know how to use the microwave, I did not need to help. The donuts tasted pretty good but only made 9 tiny donuts. My boys wished that the kit made bigger donuts. My 8 year old said " that was a lot of work for tiny donuts."

The Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic Donut Delights Maker is a fun kit to have on hand for rainy days and makes a great gift for both girls and boys. Click on the below link for more information and to see other kits that make other tiny food items.

"These opinions are my own and I received the above mentioned product in exchange for a review."


  1. How fun - it's like the little oven we had when we were little!! Looks good and easy to make! :)

  2. Looks so yummy. My kids would love to make mini donuts.

  3. My daughter loves the Yummy Nummies kits. We haven't tried the donuts yet, but it's next on our list. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I've not seen this product before, but it sure looks fun!

  5. This is fun I think. My niece and nephews would love this.

  6. I recently watched a you tuber make one of these kits. My kids enjoyed it. I'll have to find some around here and make them with my kids.

  7. I think these kits are great for the little Chefs in training at home. I like the idea of them making a treat they enjoy.

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