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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Beautiful Looking Beauty Products To Keep Me Young Looking

Love beauty products that have no harmful chemicals in them!

         I was sent samples of the mentioned beauty products to facilitate this post.

  I may be a grandma now but that does not mean I have to feel and look old. I eat healthy food and run several miles a day. My body feels young and I want my skin to look like how I feel. So I am all for using beauty products that promise me younger looking skin. I was excited to try out this line of beauty products that Robin McGraw has, you may remember her as Dr. Phil's wife. I used to love watching Dr. Phil, that kind of shows my age.  Robin launched Robin McGraw Revelation’s Luxury Skincare Collection in 2016 and this line features many different beauty products. I love that these products are free of harmful sulfates, mineral oil, parabens, and chemicals. All products are also formulated without animal testing.

                                     Robin looks so young!

The blue bottles are so pretty!

 When I use these beauty products, I feel so special as I just love the color of the containers. These are containers that look good on my vanity. Even the names of the products make me smile. One thing that I noticed right away when I used this creams was how nice they felt. I loved how thick they were. Once I applied them to my skin, my skin felt soft. These products work so well with my natural makeup. These products made me feel young even before I used them as they were so pretty.

  I was sent three different face products and each one targeted a different part of my face. The first one was for my eyes. The next was for my neck and the last was for my whole face. These beauty products had some unique ingredients in them that I really liked.

Dot Your Eyes has a unique 5 peptide complex that reduces the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles, and fine lines while assisting in natural collagen production to tighten puffy and sagging skin.

Live Life LIFTED targets those fine lines and wrinkles in the neck and décolleté areas. This lightweight cream also features jojoba esters with moisturizing vitamins A, D, and C, plus free radical blocking, anti-aging vitamin E-rich sunflower seed oil to provide intense healing and hydration without the sticky after feel.

OMG! Is This Really Me?  Instant Face Shaper uses a fast-acting formula to transport peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins to the skin for visibly smooth, tighten, and lift the eyes, face, and neck.

   As Robin says, “I want to encourage women to put themselves first, understand that they deserve to embrace their own beauty, health, and happiness, to know they must take care of themselves so they can take care of those they love.”

  All of these beauty products have patent-pending Dynamic Infusion Technology™ in them that helps deliver the ingredients faster into the skin. They also have unique peptide blends. To discover more about these products that Robin helped to create, head on over to their website to learn more.


I also tried some refreshing face sheet masks

 I love how refreshing sheet masks feel on my face. When they have ingredients in them to help my face look younger, even better! The names on these sheet masks were just as unique as the other beauty creams that I tried. I just loved the sound of Peach Blossom Stem Cells helping my fine lines. These sheet masks were very moist and felt very cooling on my face. It was a great way to relax on a hot summer day.

I love the names of these sheet masks!

 This hydrating & firming face mask has a fast-acting formula and is packed with orchid stem cells to replenish moisture and provide a boost of antioxidants, while vitamin B3 reduces the appearance of fine lines for smoother, firmer skin. This firming and lifting face mask is also enriched with ultra-soothing chamomilla recutita extract and green tea leaf extract to calm, hydrate, and repair skin.

This fine lines and wrinkles mask is drenched with a concentrated dose of hydrating ingredients and delivers intense moisture and nourishes skin with vitamins and minerals quickly. Naturally potent botanicals help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a visibly smoother, youthful-looking complexion in just one use.

 This brightening and spot lightening mask is enriched with brightening grape leaf extract, collagen-boosting Centella Asiatica extract, and skin-smoothing vitamin B3, this glowing and brightening face mask helps bring out your skin’s natural vitality. Ice plant stem cell extract provides skin with a blast of cool moisture and powerful antioxidants to soothe, hydrate, and protect against sun damage and pollution while improving overall skin texture.

 My boys thought that I looked funny with this face mask on but I did not care one bit as it was my much needed me time.  We moms all need some pampering time, even if we make the kids laugh!

Find out more about these amazing sheet masks!


Which product would you like to try?


Brittany Vantrease said...

1. You have great legs! 2. These products sound amazing! I love the names as well and the bottles are different from other products that are usually pink or silver. I like that they're blue. I'll have to look into them for my mom. Do they offer products for those in their early 30s?

Heather @ US Japan Fam said...

This looks like a great beauty regimine! At 36 I'm still getting by with a simple drug store face wash, but my crows feet are telling me it's time to step it up a notch or 10. Will check out this line, thanks!!

Unknown said...

These look like great products, would suggest it to people i know, thanks for sharing

Olga Zak said...

You looks funny with face mask. I think these products are amazing. I can find many difference in this products starting from the bottle color, name,etc. Surely will check this out.

Mom Knows Best said...

These legs are the result of many years of running and biking. It is never too early to start using products like this. I have been using anti aging products since I was 34 and I have young skin as a result.

how to make slime said...

What type of skin products do you use? And how much is it worth?

Ada said...

I'm all about using anti aging products even at my age. I just think getting a head start is never a bad thing.

The Super Mom Life said...

I've been wanting to try this line since she started talking about it on Dr. Phil. Maybe one day.

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