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Friday, March 6, 2020

GIFTED Online Invitation Site Makes Gift Giving Easy

Teach children the importance of giving through receiving

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 Birthday parties are also so much fun for kids. The parents, on the other hand, have plenty of work when planning the birthday party. My kids seem to attend way too many birthday parties and they all seem to happen around the same time. My youngest son is attending one birthday party this weekend and another next weekend. So that means I have to try to buy a unique birthday gift that the birthday boy does not already own. I always ask my child 20 questions about what would be a good birthday gift for his friend and I get the same answer over and over again. My child simply has no clue on what we should buy for a birthday gift for his classmate. So then that leads to spending time online with my child and I browsing for a gift. Time that I will never get back as my son vetos every gift suggestion that I make.

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The invitations never allow time to get the gift delivered

 After what seems like way too many hours, my son agrees upon the gift and then I have to run to the store to buy the gift. Those birthday invitations for kids are always handed to me a day before the party. Then, I have to buy wrapping paper, which is not too eco-friendly and wrap the present up. This is all done between picking up the kids from sports practice and getting the homework done. Who has time for all this? Sure the birthday party is a special occasion for the birthday girl but does that child need more toys that will clutter up the house? Toys that the birthday kid probably already owns. There has got to be a better way of selecting the perfect birthday gift for kids.

GIFTED Online Invitation Site Makes Gift Giving Easy 

 I discovered an online invitation website that simplifies the birthday party process for both the parents hosting the party and the parents selecting the gift.  This unique gift website even teaches children the importance of giving back. GIFTED is the only online invitation and group-gifting site that lets you donate money to a charity of your choice. This unique website makes gift giving so easy. So parents no longer have to stress over the process of buying a birthday gift for a birthday party.

GIFTED has awesome benefits

 The parent who is hosting the birthday party selects an online invitation and sends them electronically to the birthday guests. The parents of the birthday guests then RSVP online at the GIFTED website and then donate the amount of their choice to one Big birthday gift that the birthday child wants. So the money that you as the parent would have spent is put towards one gift for the birthday child. That means the birthday child is not getting an obscene amount of gifts that they won't play with. The birthday child's parent then chooses a charity and donates a portion of the money received. When the parent involves the birthday person in the selection of the charity, the child learns about the importance of giving back to others. It's a win-win situation that simplifies the guest experience and raises much-needed funding for charities.

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GIFTED is helping the environment

 At the same time, GIFTED is helping to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating waste created by packaging, wrapping paper, and greeting cards. That also means you are helping the environment as you no longer have to drive to the store to get a birthday gift. Now, you can just relax. Maybe you might even get some time to yourself while your child is having fun at the birthday party. For younger kids who have a hard time dealing with seeing the birthday child open up all those gifts, that is a good thing.

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