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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Best Skincare Products For Teen Boys With Acne + Giveaway

 Is your teenage son bothered by acne on his face? Check out these skincare products that are specially designed for teen boys.

 Being a teenager can be rough when it comes to your skin. The teenage years are usually when kids get their first pimple. That dreadful zit on your face can make things awful for girls and boys alike. The pimples can make one feel self-conscious about their appearance and teens are desperate to find a solution to get rid of acne on their face. 

 Teens just want to discover the cause of acne so they can make the pimples stop appearing on their faces. The causes of acne can be hormone-related, diet, or even sweating. Sometimes there is just no reason why some teens get acne and why other teens have clear skin.

2 Teens ~ Same Activities and Diet ~ Yet Only One Has Pimples

 I have 2 teen boys and one of them has a bad case of acne on his face. Both boys participate in the same sports and eat the same foods, yet only one of the boys has zits on his face. That leads to the question of why some teens get acne while others do not. 

 I simply do not have the answers to why some teens struggle with bad acne but I do have recommendations for the best skincare products for teen boys with acne. Keep reading to discover more and an amazing Giveaway to win a collection of skincare products made for the guys who struggle with facial acne.

The Best Practices For Beautiful Skin

Skincare Made For The Guys

 Guys have a lot going on. On top of school, sports, family, friends, and keeping up with the latest TikTok trends, their skin is going nuts. Guys want skincare products that can help their skin but finding ones that don't scream girl is often hard. Stryke Club understands and designed a line of skincare products that are uniquely formulated for guys’ skin. Even the bottles are designed with boys in mind.

How is Guy's Skin Different From a Girl's Skin?

 Hormones like testosterone affect oil glands and hair follicles, which means boys tend to get acne earlier (often with worse intensity and severity than girls). Guys also have more sebaceous glands overall, and their skin tends to be thicker and oilier because of this increased density. 

Meet Stryke Club

Stryke Club has developed a personal care brand to address the needs of boys in particular. Their mission is to help guys find effective products that work for their lifestyle—because everyone deserves to feel confident and love the skin they’re in.

Stryke Club Products are:

EFFECTIVE ~ All Stryke Club products kill bacteria associated with breakouts without dryness or irritation.

SAFE ~ Formulate without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, and the formulas are proudly cruelty-free — because safety is non-negotiable.

EASY TO USE ~ We know boys don’t want an elaborate grooming routine. That’s why they built products that fit into teens' lifestyles and are fast, effective, discreet, and unfussy.

LESS EMBARRASSING ~ Stryke Club calls it Locker Room Worthy. With scents (or no scents), packaging, and branding designed just for guys, they’re making skincare less embarrassing.

The perfect combination of mild surfactants (ie: cleansers) and a common, effective ingredient (ie: sodium hypochlorite) to help fight dirt and bacteria for a cleanser specifically for boys.

 My teen son is all about taking care of his skin as he knows that clean skin can help with eliminating acne. My son has a nightly skincare routine that involves washing his face, applying acne spot treatments, and even a weekly mud mask. He wants clear skin and will do what it takes to achieve a face without pimples. Even with all that he does for his face care, he still has a face with zits!

 My son was excited to try the full product line from Styrke Club. He really loved the look of the bottles of skin care products from Styrke Club. The green and black colors were awesome looking to him. From skincare wipes to body wash, my son had everything he needed to take care of his skin. I loved that the Stryke Club products had safe ingredients and natural scents that did not bother my asthma.

The Stryke Club Line Up

My son received the Whole 9 Yards Kit from Stryke Club. This kit has every product that boys need to look and feel their best. 

+ Everywhere Wash: Keeps face + body looking good 

+ Face First: Power wash to fight skin freakouts

+ Wipe Out: All-natural cleansing towelettes for on the go

+ Calm Down: Super chill daily moisturizer

+ Stryke Stick: Fast-acting acne zapper

 My son grabbed all the skin care products and told his younger brother, the one without the acne troubles, to not touch them. These were his skincare products and he was not sharing them. I tried to grab the package of the Stryke Club wipes for my gym bag but my son told me that he needed them for track practice. I agreed that the body wipes would be great for wiping off the sweat from his face after running. 

Can The NIRA Skincare Laser Device Reduce My Wrinkles

 My son loved all the pimple-prevention skincare products from Stryke Club. He loved that they did not have a girly scent to them and that they did not dry his skin out, like other acne products. The body and face care products were simple to use both in the shower and by the sink. 

 My son even saw an improvement in the way his skin looked and noticed that his acne was improving. His acne breakouts were fewer and he had fewer zits on his face. After using the products for a couple of weeks, my son decided that these were his new pimple products and requested that I buy more of the Stryke Club products.


 I am excited that I am able to giveaway a Whole 9 Yards Kit from Stryke Club to one lucky Mom Knows Best reader. If you have a teen son who struggles with acne, this is the perfect giveaway to enter. Even if you don't have a teen in your home, make sure to enter the giveaway as these products are perfect for anyone who has skin. The body wipes are my favorite product for the gym and for when I travel.

 So head over to Stryke Club's website and check out their product line. Then come back to tell me which product you would love to try in the comment section to enter the giveaway. For more entries in the giveaway, check out the giveaway form below. Good luck!


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I'd like to try the starter kit

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I would like to try the CALM DOWN MOISTURIZER.

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These all sound great. I need to get them for my son!

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I would like the everywhere wash for my husband.

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I'm always looking for great skincare. Even at my age I still have acne. Especially on my chest.

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My daughter has reached the acne stage of life. My son isn't there yet but this is good to know!

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I am honestly most excited about the moisturizer. I have always had acne problems, and can never find a moisturizer that doesn't exacerbate the problem.


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The wipe out cleansing wipes!

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