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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Tranya Nova Bluetooth Earbuds Equals Music Without The Noise

  Do you want to escape the noise and listen to your music without any interference? Maybe watch a movie a movie in a crowded noisy place and not have to blast the volume. Tranya Nova Bluetooth Earbuds will help you escape the chaos and listen to music without any background noise.

When I exercise at the gym or at home on my studio cycle, I like to listen to music and nothing else. I don't want to hear the rumble of the treadmill or the guy next to me talking on the phone. I want to escape with my music while I exercise and tune the world out. Music helps me exercise better. My fitness time is my time to escape the stresses of the world, so I don't want to hear someone else jabbering away. 

 Before I hop on my exercise equipment, I grab my phone and my favorite pair of Bluetooth earbuds. I place my earbuds into my ears and connect them to my phone. Then I start listening to my favorite workout music and away I go into my fitness routine. With a smile on my face, I start jamming to my favorite tunes and that is how I make fitness fun. Music has a way to get my body moving.

Tranya Nova Bluetooth Earbuds Equals Music Without The Noise

 Earlier this year, I made the switch to Over The Ear Wireless Earbuds and said goodbye to my pink plug into the music device earbuds. Listening to my music without any annoying cords was the best and just when I thought my music experience could not get any better, I discovered noise-canceling Bluetooth Earbuds. I was amazed that I could not listen to my music without hearing the noise of the gym.

 Tranya Nova Bluetooth Earbuds are one of the world’s first active noise-canceling wireless earbuds to incorporate the highly efficient LE Audio Bluetooth architecture and Qualcomm’s apt-X Adaptive audio codec. All these fancy words mean that these unique wireless earphones help you listen to music without any background noise. So no more hearing the lunk at the gym grunting, the sweating guy next to you breathing way too loud, or the noise of the treadmill. 

Check out the stunning features of the Tranya Nova Bluetooth wireless earbuds:

~ Hybrid Active Noise Canceling ~ with hybrid ANC technology, the Nova buds can eliminate noise up to 43dB. Additionally, they also feature Wind-noise Reduction to minimize wind noise interference.

~ Qualcomm QCC3072 Soc ~ Tranya Nova features the QCC3072 Soc from Qualcomm, offering a faster and seamless wireless experience.

~ Supported LE Audio ~ Transmit the audio with low power consumption for improving the battery life and performance of Bluetooth earphones

~ aptX adaptive Audio Technology ~ 12mm dynamic driver plus the aptX adaptive audio codec for better sounding wireless audio experience.

~ Qualcomm cVc 8.0 Technology with 6-mic ~ Enhanced 6-mic array and cVc 8.0 tech provides exceptional call clarity and reduce environmental noise including wind noise.

 ~ Seamless Multipoint Connection ~ Connect 2 devices at the same time with a seamless switch.

~ Customized App Control ~ Effortlessly check battery levels, personalize touch controls, activate noise cancellation, and access more functions with the Tranya audio app.

~ Bluetooth 5.3 Technology ~ offering improved speed, range, and more stable connection.

~ Low latency Game Mode ~ <90ms ultra-low latency improves video & gaming experience.

~ 2 Charging Methods ~ The case can be charged by either a Type-C cable or a wireless charging pad.

~ 36 Hours Playtime ~ Enjoy 9 hours of playtime from a single charge and extend it to a total of 27 hours with a charging case.

~ Hall switch ~ Simply open the case to connect to the earbuds.

Check out the Tranya Nova Bluetooth Earbuds on Amazon or Tranya.com

Use code NOVA15US to save 15% on the Tranya Nova Earbuds ~ works on Amazon and the Tranya website

 The Tranya earbuds have some pretty cool features and even look awesome! I like that I can quickly connect the earbuds just by opening the earbud case. These earbuds have 9 hours of playtime per charge and the charging case extends that to 27 hours of awesome fitness music. So I only need to charge my earbuds about once a month if I exercise for one hour a day!

When these wireless earbuds do need charging, I can place the case on a wireless charging pad or plug the case into a type-C cable. Another cool feature that I like is the Seamless Multi-Device Connection. I can be using the Tranya earbuds for an online meeting on my laptop and then quickly switch the earbuds to listen to a voicemail on my phone from one of my kids.

The perfect Bluetooth earbuds for traveling

 The Tranya Nova Earbuds are perfect for traveling. The Active Noice Cancelling helps me escape the chaos of crying infants and the roar of airplane engines during long flights. So I can relax and watch a movie in peace. The Tranya Nova can effectively reduce external noise by up to 43dB, immersing me in a realm of tranquility and pure bliss.

My teen loved the Tranya Nova Bluetooth Earbuds 

 My teenage son took one look at my new Tranya Nova earbuds and liked what he saw. While I was exercising, he was busy reading the pamphlet that came with the earbuds. He begged me to let him try the Tranya Novas and so I did. He was amazed at how quickly the earbuds connected to his phone. and he said the sound quality of the Bluetooth earbuds was awesome. He said that the earbuds would be great for his online gaming and studying at school. 

 My teen begged me to let him have the new Tranya Nova Bluetooth Earbuds and I reluctantly gave them to him. It was ok as I have my Tranya X5 Wireless Earbuds that I was enjoying. After the deal was done, my only regret about letting the teen have the Tranya Nova Earbuds was he would not be able to hear me talk, when he was watching videos on his phone and I would have to yell to get his attention. 

 Maybe the noise-canceling feature on the earbuds could work to my advantage as then I could listen to my music without headphones while he was in the same room. 

Check out the Tranya Nova Bluetooth Earbuds on Amazon or Tranya.com

Use code NOVA15US to save 15% on the Tranya Nova Earbuds ~ works on Amazon and the Tranya website.


AiringMyLaundry said...

I need these for sure! It sounds like they do a lot which would come in handy.

Laura JL Books said...

This is something that I could use, when my dogs are barking loudly. I must check them out. thanks for sharing this with us.

Monidipa said...

I'm really in need of some good earbuds.
Your review convinced me to give them a try, and I'm blown away. The noise isolation is spot-on. Thanks for the recommendation! 🎢🎧

Kathy said...

I love a good pair of earbuds. I especially love the ones that can block out noise. These sound like a great pair.

Lisa said...

Oh great! My daughter has been on the hunt for another pair of headphones! I can't wait to share this with her.

Gust si Aroma said...

I was looking for new good earbuds for me and my daughter! She can't live without! These headphones are on our list!

Anonymous said...

I may have to check these out for my husband as he needs a good new pair of ear buds. These sound great and love that you enjoy using them for working out and more!

Lady In Read said...

these might be what my daughter needs while on the go.. i will check them out

Monica said...

These sound awesome. Ear buds are so convenient I can't go anywhere without mine.

Beautiful Touches said...

The Trayna nova Bluetooth Earbuds seems like they would be ideal for immersive audio in a busy lifestyle!

Richelle Milar said...

This is absolutely perfect I’ve been look for a new pair of headphones! I’m surely gonna have to check this out

StarTraci said...

This is so timely for me. I am currently in need for new earbuds, especially ones that are travel friendly!

Marysa said...

These look like a great choice. I've been looking for earbuds so I can listen to music when I go on walks.

Zab Zaria said...

The best pair of earbuds for me is a good pair of wireless earphones. My hubby will surely love this too

Christy G said...

I need some new headphones. I’ll have to check these out.

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